3 Abbeys you should visit in Yorkshire

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey is simply beautiful. There is so much to explore in the ruins of the abbey and in the grounds surrounding it. You can happily spend the whole day there looking at the abbey, the mill, fountains hall, the deer park, the woodland pathways and the lake. Bring a picnic and enjoy this grand abbey.

Bolton Abbey

This Abbey is a little smaller than Fountains Abbey but the real attraction here are the stepping stones. Are you brave enough to cross the raging, icy waters of the river Wharfe? Bring a picnic and a young heart to build dams, play in the river, climb over the ruins and realise your inner child.

Whitby Abbey

This Abbey is the most sinister of my top 3. Whilst we didn’t see any vampires we did see some impressive gothic ruins. The landscape surrounding the abbey is windy and wild as it is constantly harassed by sea gales. Walk up the 199 steps mentioned in Bran stoker’s Dracula on a dark moonlit night and tell ghost stories up here if you dare.

Which out of the 3 would you like to visit the most?

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