Winter Wonderland: Hellasgården

Our little hike around Hellasgården, Stockholm

During our stay in Stockholm I really wanted to go on one hike within the city. The city is so vast and includes many green spaces and islands. We only had time to do one hike and I spent a long time pondering which hike to do. In the end we chose to hike around the lake of Hellasgården as it was close to where we were staying and would only take a couple of hours.

It was sunny and snowy. We had a wonderful morning walking around this frozen wonderland.

We got a train to Slussen and then bus 401 (from which we got off one stop too early) to get to Hellasgården. Once we arrived at the lake we barely saw anyone else. It was -6C but the sun seemed to make it warmer and less windy than by the bay in central Stockholm.

Alex had never walked on frozen ice before. He enjoyed being a dare devil and seeing how far he could venture on the ice before hearing it crack and running back to safety.

I just enjoyed walking in the snow. Also the low Scandinavian light was casting a beautiful golden glow causing the snow to glisten in the sunlight. I was just really enjoying taking photos.

To start with there was a very clear path to follow. Alex wanted to stay close to the lake so we started following smaller trails which then disappeared entirely. We started to do some scrambling but I am ashamed to say I was far too scared to climb in these icy conditions.

Back on a safer track I really enjoyed the views across the frozen lake. We saw a few other hikers. Everyone was smiley and happy to be in this beautiful  landscape.

I really liked Stockholm as it seemed to offer a perfect combination of history, nature and art. It was pretty cold in December though so if you go at this time of year wrap up warm! We were pleased we had brought our water proof trousers for our walks in the snow.

I do love walking in the snow.

Were we right in choosing Hellasgården as our Stockholm hike?

Hellasgarden is a beautiful hike to do within Stockholm. Read my blog post on how to get there and see gorgeous photos of Hellasgarden in winter #Hellasgarden #snow #Stockholm #mytravelscrapbook

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  1. These photos are incredible, it looks like Narnia! I will stock up on ski gear and head to Stockholm!

  2. Wow, looks absolutely beautiful! I’d love to experience snow like this- I’ve only ever experienced the sludge that is English “snow”

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