Secret & Abandoned: Fort Gorazda

“There is a good hike to an abandoned fort above Kotor.” said a German tourist in the hostel “Nobody really knows about it”. My attention was heightened by the mention of the adjective abandoned and then my interest peaked hearing that it was secret. Whilst we could have hiked we had the use of a car until 11am so along with two Dutch girls, Alex and I used this opportunity to try and find the secret, abandoned fort for ourselves.

We drove above the bay of Kotor and were treated to spectacular views of the Mediterranean fjord. The roads were bending and winding then we started going off-road. Not sure whether our little hire car could manage this trail we parked the car and continued on foot.

We felt like explorers trying to find this little-known attraction even though it is clearly marked on google maps. After a few minutes we arrived at the fort.

The fort is covered in grass. It seems as if it’s trying to camouflage itself but simultaneously makes sure it’s also seen as intimidating and ready to pounce at any moment.

The clouds were closing in and we could hear rumbling thunder in the distance. It provided the perfect soundtrack to this eerie location. The four of us entered into the gloomy darkness of Fort Gorazda.

Fort Gorazda was one of the Austro-Hungarian Fortresses built in Montenegro between 1884–86. It was used as a fort in World War I and the Yugoslav Army used it as depot as recently as the early 1990s.

We formed separate groups and started exploring inside. I wished I had a torch as it was quite dark as well as creepy. I knew we must be the only ones up here but you still fear what lies around the corner.

There were damp passages, dark corridors and ominous staircases to discover.

The occasional clap of thunder made me jump as I weaved my way through the fort complex.

Eventually we made it to the roof and had gorgeous views of the bay of Kotor far below us in the distance.

Sadly we had to leave far too soon as we needed to return the car.

Road trips are synonymous with any trip to Montenegro so try and squeeze a visit to this secret, abandoned fort if you can!
Would you be scared to visit Fort Gorazda? Let me know in the comments

Fort Gorazda is a secret and abandoned fort high above Kotor, Montenegro. Dare to enter? #Kotor #Montenegro #roadtrip #mytravelscrapbook #secret #Gorazda

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  1. Just my type of place. I love exploring forts and ruins. And I bet the thunder would have made me jump too if I were finding may way through some dark corridors alone. 😉

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