10 Things to do in Dali

1. Visit Lake Erhai

Visit this beautiful lake, just a short taxi or cycle ride from the old town. Relax on the shores and admire the views which are especially beautiful early morning.

2. See the 3 Golden Pagodas

The highlight of any trip to Dali (apart from the lake) are these stunning Three Golden Pagodas. If you would like to pray start at the tallest, walk around (clockwise) three times and repeat with the other two pagodas for good luck. This is particularly magical early morning as the sun is rising and the tourists haven’t arrived yet.

3. Rent a Scooter

Rent a scooter and cruise along the West Lake Road and admire the views. You could also visit the nearby Bai villages like Xizhou.

4. Go to Xizhou

If it starts to get a little bit crowded in Dali, head out to the small town of Xizhou. It is full of beautiful old streets and grass growing out of the gates gives it a feeling of ancientness.

5. See a ‘Tie Dye’ Village

A little further north along the lake is the old town of Zhoucheng. If you want to see some traditional Bai tie dying you should visit. Be warned though as they can be pushy but the tie die sheets are beautiful to see.

6. Get lost in the Old Town

Wonder around admire the streets and old buildings.

7. Visit a City Gate

You can climb up the city gates for free and admire the view of the old town

8. Find Confucious in the City Temple

You can go into the temple for free. If you go at night all of the lamps are glowing

9. Chill in a coffee shop

There are so many lovely coffee shops you can relax at. Bring a notepad and record all your adventures from your trip whilst sipping on your coffee.

10. Buy all the souvenirs at the 10 yuan shop

Finally you will want to remember your visit here with some souvenirs so grab gifts for all your friends at the 10 yuan shop. It’s huge and has a wide variety of tacky to traditional souvenirs.

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