100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia


Asia is full of gorgeous Instagram spots. Everyone has seen at least one picture of a happy traveller posing in Bali or a proud hiker on the Great Wall of China on our Instagram feeds. Yet where are Asia’s most instagrammable spots? Enjoy this collection of 100 Instagram spots from Armenia to Japan. Allow yourself to be inspired as you scroll down some of Asia’s most picturesque photo spots. Which country will you choose to travel to to take your Instagram pictures!?

Instagram Spots in Asia by Country

Instagram Spots in Indonesia

The Rumah Pohon Treehouse in Bali

Recommended by Be My Travel Muse

The Rumah Pohon Treehouse on Bali’s Nusa Penida is otherworldly – or at least it sure looks like it in photos. In reality staying there is a mixed experience. The treehouse has such a beautiful view and it’s very secluded, however the treehouse itself is pretty basic, home to lots of critters, and it sways with every step. You can visit the treehouse by motorbiking to it and climbing down the stairs at any time of day, but the real magic is at sunrise, when this photo was taken. The only way that you can be sure to have it to yourself at sunrise for a photo shoot is to rent it out for the night. That’s what I did and although I have mixed feelings about the experience, the photos of the Rumah Pohon treehouse are incredible and speak for themselves. 

Pura Lempuyang Temple

Recommended by She Wanders abroad

The gates of Pura Lempuyang temple (often referred as the Gateway to Heaven) are one of the most instagrammable places in Bali. It’s located in the most eastern part of Bali, it takes around 2 hours to reach it from Ubud.

There is no official entrance fee, only a small donation is required (typically between 10-30k Rp per person). Since it is a very religious site, you always have to wear a sarong and cover your shoulders. If you don’t have a sarong, you can rent it at the entrance for 10k Rp per person.

Most people only come here to take the famous shot with the gates, but there are actually seven temples that make up Pura Lempuyang. It takes around 4 hours in round if you want to hike up to the top temple as well. The gates are located at the first temple which is only a 5-minute walk from the parking lot.

In a clear weather you can see Mount Agung in the backdrop of the gates, it’s really spectacular! Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find any water in front of the gates when you arrive – there is no water in reality! The cool reflection effect is created by a local guy who holds up a mirror in front of your camera.

Since it’s an extremely famous site due to Instagram, it can get really busy during the day.

Try to arrive as early as possible to beat the crowds! Otherwise be prepared for waiting like 2-3 hours in the line just to take 3 shots with the gates.

We decided to visit Pura Lempuyang for sunrise, so we arrived at 5am. As we were the first ones to enter we could enjoy the beautiful scenery without the crowds. It was an incredible experience!


Recommended by The Travelling Stomach

Whilst Bali is famed for its ‘grammable locations everywhere, some lesser known spots along one of Indonesia’s larger islands, Java, are also worth a detour for. One of these is the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, just outside the city of Yogyakarta on the island’s southern coast. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple, it is recognised alongside Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bagan in Myanmar as one of the great archaeological feats of South East Asia. Comprising of one single ‘stupa’ (a form of pyramid shaped tower), it has many levels or platforms, each decorated with rows of smaller bell-shaped ‘stupas’ and intricate wall reliefs. The resulting design is a mesmerising silhouette with beautiful dark stone symmetry throughout, allowing you wander its platforms in wonderment. The best time to visit is undoubtedly sunrise, for which special tickets must be booked. It is an early start, arriving before dawn breaks, climbing to the top with a flashlight in hand to find your spot and wait the sun’s arrival. It is possible to book one of the many excellent guides to show you around, or you can simply explore at your own pace. My tip would be to get there as early as possible, find a good platform on the eastern face and enjoy the colours explode across the valley below as the day begins.

La Plancha Seminyak Bali

Recommended by Rolling along with Kids 

Bali sure knows how to do sunsets and La Plancha is the perfect spot to take those amazing Instagram shots. Colorful, sunsets that light up the sky and it’s still easy to make it appear like you are the only one on the beach!

La Plancha is located on the southern end of Seminyak Beach and you can easily access it by foot, taxi or motorbike. If you want prime position on the front row of bean bags to watch the sunset and get those amazing pictures, be sure to book early through their website. The best time to arrive is around 5:30pm so you can capture the different colors as the sun sets over Seminyak Beach.

When traveling to Bali you are best to go in the dry season, April to October, so you can experience the sunrises and sunsets with no rain. May/June and September/October are great months to visit as there are less tourists.

The Devil’s Tears, Nusa Lembongan Bali

Recommended by Website link The Silver Nomad 

The Devil’s Tears on the south west tip of Nusa Lembongan is one of those natural phenomenon that make you gasp in awe at Mother Nature. The rocks have been carved out by the relentless beating of the sea so that each time the waves crash against them great plumes of spray are sent high into the sky. Watch as the sea is sucked back out again before the next rush of waves begins.

To beat the crowds, come early in the morning, but for the most Instagrammable shots, head down as the afternoon comes to a close and the sun starts to set. The colour of the pink and orange hues of the setting sun with the turquoise waters and the white spray create magical shots around the horseshoe inlet. But be warned, don’t get too close as the waves are unpredictable and sometimes come up higher than you expect drenching you or even knocking you off your feet onto the rough jagged rocks.

The easiest way to get to the Devil’s Tears is by taxi or by scooter either from your accommodation or from the drop off point for the boats from the mainland. It is an unforgettable experience and a must-see on your visit to Nusa Lembongan.

Mt Batur

Recommended by The Way Faring Voyager

I found Mt. Batur to be the highlight of my trip to Bali, and it was also my favorite place to take pictures for my Instagram feed. There are a number of tours that take you up there, and I recommend choosing the sunrise hike if there is space. You’ll be picked up from your accommodations in Bali and taken north. Be prepared to wake up around 2 am in order to make the drive.

You’ll hike up the mountain in the dark, so bringing a flashlight is a good idea. After about an hour, you can enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee at around 5 am (depending on the time of year). The colors on the mountain are some of the best I’ve ever seen—and the guides are great photographers!

Tegenungan Falls

Recommended by Raescape

Tegenungan Falls is considered as one of the best and well-known waterfalls in Bali. It is ‘instagrammable’ and locals hold pre-nuptial shoots here too! Aside from the falls itself, there are a lot of perfect locations within the vicinity like human-sized nests, arches, and viewpoints.

Tegenungan Falls is the most accessible waterfalls in Ubud. Hiring a taxi would be quite expensive. The best way of to get there would be via motorbike which would take around 20 minutes. It has a clear route and the falls can be searched on Google Maps. You may also hire a taxi for the day and include Tegenungan Falls on your Ubud day trip. Upon arrival, there is an entrance fee of 15.000 Indonesian Rupiah and in case you brought a car, you will pay a parking fee of 5.000 Indonesian Rupiah and free for motorbikes. There are arrows put up and you must climb down a set of stairs that leads the falls. Since it is the most accessible waterfalls in Ubud, this falls gets a little crowded and touristy. The best time to visit the area would be as early as 6:30 am or late in the afternoon. The falls is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.”

Handara Golf & Resort Bali 

Recommended by My Own Way to Travel

The entrance of Handara Golf & Resort Bali became an iconic gate on Instagram. The unique Balinese architectural design of this gate and the picturesque walkway is a popular instagrammable spot. Many attracted by this particular spot and decided to visit Bali to take photos there. I had a chance as well during my solo trip to Bali. I loved to hold some beautiful moments at Handara, which is one of the most magnificent golf course in the world. Handara Golf & Resort Bali is very close to Bedugul local market. On the way to Bedugul, you can just stop your car or motorbike to enjoy some quick photo sessions here. I visited during the month of August and found in the afternoon time in between 3 PM it is easy to beat the crowd. You may also consider visiting in the offseason from the month January to May. No one is allowed to enter inside without permission; you’ve to prebook to stay at beautiful Handara Golf & Resort Bali in Indonesia. If you are a keen golfer, Handara Golf & Resort Bali is one of the best golf courses in Bali!

Hidden Hills in Bali

Recommended by Highlands2Hammocks 

Bali has quickly become one of the most photographed places on Instagram. From waterfalls to rice paddies and volcanos, Bali is extremely photogenic when it comes to getting that perfect shot. Hidden Hills is one of the more touristy photoshoot locations. The sun rises slowly over the lakes below, illuminating the valley and revealing to you the beauty of Bali’s nature, minute by minute. Truly breathtaking!

Sitting 1.5 hours north of Canggu it does call for an early rise to get the best photo. The best time to arrive for this photo is around 5.30, before the twilight begins to illuminate the horizon. This will allow you to watch the sunrise over the hills and the lake before you start shooting at 6.30. At this time in the morning, there are no staff around, however you can make your way through the gate and pay the staff on your way out.

At around 8am, the staff arrive and are there to assist you getting on and off the swings and using mirrors to get the best lighting effects for your photo. There are so many bamboo nests and swings to take photos of and amuse yourself whilst the sun rises. Or of course you can simply sit and get lost in the beauty around you.

There is parking, toilets and food facilities across the road. The cost into Hidden Hills is 100k IDR per person, well worth it for some beautiful photos and the opportunity to watch the sun rise over the twin lakes.

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography
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Padar Island

Recommended by a World to Travel

Between Komodo and Rinca island, both in Indonesia (a country that taught me a thing or two), the magnificent Padar is something that deserves a half day visit. This island, also part of the route of the dragons, used to be way more virgin and unexplored than the other two. Something that unfortunately is changing quickly as the crowds have already started to make it a stop on their Komodo National Park trip. From the top of one of its hills – which will take a fit person 30 minutes to hike – it is possible to witness the calm sea and stunning sunsets like this. An unforgettable sight if we might.  

The best way to get there is to hire a private boat tour from Labuan Bajo.

If Flores and Komodo are two of the destinations in Southeast Asia that attract the most photographers, Instagram-addicts, and influencers-to-be, maybe Pulau Padar is the icing on the cake.

Lake Toba

Recommended by aaronteohcom

With clear blue waters surrounded by rolling green hills and a picturesque island right in the middle, Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia has no shortage of vantage points for your next perfect Instagram shot. This massive lake, the largest in Indonesia, is actually the caldera of a supervolcano. A drive along the endless shoreline of Lake Toba provides numerous opportunities to stop for shots of the stunning lake and the island within it. 

Lake Toba can be accessed via a 3 hour bumpy ride through the highlands from the city of Medan, or from a nearer, newer airport at Silangit which is situated just off the lake, but with fewer flight connections. To complete the experience you can stay on Samosir Island, where time seems to take a backseat, accessible via ferry from Parapat (if coming from Medan), or via road from the south (from Silangit). 

The best views of the lake, however, are off it, along the hills that border the lake. One such spot is Tele Observation Tower, which offers 360 degree views of the lake and surrounding hills. Another popular spot is Indah Simarjarunjung Hill on the other side of the lake, where enterprising locals have set up platforms for tourists to take photos at, with some collecting fees for using their platforms. 

Avoid making the trip near local holidays or during the rainy season, as the narrow roads will be extremely packed near holidays and views can be obscured in bad weather.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok

Recommended by Dois Travel Blog

I know you would probably think about travelling to Lombok, in Indonesia, to lay down and relax in its marvellous beaches, or to visit the famous Gili Islands. And you should! They are amazing! But Lombok has even a more magnificent spot right in its heart: Mount Rinjani!

Rinjani is considered the most difficult volcano to hike in Indonesia but I can assure you, it’s definitely worth it! I consider one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever been to! The volcano has a beautiful lake in its crater and the sunrise at the summit is simply breathtaking.

Arriving there it’s not easy though. Prepare yourself for a two or three-day hike (the full experience) camping at the volcano. The trek to the summit is hard, but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. In order for you to go to Mount Rinjani, you have to start in one of the two towns around the volcano: Senaru or Sembalum. There you can already start your adventure, enjoying some amazing waterfalls!

It’s difficult to avoid crowds since everyone will be hiking at the same time to see the sunrise, but you will find an amazing spot for your pictures because they are simply so many. And on the way back, going downhill, people will be going at different paces, so you can find the best spots just for yourself!

After some days of hard work, you can reward yourself relaxing on the beautiful beaches in Lombok!! If you want more information about Trekking Mount Rinjani you can access the post on Mochilao a Dois Travel Blog. 

Instagram spots in China

Great wall of China

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The Great wall of China is the iconic symbol of imperial China. Most visitors who come to China want to climb a section of the great wall and of course take a few photos of their hike. There are many parts of the great wall which are instagrammable. There are sections close to Beijing though they tend to be busier. Adventurous instagrammers may prefer the wild section of the great wall. You can take some incredible photos on this section but beware as it is actually forbidden to walk on some sections due to the danger of it falling apart!

For one of Asia’s as well as China’s best Instagram spots consider visiting the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall. The Jinshanling section seemed to be the best of both world’s as this section of the great wall is part ‘wild’ and partly restored. Furthermore, as Jingshanling is two to three hours from Beijing it is not as crowded as some of the sections closer to the Chinese capital. Yet if you do not have a whole day to spare you may want to visit a closer section. Walking on the Great wall of China is one of China’s best hikes.

For an easy journey to this more remote part of the wall join this tour with  Beijing Downtown Backpackers. Unlike most other tour guides they do not force you to visit a Jade factory or ‘go shopping’. You are also able to walk at your own pace unaccompanied by a tour guide who will simply meet you at the other end of the wall.

Make all of your followers jealous with a selfie on the great wall of China!

Yellow Mountains

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The Yellow mountains are an easy weekend trip from Shanghai in China. Yet sadly, the proximity of this national park means that it can get very crowded on the mountain! You may stand in queues for most of the day trying to get around this beautiful national park. Yet if you manage to leave the main path and head up to one of its summits, you are rewarded with one of the most spectacular views. Head up the Tiandu peak for the Yellow mountain’s most spectacular Instagram spot.

You must climb almost vertical stairs then cross a terrifying bridge to access the Tiandu summit. Once you catch your breath take a look on the horizon and get your camera. The Yellow mountains are best visited outside of the rainy season and the peaks are beautiful as the sun is setting. Balance your camera on one of the stone benches at dusk, set up autotimer and gaze. The queues and climbing were worth it for this view.

Tiger Leaping Gorge                      

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

One of China’s most incredible hikes is also one of its most instagrammable. The Tiger Leaping Gorge Trail in Yunnan in the south of China takes two days to complete. Follow the raging waters of the Jinsha River, a main tributary of the great Yangtze River, along green meadows and through cool woodland. Once you have tackled the dreadful 28 bends the hike is fairly flat and the views are unparalleled. Jagged grey peaks cover the skyline and you feel at once empowered and minuscule next to these rocky giants. This is one of Asia’s best Instagram spots. If you are lucky with the weather you will be able to take photos of the Himalayan mountains whilst you are hiking.

Make friends with other backpackers and enjoy a well-deserved beer at the Halfway House. You can take a photo of your beer against the backdrop for a envy invoking image. The next day sneak out before the other backpackers can reach the trail. Gasp at the gorgeous sunrise, carefully walk over a waterfall which has taken over the path and marvel at the wildflowers. Voted as one of China’s best hikes you will be spoilt for choice in terms of where you would like to take that Instagram shot.

The Shanghai Skyline

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The Shanghai skyline must be one of the most iconic skylines in the world therefore it had to be included in this list of most instagrammable spots in Asia. There are many things to do in Shanghai, but a visit to the Bund must be on everyone’s Shanghai bucket list. The Bund is the waterfront promenade from which the perfect view of the epic skyscrapers can be seen. Visit when the sun has set to see the Shanghai Tower, the Oriental pearl tower, the Jin Mao Tower and the world trade centre light up. Budget travellers can grab a drink from a 7 11 and enjoying snapping views from the Bund. Mid-range and luxury travellers on the other hand may prefer a more upmarket Instagram shot. There are many wonderful roof top bars along the Bund with incredible views of the shanghai skyline. Make your Instagram followers jealous as you pose with your drink in one hand and the view of Shanghai behind you. The view from the Bund in Shanghai is one of Asia’s most spectacular Instagram spots.

The Summer Palace in Beijing

Recommended by the Voyaging Herbivore

The Summer Palace in Beijing is an absolutely beautiful location with gardens that you could wander for hours. You’ll find artists, dancers, nature, and tourists galore! While summer is an incredibly busy time, it is also when you’re likely to find most of the outdoor activities and it’s a great place to seek out some shade a breeze during the ludicrously hot months of summer in China.

If you’re looking to visit when it’s less crowded, be sure to head over as soon as they open but be forewarned that you may not encounter as many local artists or dancers. Save the Summer Palace for the hottest day of your trip, as it does provide the coolest environment of most of the many iconic sites in Beijing.

While there, be curious and interact with people. Stop and watch the old men who use water and giant brushes to paint quickly fading portraits of those around them, you may even get a portrait yourself! Clap along for the dancers and you may even get pulled into a dance. The Summer Palace is an ideal opportunity to interact with the local culture while experiencing the beauty of nature.

The Terracotta Warriors

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The terracotta warriors are an incredible site to behold. These proud men have been photographed millions of times since they were discovered in the 70ies. The view from top of hall 1 at the UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Asia’s most spectacular Instagram spots. You may have to queue or push and shove to get to the centre of the balcony. Yet once you do, get your camera ready as your Instagram feed is about to get a lot more likes.

Getting to the terracotta warriors is quite easy, it is a short bus journey from Xi’An. The site is vast as they are still discovering more terracotta objects as we speak. Given its popularity, there is not really a particular time of day on which it is best to avoid the crowds. Also, as the warriors are under cover you do not need to worry about the weather. Just be patient and you will get your Instagram shot. 

Tianmen Mountain

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

Hop on the longest cable car in the world and head to one of Asia’s most spectacular Instagram spots – Tianmen Mountain!

Explore the eerie misty, landscape and attempt a skywalk if you dare. Tianmen Mountain is located in the heart of China in Hunan province. Famous for daredevil Red Bull stunts there are many fantastic photo spots.

Ignore your inner acrophobia as you step onto one of the many skywalks. Stare through the glass and see how high in the clouds you really are! After returning to solid ground you descend into a bizarre world of escalators within the mountain! You continue going down until you arrive at a magnificent geological landform: the Tianmen cave. This natural karst cave over 130m tall looks as if it is the entrance to heaven which is what gave this mountain its name (Tian = heaven, men =door/entrance/gate). The scale of this cave is incredible, and the view of this natural landform is a perfect end to your hike on Tianmen mountain. Make sure you take at least one photo of yourself and Tianmen cave for your Instagram feed. This is one of China’s most famous Instagram spots!

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Recommended by Linda goes East

The Temple of Heaven is one of Beijing’s most iconic landmarks and absolutely instagrammable. Together with the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven is a beautiful example of Chinese imperial architecture of the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). What many people don’t know, however, is that the entire temple complex is actually four times larger than the Forbidden City, which is already huge! This means you’ll be able to see the complex’ most prized feature, the tall, circular Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, from a wide variety of angles.

The recommended visiting route for this massive temple complex is as follows:

Zhaoheng Gate (South Gate) → Circular Mound Altar → South Divine Kitchen → Echo Wall → Imperial Vault of Heaven → Three Echo Stones → Danbi Bridge → East Annex Hall → Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests → West Annex Hall → Palace of Abstinence → Divine Music Administration

The best time to visit this magnificent piece of Chinese history is definitely in the late afternoon before it closes at 5 PM. You can take advantage of the beautiful golden-hour glow perfectly accentuating the golden details of the temple, plus there will be fewer people!

My favorite photo spot is taken through the outside door behind the temple – be sure to take this iconic shot from as low an angle as possible!

You can easily reach the Temple of Heaven Park via the Beijing subway. Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station, leave from Exit A and you’ll find the East Gate of the Park.

Golden Pagodas in Dali

Recommended by MyTravelScrapbook

Dali’s most famous Instagram spots are the stunning golden pagodas. There are many things to do in Dali but you cannot miss a visit to the Chongsheng Temple. The Three Golden Pagodas are three separate pagodas positioned in a triangle at Chongsheng Temple at the foot of the Cang Mountains. There have been pagodas on this site since the 9th century. The best view of the 3 pagados is at the foot of the mountain. Turn left as you leave the ticket hall and walk to a small pond. This small pond creates the most beautiful reflection of the golden towers. You can stand on one of the stepping stones in the pond and gaze in wonder.

The pagadas are beautiful up close as well. If you would like to pray at the pagados you should start at the tallest pagoda. Walk around the main pagoda clockwise three times. You then walk around the other two pagodas three times each for good luck.

The pagodas are particularly magical early morning as the sun is rising and the tourists haven’t arrived yet. This is the best time to take a photo of one of Asia’s best Instagram spots.

Lake Yamdrok in Tibet

Recommended by Travel Connect Experience

The calm surface of Lake Yamdrok, together with the profile of the Himalayas, and the clear summer sky creates one of the most enchanting landscape of Tibet. Wear something white and you will look like a little cloud floating in heaven. Walking down from the road where you rarely spot a van passing by, there is only rough land around you and contrasting, intense colors. The lake is considered a divinity in the Tibetan buddhist religion, therefore swimming and fishing are forbidden. You can get to Lake Yamdrok with a 4 hours drive from Lhasa, the capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region in China. Travelers to Tibet are strictly controled by the government: you need to visit with an official guide from a travel agency in order to move around. The stop by Lake Yamdrok is included in the road trip tour of Tibet from Lhasa to the Everest Base Camp, which takes 8 days via Gyantse and Shigatse. The landscape is beautiful all year round, but it’s much more enjoyable during the months June-September

Instagram spots in South Korea

Nami Island, South Korea

Recommended by One Blue Hat

Nami Island is famous for its beautiful landscape throughout the whole year. It is the most instagrammable during Autumn for the picturesque fall foliage and Spring for the beautiful cherry blossoms! Filled with endless rows of trees and peaceful riverside walks. The most popular spots are the Metasequoia trees, Korea Pine trees and Maple trees. 

This is a popular day trip from Seoul and can be combined with other attractions like Petite France, Gapyeong Rail Bike and Garden of Morning Calm. 

The best way to get to Nami Island by public transport is to take the Intercity Train Express (ITX) to Gapyeong Station from Seoul. For a more convenient route, there are shuttle buses available from Seoul. From Gapyeong Wharf, there are two ways to get to the island, either by ferry or ziplining to the island. 

Tip: Get there early (before 9am) to beat the crowds and explore the many instagrammable spots throughout the island.

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography
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Seoul Sky

Recommended by Knycx Journeying

The Lotte World Mall in Jamsil is another new world-class shopping mall, with the tallest building in the city yet – the Lotte World Tower is officially the 5thtallest building in the world and the Sky Deck n Seoul Sky has been named the highest glass-floor observation deck in the World by Gunniess World Records.

The Sky Deck is located on the 118th floor (468 meters) above ground and truly a stimulating attraction of Seoul Sky. Stepping in the world’s tallest and fastest double-decker elevator, we were transported to the top of the building in less than a minute. Seoul Sky occupies the top 11 floors of the skyscraper which visitors enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul’s skyline.

The best photo-taking spot is at the glass-floor observation deck. I recommend visiting during day time when you can have a clear view of the city below you through the glass, and capturing both below and beyond give the perfect illusion as if you are floating on top of the world.

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The monsoon season in South Korea can affect the mood of some travellers but instagrammers can use it to their advantage! Wet weather can keep some tourists away form popular tourist spots. On one particularly wet morning we decided to visit the Imperial Palace. We had an amazing time. Many people had avoided visiting due to the weather which meant we had the palace almost to ourselves. We very much enjoyed taking photos of the pretty walk ways and beautiful palace buildings. Whilst we were getting soaked we were smiling as there were hardly any crowds. I began to dance in the rain which reminded me of a famous quote.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain”

Grab an umbrella, get up early and head to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul for an incredible Instagram photo shoot.

Starfield Library in Seoul

Recommended by Knycx Journeying

More and more new sites have established in Seoul which makes it exciting to visitors; if you have been to Seoul a few years ago. Now you have a reason to return to Seoul and check out these places!

The COEX Mall in Gangnam has undergone a huge transformation for the last few years from an old-fashion shopping mall to a new hip, trendy, and multi-functional venue that combines entertainment, shopping, food, and transportation. The Starfield Library is the latest addition to the mall and it’s been driving much buzz and hip on Instagram.

The library features a collection of 50,000 books and magazines and it’s absolutely free to the public. While you may not know the Korean language, you are still welcome to sit down at the center and soak in the cultural atmosphere. The sunlight illuminates the entire hall through the transparent glass ceiling which makes photo-taking exciting on a sunny day.

More, the open area hosts seminars and lectures, and the large art display changes periodically that makes your photos special at different times of the year.

The mall is quite busy at any given time of the day, but the library is generally less crowded in the morning during weekdays.

Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, South Korea

Recommended by Be Marie Korea

The museum without walls or Gyeongju is the ancient capital of the Silla Dynasty in Korea. The city is filled with vast parks, stunning historic sites and beautiful temples. A perfect place to go for young couples who are looking for a romantic get away in South Korea. In downtown Gyeongju, you’ll find everything withing walking distance. The most romantic times to visit is during the cherry blossom season in April or the autumn foliage towards the end of October. The best things to do in Gyeongju are visiting the stunning Tumuli Park, Cheomseongdae Observatory and its surrounding park, Anpji Pond and Bulguksa Temple. 

From Seoul, you can easily take the KTX fast train (2 hours) or an express bus (4 hours). It is recommended to stay in a traditional style hanok, to really experience the authenticity of Gyeongju. The most beautiful time of the year to visit in during the cherry blossom festival or during the autumn foliage, but this is also the busiest time of the year. If you are looking to beat the crowds, visit during weekdays.  

Instagram spots in Thailand

Khun Korn Waterfall

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

The Khun Korn waterfall is one of Northern Thailand’s most impressive waterfalls making it one of Asia’s best Instagram spots. Hire a scooter in Chiang Rai and head past the White Temple towards the waterfall. When the road stop you will need to start hiking. You walk through bamboo groves and jungle for half an hour until you hear the thundering water. Once you reach the gorgeous waterfall, prepare to get wet! The spray from the 70m high waterfall will cover you. Whilst this is a welcome shower after a sweaty shower it can be frustrating to keep your camera dry! In order to get an Instagram spot as this Asian location you will want to place your camera as far from the waterfall as you can. Yet if you will be rewarded with some cool silhouette pictures for your Instagram feed. This waterfall is best visited in rainy season to get a photo of the waterfall at it’s most powerful!

Colourful Wat Pho

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

Wat Pho is one of the most important as well as instagrammable temples in Bangkok. The temple famously houses a gigantic reclining Buddha covered in gold. Yet away from the pushing and shoving around the popular Buddha the rest of the temple is very peaceful. Beautiful walls adorned with decorative tiles can be found around the temple complex. Colourful flags sway gently in the breeze. There are many Instagram spots around Wat Pho. You can of course take that iconic picture of the golden reclining Buddha, just be prepared to queue to get that Instagram pic! Or if you explore around some of the quieter areas you can pose next to the chedis or the pretty prayer flags. Just remember to always dress respectfully and cover your legs and shoulders when visiting temples in Thailand.

Dragon Crest Mountain in Ao Nang

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

Whilst this may be one of Asia’s most spectacular Instagram spots, this Instagram shot is not for the faint hearted!

To reach this photo spot you will have to hike for 2 to 3 hours in the humidity through thick jungle. Once you reach the top of the Dragon Crest Mountain known locally as Khao Ngon Nak just outside of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand you can decide whether or not to sit on the rock. The drop below you is several hundred metres. Is it worth it for the gram? That is up for you to decide whether you wish to risk your life for this incredible Instagram shot!

Sunrise Chiang Mai

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This Instagram spot is only for early risers. You will have to set your alarm to get up before the sun. Grab a quick coffee, a jacket and hop on a moped. You leave the city of Chiang Mai who are still fast asleep and head towards the mountains. As you climb higher you are pleased you put your jacket on. It is a race against the clock as dawn slowly approaches. Your little moped may groan going uphill. Once you reach the temple of Doi Suthep you will need to climb 300 steps along the beautiful naga steps. The dragons seemingly laugh at you as you huff and puff up the steps. You hope that the early rise, the lack of breakfast will be worth it for this Instagram spot. Take off your shoes once you reach the temple complex. Walk over to the balcony and wait. You are about to see one of the most spectacular sunrises of your life. The sunrise at Wat Doi Suthep is one of the most ethereal sunrises you will ever experience. The gentle dull humming of the Buddhist chants accompanies the otherworldly display of colour perfectly. You must be quick with your camera as this magic moment is over very quickly. The sunrise at Wat Doi Suthep is one of Asia’s best Instagram spots.

Beaches in Phuket

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The tranquil and laid back Nai Yang Beach in Phuket in Thailand is the perfect location for someone looking for an ideal vacation. Far from the maddening crowd of Patong Beach, Nai Yang offers plenty of natural spaces for that eye-catching Instagram shot. Choose from sun-kissed waters, iconic Thai fishing boats, and possibly a kite-surfer in action, you have an endless supply of subjects for your IG wall without the hassle of having your shots photobombed. 

One big advantage of choosing Nai Yang Beach as you next vacation spot is its proximity to the airport. Practically 6 minutes from Phuket International Airport, the trip to your accommodation would literally be a breeze. A cab ride will definitely be affordable in this case. The best time to fly to Phuket is between November and April when the sky is clear and the sea is relatively calm. And, for the ultimate beach photo, try to catch the sunrise when you can have the beach all on your own. 

Pai Bamboo Bridge Trail

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The windy road suddenly turns very bumpy. The steep climb up the muddy path is tough for a little 125 CC scooter. Turn the corner and a stream appears completely crossing the path. Would this arduous journey be worth it? Yes it is – this short, bumpy path leads out onto one of the most beautiful places in Pai. It leads to the spectacular bamboo bridge trail.

The Pai Bamboo Bridge Trail is one of the lesser known things to do in Pai. Scooter rental companies warn travellers not to venture past the Pam Bok waterfall as the terrain is too difficult. Yet if you and your adventurous partner dare to carry on to the Pai Bamboo Trail, you will be rewarded with one of the loveliest treks and most instagrammable spots in Thailand.

Boon Koh Ku So is a beautiful bamboo bridge which leads to the bamboo temple. The bridge is about 1 km long and is looked after by the locals. Suspended a couple of meters above the ground this pale-yellow path is one of the world’s most romantic off-the-beaten-track strolls.

The wonderfully springy trail takes you over bright green rice paddies. If you arrive during or at the end of rainy season the rice paddies are at their most beautiful.

You can spend between 15 minutes to a few hours wondering over the lush green rice paddies. There are numerous photo opportunities at the start of the bridge, yet if you walk all the way to the temple you are rewarded with far fewer tourists the further you go.

Pai sunset

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There are many incredible sunset in Asia, but one of the most instagrammable sunsets must be the sunset from Pai Canyon. Watching the sunset in Pai is also a particularly romantic thing to do in Pai.

Make sure you check what time the sunset will be and aim to get there half an hour before in order to grab a good spot. The canyon is an interesting geographical feature, but everyone visits the canyon in order to watch the show in the sky.

Buy some yummy spring rolls from the car park and walk up to the canyon. Find yourself a spot where you can snuggle with your travel partner, grab your camera and gaze across to the horizon.

The sun slowly lowers itself. The skies turn golden then crimson pink as the day grows later. A few clouds attempt to block the show, yet they do not succeed. Take a few pictures or you could even set up a time lapse to record the display. You will not struggle to take a good photo of one of Asia’s most instagrammable spots. Just make sure you do not wait until it is completely dark as you do not want to navigate the narrow canyon ledges with steep drops with no light!

Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park

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Thailand is not without its fair share of Instagrammable spots (and crowds to snap them!). Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park is relatively time-consuming to get to, but well worth adding it to your trip to Thailand

The easiest way to get there is to book a day trip to the Marine Park through your hotel or hostel. It typically is a full day of exploring and includes snorkeling, hiking to a lagoon in the middle of an island, sea kayaking, lunch, and beach time.

The hike up to the Mirador Ko Wua Talap Viewpoint is optional, but it is one of the absolute highlights of the tour. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: It’s a steep and rough hike, especially in the Thai humidity. But the view at the top is 100% worth the effort of the 90-minute round-trip hike. Plus, being that it does require some effort to get to this viewpoint, you won’t be met with the same crowds you see in many other popular spots in Thailand.

If you really want this space to yourself, you might want to consider staying overnight in the Marine Park in a tent or basic bungalow. You will be able to hike up there early in the morning before the midday heat and day trips arrive.


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Railay is one of Thaialand’s most famous beaches. Not technically an island but you still need a boat to get here. Dramatic karst landscapes, turquoise waters and sandy beaches are perfect for that Instagram spot. There are two main beaches on Railay: west Railay beach and Ao Phra Nang Beach. West Railay is full of the iconic long boats and home to dramatic cliffs. Ao Phra Nang Beach on the other hand is perfect for rock climbers. Jagged rocks form epic caves and little islands are dotted in the bay. Regardless of which beach you choose, you will not struggle to take some gorgeous photos for your Instagram feed. Adventurous travellers could even venture up to the viewpoint to look at Railay from above. Or you could hire a kayak and enjoy exploring the bays. Railay is an incredibly beautiful place and one of Asia’s best Instagram spots.

Sky pool in Bangkok

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Many travel influencers pose in pretty baths full of colourful flowers or stand in bikinis in a gorgeous sky pool. For many of us, we do not have the budget to stay in those luxury resorts. Yet Bangkok offers an array of very affordable accommodation with sky pools!

A quick search on booking.com or Airbnb with the pool filter helps travellers find a place to stay with a roof top pool. Whilst these may be a little more expensive than rooms without a pool, it may be worth it for the ‘gram. Some of Asia’s most instagrammable spots can be found on the roofs of Bangkok. We stayed at an Airbnb with a gorgeous sky pool.

A sky pool in Bangkok is best visited at dusk. Just as the sun was setting my wonderful Instagram boyfriend managed to take a few pictures of me for my Instagram feed. Whilst I had enjoyed eating a lot of vegan waffles in Thailand, I breathed in and briefly pretended I was an Instagram influencer. The next day I ate more waffles again…


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Ayutthaya is an ancient city with stunning architecture and loads of temples – best of all it’s an easy day trip from Bangkok! The Kingdom of Ayutthaya was once a powerful state that was a dominant state centered around trade and military power. Today, the ruins of Ayutthaya reflect the kingdom’s grandeur – the city is filled with architecture befitting a capital of such a powerful empire. Getting here from Bangkok is easily doable – the train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya just takes 2 hours. Once you arrive it’s best to negotiate a tour with a tuk-tuk driver. 2-4 hours with a driver will be plenty of time. The ruins are scattered around a large area so having transportation is the best way to see it all. Another option is to hire a bicycle and cruise around at your own leisure. It’s important to visit on a clear day if you want to get the best photos. Thailand’s weather can be rainy and overcast at times so it’s best to plan your trip around the weather!

Instagram spots in the Maldives

Overwater Villa in the Maldives

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Maldives is one place that lives up to all the hype!  Located on Indian Ocean with sandy beaches and turquoise waters the many islands that make up Maldives are perfect for romantic getaways and family holidays.  No matter which island and resort you pick to spend you holidays at, you are sure to come back home with plenty of memories and some amazing photos – the Maldivian sunsets paints the sky such pretty shades of corals and pink that I have never seen anywhere else.

We stayed in overwater villas and loved waking up to the sounds of waves.  We spent most morning in the shallow areas of ocean, one of my favorite spots was this swing a few yards away from the beach.  I’m not a strong swimmer so I could just walk up to the swing, by late afternoon the tide would rise, and you would have to swim to get to the swing.  There was also a hammock in the water and many other picture-perfect spots in the resort.  You will experience the best weather in the Maldives between November and April but really, anytime is a good time to experience this little slice of paradise.

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography
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A Restaurant That is 5.8 Meters Underwater – The Maldives

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When it comes to where to stay in the Maldives, if the budget allows, why not choose a hotel that has an underwater restaurant for that perfect Instagram pic. Hurawalhi Resort in the Maldives is a stunning property on its own, with overwater bungalows and crystal clear waters. What is unique about the resort, though, is that it hosts the largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives. Imagine dining 5.8 meters underwater with fish swarming around you. It’s an exclusive experience and unfortunately you can’t just head down to take a selfie. But if you book lunch or dinner, it’s not only a unique dining experience but one that is entirely Instagrammable. Prices start at just under $200 and there are vegetarian tasting menu options. Priority is given to guests of the resort, although it is possible to stay elsewhere and arrange transport to the restaurant at an extra cost. The best booking is the earlier dinner booking, before the sun sets, in order to capture that perfect blue glow. And, try to get there a few minutes early to be the first ones inside to capture the true romance of this underwater restaurant.

Hong Kong Instagram spots

Choi Hung Estate

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If you have ever been to Hong Kong, you will know how Instagrammable that city is. Aside from the main busy spots such as beautiful night view at Victoria Peak and the Tetris-stacked buildings in Mongkok, there is a lesser known Instagrammable spot at Choi Hung Estate. 

Choi Hung Estate is a high-rise residential building located in Choi Hung. What makes it so Instagrammable, the beautiful colors of the exterior of these buildings. If you were in New York City, you will know everything is gray there. But here in Choi Hung Estate, the buildings are actually rainbow-colored. Maybe that’s why Choi Hung means rainbow in Cantonese. 

How to Get There
Choi Hung estate is easily reached by the MTR. Get off at Choi Hung Station and take the C4 exit. Follow your way through the residential complexes until you reach a parking lot where there are stairs that take you to the roof. The sports playground is waiting for you on the roof!

How to Beat the Crowd
It’s going to be nearly impossible to beat the crowd because it is a sports playground. In the morning is your best chance to beat everyone else that wants to photograph, but you will undoubtedly run into people doing exercise there, especially the elderly. 

Best Time of Year/Day
The place looks pretty much the same throughout the year. My only recommendation is since you will be exposed to the sun, don’t pick a hot day to go. Summer in Hong Kong is super brutal.

Mong Kok

Recommended by Sarah sees the World

Mong kok is a vibrant part of Hong Kong where whatever you capture you can be sure your images will ‘pop’ on Instagram. In Kowloon, it’s easily visited from central Hong Kong via the MTR, getting off at Mong kok Station. 

The area is a hive of action and is a hotbed for illicit activity including gambling and prostitution so is an ideal place to capture the rush of people in your photographs.

Some of the aspects worth photographing are the local markets which sell everything from sneakers to plants as well as street food, cafes, rooftops, the busy streets, public parks and the iconic red-topped buses which just seem to sit in the street and hang out.

Said to be one of the most densely populated places on earth, you’ll struggle to beat the crowds in Mong kok but could do so by going in the morning before the markets open at around 10am.

Secret Hong Kong beach

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I did not mean to find this beach, in fact I did not mean to end up on that island. I had accidently boarded the wrong boat and ended up on the the wrong island. Stranded on an island I did not want to be on, I wandered around and ended up finding my own private beach! Glorious golden sands and sparkling blue waters completely to myself! This was one of the best mistakes I had ever made! I enjoyed taking hundreds of pictures of my secret beach. I could not believe I was just a stone’s throw away from one of the most densely populated places in the world on my own beach! If you would like your own private beach for the day. Hop on a boat from Hong Kong island to Silverbay. Upon arrival walk to the right of the pier past the main beach until you find the secret smaller beach. There are plenty of rocks for you to balance your camera on, ensuring you can take a photo for your Instagram feed.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Recommended by the Adventures of Panda Bear

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible places to visit in Hong Kong, but even better? It is super Instagrammable! The amazing views of the skyscrapers throughout the city along with the lit up skyline is paramount. From the waterfront you’ll be able to see world famous views of buildings from Causeway Bay and Wanchai, all the way to Central and Sheung Wan.

Due to its beauty, it is also an extremely popular spot for photographs year round. As such it is rarely ever not busy, however the best times to visit is around golden hour or during dusk on a weekday. There are typically less tourists during this time so you’ll hopefully be able to squeeze in for some shots. Otherwise the lights are super beautiful at night, also another great time, though potentially busier. Keep in mind that some of the more decorative lights do start switching off around 11pm so don’t stay out too late!

The promenade is best accessed via bus to the Star Ferry pier and walking towards Victoria Harbor. Otherwise you can MTR (metro) to the Tsim Sha Tsui station and walk on over.

Instagram Spots in Cambodia

The sunrise at Angkor Wat

Recommended by Wandering Carol

Angkor is not only the biggest religious monument on the planet, it’s one of the most sacred – and the most instagrammable. An iconic landmark in Cambodia, the vast temple complex was built during the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 13th centuries, and truly is one of the wonders of the world. Visit Angkor Wat at sunrise to capture the soft otherworldliness of this magnificent temple when it’s beautifully lit up by the sun’s early rays.

To capture your sunrise photos, you’ll need to get a ticket beforehand, and it’s best to get it the afternoon before. Because the temple is such a famous photo-op spot, you’ll be fighting with crowds for the views, but sharing the moment with travelers from all over the world is half the fun. To get a good spot, walk over the boardwalk that crosses the moat and swing left. For the best shots, try to get a spot at the pond.

Here’s an easy tip: To avoid the crowds, stay around after the sun has risen. The light is still spectacular, and most people have already gone.

Koh Ta Kiev

Recommended by A Lovely Planet

One of my favourite places in Asia, and most definitely an Instagrammable spot, is the island of Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia. I visited the island during a Two week Cambodia trip and totally fell in love.

Koh Ta Kiev is a hidden treasure, reached by boat, very few tourists make the trip, favouring the more popular islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. Boats are organised through the few rustic eco-resorts on the island – ours was Kactus. Located on Plankton Beach, a stunning sandy and incredibly photogenic bay.

Take photos at any time of day, but the sunsets are particularly special – a colourful light show. Once the sun has gone down you can swim with bioluminescent plankton, which light up in front of your eyes as you move through the water!

Back on land, relax in the hammocks, explore the jungle and fall asleep in simple huts under the stars. A magical destination.

Lazy Beach in Cambodia

Recommended by Manc Girl Missing

After my overnight bus I was horrified to see the squalor of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.  It was everything people said it was and much, much worse.

So after taking the short ferry ride from there to Koh Rong Samlolem I couldn’t believe I was in the same country! 

Koh Rong Samlolem is a paradise!

White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, wooden beach huts and hammocks in the sea.  This small Cambodian island is really a heaven on Earth. 

So much so that I felt no real need to leave my accomodations for a week.  Thankfully some new friends from the hostel convinced me to check out the other side of the island.  Ferries arrive on the east side.  And there is where you’ll find most of the islands accommodation. However the west coast is more than worth a visit.

It’s a 2km trek through the jungle, which is very flat and easy, though bring a torch for the walk back!

On the other side you will find Lazy Beach, which has only one bar, a few huts and a breathtaking sunset. No filters needed here! The beach is secluded and stunning.

I took this picture in early April and the weather was perfect.

A lot of people visit Cambodia solely for Angkor Wat and never see what else it has to offer.  Add the islands to your trip and you’ll be glad you did.

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Recommended by Travel for Life Now

The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh has so many instagrammable spots it’s hard to name them all. One of the best is from along the Tonle Sap River at Sisowath Quay. This is across the street from the Royal Palace. The sun sets right behind the palace and you can get an amazing picture of the Palace. While there will be a lot of people at Sisowath Quay, it is not hard to get this photo.

There are also many instagrammable shots within the Royal Palace complex. The grounds are beautifully manicured and the Palace structures are very ornate. The Throne Hall, Napoleon Pavilion, the Silver Pagoda and the gardens all offer instagram possibilities. There are monks in the complex which can make for nice Instagram photos (with permission).

The palace is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Get there early for the best instagram photos without people. We were there in the winter in the late afternoon and it wasn’t too crowded. Double check holidays Cambodian as the Palace may be closed. 

Instagram spots in Japan

Little Stone Men at Otagi Nenbutsu Ji in Kyoto

Recommended by My Travel Scrapbook

For a lesser known Instagram spot in Asia check out Otagi Nenbutsu Ji in Arashiyama. Reaching the temple requires a taxi ride from the busy bamboo grove or a half an hour walk past pretty, traditional Japanese houses. The walk is worth it though for the many Instagram spots in the secret, secluded temple. Hundreds of little stone men are waiting patiently to be photographed. The little stone men of Kyoto have little mossy hats. Each one is completely unique. It will be hard for you to decide which little stone man you would like to take a photo of and post to your feed. Will you take a photo of the two stone men drinking sake? Or do you like the little stone man carrying a tennis racket? I liked this little stone man as he looked so happy and content. Otagi Nenbutsu Ji is one of Kyoto’s most beautiful spots and deserves to be on the list of most instagrammalbe places in Asia.

Making friends with deer in Nara, Japan

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You will not struggle to take a picture of a holy deer for your Instagram feed in Nara, Japan.

In Nara the deers are seen as holy gods and are allowed to walk around the city freely. They are incredibly tame after living amongst humans for hundreds of years. You can buy ‘deer cookies’ to feed the creatures, please do not feed them anything else! The deer walk where they please, even drivers stop as they saunter across the road. Whilst they are fairly tame, remember they are still wild animals and be respectful of that. Several tourists have been hurt whilst acting carelessly. Remember you are entering their home and are a guest of the gods of Nara. Don’t upset the gods and you will be able to take some incredible Instagram shots!


Recommended by MsTravelSolo

Kurashiki is a quaint town in Okayama Prefecture in Japan. The town is famous for the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter which has a picturesque canal with weeping willow trees and small narrow streets with typical Kurashiki warehouses. It is one of the best off the beaten path cities in Japan and one of the best Instagrammable spots in Asia. 

While walking around the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter is one of the best ways to see the canal and willow trees, you can also take a traditional boat tour of Kurashiki canal. Alternatively, you can take a rickshaw tour and explore the small narrow streets to see the restored warehouses that were once used to store rice. 

Whether you are coming from the east (Tokyo or Osaka) or west (Hiroshima) of Kurashiki, the best way to get to Kurashiki is by going to Okayama first. From Okayama, take a 20-minute train ride to Kurashiki on the JR Hakubi Line or JR San-yo Line. It only costs ¥320 (about $3USD). 

You can visit Kurashiki any time of the year. As Japan is a country that has all four seasons, the best time to visit Kurashiki is during spring and fall. Summer can be scorching, and winter can get pretty cold. The best time is spring and fall when the temperature is pleasant. 

Although the town doesn’t get too crowded because it is off the beaten path, it is best to visit the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter early morning. But make sure you go back in the evening to take another Instagram photo. 

Kabukicho in Tokyo

Recommended by Wapiti Travel

Kabukicho is Tokyo’s night life district.  In this district you will encounter a hotchpotch of many of the crazy aspects of the city.  The icon of the district is Godzilla, he lives atop of the cinemas in the heart of the district and occasionally he scares the unwitting passersby with his roar.

This is one of the best places in Japan to experience the nightlife scene.  Kabukicho has something to suit everyone.

The district is dotted with bars and restaurants.  Some normal but some unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  In the lock-up restaurant you will be served by zombies and other monsters and Kabukicho is also home to the world-famous robot restaurant that draws many tourists yearly. 

Nobody visits the robot restaurant for the food, it is the Robot show that makes this place so special.  A complete sensory overload with loud music and flashing laser and neon lights. The show is a good representation of the extravagance in this district and a great place for extraordinary Instagram pictures.

But you don’t need to attend grotesque shows to enjoy this neighborhood.  It’s also fun to wander through the smaller alleys, do some bar hopping or try your luck in one of the many pachinko parlors.

Higashi Chaya

Recommended by the Portable Wife

Higashi Chaya is one of Japan’s most beautiful and best preserved Edo-period districts. Located in Kanazawa, Higashi Chaya was once a popular place for geishas to entertain guests in traditional tea houses. Today, visitors can explore its alleys lined with traditional painted wooden homes, shops, and restaurants.

The best time to explore Higashi Chaya is in the evening, when the lanterns start to glow and the kimono-clad tea hostesses make their way through the district. For extra seasonal beauty, visit in November for fall foliage or January for a coating of snow. To avoid the crowds, it’s best to arrive in the early morning (blue hour) or late evening.

Thanks to Japan’s efficient railway system, it’s easy to take a day trip to Kanazawa. You can take the Hokuriku Shinkansen directly from Tokyo (about 2.5 hours) or Nagano (1.5 hours). If you’re coming from Kyoto, the JR Thunderbird will get you there in about 2 hours. All of these routes are covered under the JR Pass.

Instagram Spots in Kazakstan

Charyn Canyon

Recommended by Backpack Adventures

Kazakhstan might not be your first idea of most instagrammable spots in Asia, but then you probably haven’t heard about the Charyn Canyon before. It might not be as big as the more famous Grand canyon, but the landscape is equally impressive. The backdrop of the rocky landscape with its variety of colours and formations makes for the perfect instagrammable pictures.

It’s an easy day trip from Almaty that brings you to a completely different where you simply can’t stop making pictures. In winter it can be covered in snow and even though this has a beauty of its own it might be difficult to get there. In summer it might be very hot and it is the most crowded season. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit.

Get there early in the morning or right before sunset to get the best pictures. This is when light is at its best and the crowds haven’t arrived yet or left already. However, the canyon is big enough so that even during the day it is easy to find a quiet spot to take pictures.

It is recommended to walk the 5 kilometer through the valley of castles to the charyn river. Within the Charyn canyon this is one of the best places to take pictures with the blue river running through the landscape. It’s an easy hike and every turn rewards you with new picture opportunities. 

Instagram Spots in Singapore

Six Senses at Duxton Hill

Recommended by Once in a Lifetime Journey

The Six Senses at Duxton Hill is one of the newest boutique hotels in Singapore and is also the brand’s first urban retreat. Set among rejuvenated shophouses, the facade is uniquely Singaporean and aesthetically inviting. But the interior is where the hotel truly shines. The interiors are the creation of designer and famous Bond Girl Anouska Hempel. So while the Six Senses color scheme is usually consistent throughout their resorts, their urban properties are set apart in their individuality. Each room at the property is styled differently, with some being bright and white and others dark and sensual. The Duxton Duplex Suites are designed across two floors with a yin-yang shaped sofa, gorgeous spiral staircase and large windows. 

Yellow Pot Bar

Recommended by Once in a Lifetime Journey

Head to the Art Deco antiquarium-themed Yellow Pot Bar for some of Singapour’s instaworthy shots. Not only is the bar itself photo-worthy with splashes of yellow circular stained glass, the cocktails are also a feast for the eye. Combine the two and you have the perfect inspiration for the most likeable photos. Try their signature cocktail, Escape to Kaifeng, combining gin with chrysanthemum. You can visit the bar at any time, but should also try to make a reservation at the adjoining restaurant called the Yellow Pot for a healthy hip take on traditional Chinese cuisine. 

Instagram Spot in Armenia

Lake Sevan

Recommended by Ten Thousand Strangers 

No one visits Armenia without going to Lake Sevan. You see, Armenia may be land-locked by four neighboring countries with no access to the sea. However, it is home to a beautiful lake which is made more alluring by the presence of an ancient monastery on a small island peninsula at the center.

Sevanavank or Sevan Monastery is a 9th-century monastery built under the orders of the king’s daughter at the time when Armenia was still struggling to flee the Arab rule.

Summer is the best time to visit Sevanavank and Lake Sevan when all the surrounding trees are lush with verdant colors. However, being a very popular summer destination, the place can be extremely packed with people seeking to cool themselves from the heat. So the next best season to visit here is in fall.

Lake Sevan is popular day tour from the country’s capital, Yerevan. You can easily reach it by taking a public minivan to the city of Sevan and hail a taxi to take you to the lake proper. You can reach the lake in less than an hour from the capital.

Instagram spot in Pakistan

Passu Cones Mountain

Recommended by the Sane Adventurer

Traveling to Pakistan is not something which comes to everyone’s mind very often. However, the highly diverse landscape of the country makes it a must-visit place, especially for the adrenaline junkies! Home to some of the highest mountains in the world, Pakistan offers a lot of great lesser-known yet incredible instagramable locations. If you’re ever visiting Pakistan, do not forget to get yourself pictured in front of the magnificent Passu Cones Mountain in the Hunza Valley of northern Pakistan. Passu Cones are a set of 6000m high mountains, famous for its golden peaks in the form of pyramidal shape, which gives the mountain its name. It can be reached within forty minutes’ drive from the main town center of the Hunza Valley. The best place to get photographed in front of the Passu Cones is the small ‘photo stop’ on the Karakorum highway right in front of the huge letters on a mountain that says ‘Welcome to Passu’. The Gilgit River flows below the mountain making the entire scenery more spectacular! The Hunza Valley is an emerging tourist hub inPakistan for the local and international tourists alike. However, at any given time of the year, you won’t find huge crowds in the area. Though, the best time to visit Passu Cones is during March-April which is the cherry blossom season in the valley.

Instagram Spots in Vietnam

Train Street in Hanoi

Recommended by The Uprooted Traveler

Amongst the narrow maze of streets of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, there is a residential street that is disrupted several times per day by a high-speed diesel trainroaring through, with mere inches of clearance on either side. The street is lined with tall, narrow buildings, with women watering plants on their balcony three stories up and locals passing the time on tiny plastic stools on the tracks, while sipping coffee. Right before the train barrels through the street, children have to stop playing on the tracks to hide away in alcoves and clothes hanging out to dry have to be pulled aside so that the train can pass through safely.

Once a quiet and sleepy street, Train Street has now become an Instagram hot spot, with people waiting for the train’s scheduled runs to sprint away at the very last second, GoPro in hand. To get the best shots, I’d generally recommend coming in the morning to avoid the crowds. Alternatively, if you want to snap a picture of the train itself, thetrain will come rushing through at approximately the following times:

  • Monday-Friday: 6 AM, 7 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:15 AM, 11:30 AM, 3:20 PM, 5:45 PM, 6:40 PM, 7:00 PM

Out of these times, the lighting is best at 3:20 PM. Although this should go without saying, make sure to steer clear of the tracks around these times- while seeing the trainfrom a safe distance is an awesome experience, no photo is worth getting hit by a train hurtling at you at high speeds.

Ninh Bihn

Recommended by Wander Lush

The view from Lying Dragon Mountain in Ninh Binh,Vietnam is one of Asia’s most-photographed landscapes.

Hang Mua Peak is located atop a limestone karst within the UNESCO-protected Trang An Tam Coc-Bich Dong Scenic Landscape Complex. To reach the lookout point, visitors must ascend 450 stone stairs carved into the side of the karst. Along the way, you’ll see a series of shrines and sculptures, plus a string of formal and improvised viewing areas where you can snap a photo.

At the top, the karst and the trail splits in two. Depending which way you go, you will have either a stone dragon sculpture or a temple spire in the foreground of your photo. If you have time, it’s worth ascending both peaks to see the different perspectives.

The climb is taxing but the view is terrific. Looking westward, you’ll see a wide corridor of karsts surrounded by rice paddies and sparkling waterways. Wait long enough, and you’re sure to notice a fishing boat cutting across the surface of the mirror-like water.

Avoid going in the middle of the day (it’s simply too hot, and there’s no shade on the path), and factor in sunset time if you plan on visiting in the evening (there isn’t much lighting, and the trail officially closes at nightfall). If you want to get a head start and beat the crowds for sunrise or sunset, it’s a good idea to choose a Tam Coc guesthouse that’s close by. Hang Mua Ecolodge is right at the foot of the mountain, and entrance for guests (which would otherwise cost 100K VND) is free.

The landscape changes with the seasons. I’ve been to Ninh Binh four times over the course of a year, and I recommend visiting either during the green season (June to August) when the rice fields are lush, or just before the rice harvest (May or September) when they turn to gold.

Keep in mind that Mua Cave (Hang Múa), located beneath the viewpoint, is spiritually and culturally significant to the Vietnamese. There’s no dress code, but you should be respectful when visiting.

Royal Tombs in Hue        

Recommended by the Constant Traveller

The Royal Tombs at Hue city are a must-visit for anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of Vietnam when it was a feudal country. Eloquently decorated and lovingly guarded by stone warriors, the Royal Tombs offers a quiet and meditative space without taking itself too seriously.

Which is why it’s perfect to click yourself with these warriors and earn some IG love. While most such terra cotta warriors look fearsome and unapproachable, the ones at the Royal Tombs are just waiting to be clicked creatively.

The Royal Tombs lie outside the Imperial City that Hue is most known for so the chances of seeing other tourists come down dramatically. However, it is still a popular spot so try getting here around 10 AM or so when the crowds are negligible.

It’s best to arrive here with your own set of two wheels as public transport can be pretty irregular along the route. Hire a two-wheeler for as little as six dollars a day and experience Vietnamese countryside on your way to and from the Tombs.

Cat Ba National Park

Recommended by Globe Trove

When we decided to visit Cat Ba National Park in Halong Bay, we added it largely because it was another thing to do on the island. One of our fellow travellers recommended it and we thought why not. We had the time and the means. What we did not expect was how spectacularly beautiful the park was. Now you can choose to do the long trek or the short one (we did the short one) but whichever way you go, you are sure to be land up with some spectacular views of the forested valleys that lie on the island.

I’m not particularly a person who does well with poses. I tend to feel awkward so most of my photographs are either candid or funny but the spot was so gorgeous that I seemed to do no wrong. When I look back at our trip in Vietnam, I can’t help but think that it was one of those Instagram worthy spots that gets overlooked simply because not many people visit it.

Instagram Spot in Mongolia

Altai Mountains

Recommended by the Unexpected Occurrence

The Altai Mountains in Mongolia are some of the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen! They’re SO instagrammable because there are so many different landscapes and types of wildlife just waiting to be photographed. The best part? There are nearly NO other tourists. I didn’t see anyone else during my entire week in the Altai Mountains, which allowed me to completely immerse myself in the experience. The morning light is golden and it’s a little misty and frosty outside – that’s my favourite time to shoot! Definitely go during the summertime unless you are PROPERLY bundled up for the cold – even in July, it was -10 degrees!

Instagram Spot in Papa New Guinea

Sepik River

Recommended by Ze Wandering Frogs

For a remote, less-traveled destination that has a strong traditional culture, Papua New Guinea is a photographer’s paradise. From the incredible woodwork, the dances, to the crocodile scarification, the Sepik River has vibrant and colorful traditions in a fantastic landscape. Almost every aspect of village life along the river is incredible. The kids that play in the water. The elderly women fish from the dugout canoe. The women wash clothes by the river. The men carve masks and crocodile heads out of wood. Traditional dances like the Cassowary dance or the Mask dance are fascinating, women following the beats of the drums, kids jumping along and laughing. These performances need to be arranged in advance, for the dancers to be present and ready. 

Getting to the Sepik River takes some motivation, a two to three-day trips depending on how you travel. First, fly or travel overland to Wewak, then a day on the road to Pagwi as the departing hub. Going along the river is mostly done by canoe, moving from village to village. 

Due to the difficulty in reaching the Sepik River, there is minimal crowd unless one comes during some of the festivals. Avoid the rainy season where many villages can be flooded. However challenging reaching the Sepik River can be, it’s worth every effort.

Instagram Spots in Sri Lanka

Nine Arch Bridge

Recommended by Destinationless Travel

There are few places in Sri Lanka as iconic or photographed as the Nine Arch Bridge. This stunning bridge is part of the Ella to Kandy train ride which is one of the most scenic in the world. However, more popular than the train ride is getting a stunning photo at the Nine Arch Bridge. This rather old bridge is surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and situated in a breathtaking valley.

The bridge is visited from the town of Ella and is only a few minutes by tuk-tuk away from the mian tourist center of town. This makes this instagrammable spot easy to get to and accessible for everyone. However, with that accessibility comes large crowds. It’s no secret the Nine Arch Bridge can be rather over touristic and crowded. However, at sunrise you can actually visit the bridge in peace and enjoy the stunning views almost to yourself. This is the perfect time to get that magical Instagram post in peace.

A visit to the Nine Arch Bridge is one of the best things to do in Ella all year round and is sure to attract some good attention and engagement on Instagram.

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography
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Dalawella Beach

Recommended by The Globe Trotter GP

Dalawella Beach in Sri Lanka is one of the top Instagram locations in Sri Lanka featured on many travel bloggers feeds. 

The beach itself is stunning with soft white sand, an azure ocean, sloping palm trees and interesting rock formations. But the main attraction for Instagrammers is the Palm tree rope swing. 

I’ve lost count of the number of photos I’ve seen at this spot and yet I still couldn’t resist the urge to visit myself and try and capture it in my own way. 

Whilst a beautiful location at any time of the day, Dalawella beach really comes to life at sunset. The downside is that the beach swing gets busier at this time too and you’ll have to be creative to crop the other people out! 

I recommend staying for a few days on this beautiful beach rather than just visiting to get that iconic photo. I stayed in a little beach hut, falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing and waking to breakfast on my verandah watching the sun come up. It was the perfect place to relax after a busy road trip through Sri Lanka. 

Pidurangala Rock

Recommended by Coleman Concierge

Pidurangala Rock is the most Instagrammable spot in Sri Lanka that you’ve never heard of. That’s because it’s the sister mountain to the world famous Sigiriya Rock made famous from its capital palace, status as an “8th wonder of the world”, and Duran Duran videos. Hiking Pidurangala Rock gives you an iconic view of Sigiriya as if you had a drone, without the cost and crowds of its notorious neighbor.

Pidurangala is walking distance from Sigiriya in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Hiking to the top and back will take about 2-hours, but you might want to stop to visit the cave temples and reclining Buddha statue, and, of course, taking photographs from the summit. It’s always nice to hike in the cool mornings, but the afternoons aren’t bad either since the rock itself shades the trail on the climb up. No matter when you go, climbing Pidurangala Rock will give you a new perspective on Sigiriya, both literally and figuratively.

Coconut Tree Hill

Recommended by Eat Love Explore

The little island of Sri Lanka, located just to the East of the tip of India is quickly gaining popularity. It was actually Lonely Planet’s number one recommended place to go for 2019!

When you get here, you’ll understand why everyone is going crazy for Sri Lanka, it’s one of the most instagrammable countries in my opinion! From the 9 Arch Bridge in Ella, epic train ride photos and safaris there is so much beauty on this tiny island. Check out this amazing 10-day Sri Lankan itinerary to make sure you don’t miss anything!

There were stunning places everywhere we went, but the one that stands out the most was Coconut Tree Hill in the beach town Mirissa. I will be the first to admit that I thought it wouldn’t live up to the hype but it did – and then some!

It’s completely free to go there and you can walk there from Mirissa town within 10 to fifteen minutes or take a tuk-tuk ride there for less than a dollar. It’s a very popular spot for tourists and locals too, so if you get lost, someone will definitely know where to direct you.

You can take photos there at any time of the day because it’s on a hill so you can get photos with no one in your shot by using the right angles. People often come and just sit down and enjoy the view so it’s even easier to get a good photo.

If you don’t want to the extra work to set up the perfect shot to avoid other people, then I suggest going there early in the morning either for sunrise to get the colors in the sky or at minimum before 8 am. You’ll have the place to yourself and will be able to get a bigger variety of photos since it’ll be empty.

I went for sunset and it was gorgeous. There were a lot of people there, but like I said, it was still great and I managed to get some really beautiful photos.

Coconut Tree Hill is definitely the most instagrammable place in Asia to me!

Ella to Kandy Train

Recommended by the Coastal Campaign

The scenic mountain train that runs from Ella to Kandy is an iconic Sri Lankan adventure. The seven-hour train ride twists and turns through the beautiful hill country and tea plantations, right through the heart of the Sri Lankan countryside. The reason this train journey has become so popular, other than the breathtaking views, is the open doorways in each carriage that allows travellers to hang out the side of the train. There is something special about taking in the stunning scenery while suspended out the side of a moving train.

The pictures from this train ride have become such a popular Instagram spot because of the baby blue colour of the train. The blue train seems to contrast perfectly with the lush green tea fields of the mountains. We had heard from a few travellers of their disappointment when the train they took was red but you can ask at the ticket office to confirm you are catching a blue train ensuring that perfect Instagram picture.

The train has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka and that means it can get very busy. Most people take the train from Kandy to Ella, so in an attempt to beat the crowds, we decided to head the opposite direction, from Ella to Kandy. We also took the earlier train at 6am which, unlike the 9am train, wasn’t sold out. The early train also means you can catch the last of the morning’s golden hour. Make sure to travel on a weekday as we were also told by the ticket officer that weekends were much busier. By doing all of this we managed to ride a half empty train that is notoriously busy, allowing us loads of time to snap the perfect picture.

Instagram spots in India

Ellora Caves

Recommended by Asher from Asher & Lyric

Ellora Caves is one of the most instagrammable destinations in India that you’ve probably never heard of. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 30km from Aurangabad which is a short flight from Mumbai. The centerpiece of this vast complex of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monk caves is the majestic 150ft high Kailash Temple hewn out of a single rock. It took hundreds of workers dozens of years to carve this beautiful work of art and required over 200,000 tons of volcanic rock to be excavated! The easiest way to get there is to fly from Mumbai to Aurangabad and then get in a taxi. The easiest way to beat the crowds is to go on a weekday early in the morning or later in the afternoon and this when you will get the best photos too. The reason why it’s so instagrammable is because the temple is so mind-boggling yet so gorgeous and it towers above people as you see in my shot I snapped with my phone. There are also so many interesting angles you can find to get a unique photo.

Sunset in Hampi

Recommended by Smitabhattacharya

We were late. We were racing from hill to hill to catch the beautiful sunset at Hampi, as was promised to us in the many Instagram shots we had seen before. At long last, sweating, huffing and puffing, we experienced the sun’s grandeur on top of Hemakuta Hill. We sighed with delighted relief and clicked away to our hearts’ content. It really was perfect!

Hampi is located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century and today is a UNESCO world heritage site. Believe me, the ancient town is drop-dead beautiful and awe-inspiring. There’s something magnificent about the sun setting amidst ancient temples, scattering its rays on massive ageless boulders. A large number of the temples on Hemakuta Hill date back to as early as the 9th century. According to one folklore, Lord Shiva performed penance on the Hill before marrying Goddess Parvati. There are several such legends, which add to the charm of the place.

Entry is free. The best time to go is a few minutes after the sun sets. People are beginning to leave and you can get the best picture minus the crowds. Beware of the monkeys though, they can get aggressive. The best months to visit Hampi is November to February, otherwise, it can get burning hot.

Jawahar Circle, Jaipur

Recommended by Ravenous Travellers

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and an instagrammer’s paradise. There are photo opportunities on every corner of India’s ‘Pink City,’ but our favourite spot had to be Jawahar Circle.

Jawahar Circle is the biggest circular park in Asia on a traffic signal, but rather than just driving past, be sure to park up and take a look. The entrance of Jawahar Circle is through Patrika Gate, which is where our picture was taken.

As you enter Jawahar Circle you’ll feel like you’re heading through a rainbow walkway, as each colourful pillar is dedicated to the state; hand pantings of temples, palaces and forts. The bright colours and perfect symmetry has got this place trending on social media and it’s easy to see why. To get this shot, we set up our camera at one end of the gate, and ran through to the other end whilst shooting continuously. 

It’s around a 25 minute drive from the centre of Jaipur to Jawahar Circle, the easiest way is to jump in a rickshaw which will set you back around 400 rupees for a return trip. The Patrika Gate is open and accessible 24/7, and best of all – it’s free to enter. We’d recommend getting there before dark so you can capture the vibrant colours in all their glory. The adjoining park is a popular hangout spot with locals on the weekend, so try and visit early morning on a weekday to avoid the crowds. 

Sunset in Goa

recommended by Nomllers

India is full of amazing places which can make your Instagram feed look outstanding. However, one place which is definitely going to make your Instagram feed sparkle is Goa, the party place of India. With clear blue skies, never-ending ocean view, and so many amazing cliff points, Goa is one of the most instagrammable spots to visit. Plus, I am not kidding or exaggerating but sunsets of Goa are legendary. Whether it is from a cliff or a viewpoint or on a beach, you will never be dissappointed with a sunset here and what’s more, they make for amazing Instagram pictures as well!

If you don’t want to deal with the crowd then head to lesser known beaches like Siridao beach or offbeat places like Aguada Fort sunset point, Fontainhas, etc. These places are still not known to many tourists so you won’t find a lot of people at these places and can easily take photographs without having to worry about others coming in your frame.

How to Get Here: Goa has an International airport so you can take a flight to reach here. If you want something adventurous then you can take a train to Goa from other parts of India or can even plan a road trip to this amazing location.

Best Time to Visit: Goa stays humid throughout the year so if you want to enjoy yourself, winters is the best time to visit. The months from October to February observe a clear sky and offers the most amazing sunsets in the area.

Also, try to head to the places in the morning or the evening as the lighting is best at this time to get those Instagram-worthy shots.


Recommended by My Adventures across the World

Few places are photographically as interesting as India. The colors, the light, the spontaneity of what you see make it incredibly easy to capture photos that are at the same time raw, intense and beautiful. In India, Jaisalmer is the most photogenic place. This small city (by Indian standards) is located in Rajasthan, not far from the Thar desert. 

While most people crowd Jaisalmer Fort to explore the havelis, or sit on one of the rooftop cafés to get full views of the fort, I recommend to get lost in its heart, to explore the narrow alleys – preferably during the day. There, you’ll get plenty of photo opportunities. Scenes of people sitting around playing board games; dogs roaming about; cows chewing whatever they can find; the overall chaos that India is but that somehow has a calming effect. It’s very intense, perhaps not classically beautiful, but it is absolutely captivating. 

Victoria Memorial in Kolcatta

Recommended by the 6 o clock train

When I arrived in Kolkata the Victoria Memorial was the first thing I wanted to see. This iconic white marble building is dedicated to Queen Victoria who was Empress of India. If you walk south through the central Kolkata park then you’ll find the memorial right at the end. It’s easily accessible by taxi as well as there’s plenty of space for them to drop you off right outside.

We visited shortly after it opened at 10 am and it was already busy outside. You have to walk up some steps to the booth to buy tickets and you should prepare for a lot of pushing and shoving to get to the front. It didn’t take us long to get our tickets though and there was no queue to enter the complex.

Foreigners pay 500 rupees and that gives you access to the gardens and the Victoria Memorial Museum.

The gardens are beautiful and one of the reasons why this building is so instagrammable. The landscaped setting is just perfect to showcase the impressive marble building behind. For photos in the gardens, go early. The air quality gets worse as the day progresses and you’ll get clearer shots earlier on.

Inside the museum, it gets very crowded as it is such a small space. However, look for the steps up into the dome in the Queens Hall Gallery for some spectacular views of the statue of young Queen Victoria below. Not so many people climb up so it’s less crowded for taking photos.

Taj Mahal

Recommended by Our 3 Kids vs the World

Is there any more recognisable structure in the world than the Taj Mahal? I definitely think the Taj Mahal makes the cut for one of the most Instagrammable spots in Asia. I never thought I would make it to the Taj Mahal until I received an offer to travel to Jaipur sponsored by Scoot Airlines in return for my kids participating in a Facebook advert for Scoot. While the filming took place in Jaipur, we took a little side trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. 

Agra is about 3 hours drive from both Jaipur and Delhi and both have international airports. We got a private driver from Jaipur as we had flight issues and missed our train from Jaipur to Agra. The train is also a great affordable option from both cities. 

The hardest part is getting a photo with no one in it, in fact its almost impossible! The Taj Mahal is also known for its massive crowds which makes getting the Instaworthy shot a little more difficult. The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is at sunrise, we got there for sunrise and were leaving at 9am when many of the day trip buses were arriving. I was glad to be leaving then. Don’t get me wrong there were still many people around at sunrise but it was much better than any time after 9am. 

South Beach in Goa

Recommended by Adventures with Children

Beaches never get old on instagram. Never. The shoreline in this image is located on the property of the ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa in Cansaulim but there are plenty of beautiful beaches all along the coast. At sunset, the tide is low and it’s perfect for small children to splash around in. In this image, my 2 year old son stood still on the beach to take it all in. It really was just him and the water, no one was photoshopped out. The trick to getting a great reflection in your image is to get your camera low.  

Many tourists stick to the northern parts of Goa which has many beautiful historical sites to visit but the best sandy beaches are in the South. You will want to avoid the summer months (June-August) when monsoon is in full swing. You don’t need any tricks to beat the crowds because there wont be any. In fact, South Goa is home to some of the quietest beaches I’ve ever seen.

Instagram Spots in Malaysia

Changkat Bukit Bintang

Recommended by Muneerahb

Add some color to your IG feed with the vibrant murals and street art in Changkat Bukit Bintang on your next visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Head over to the alleyways along Jalan Rembia, Jalan Tong Shin, Tengkat Tong Shin,Changkat Bukit Bintang, Jalan Berangan and Jalan Alor and get ready to pose for the ‘gram!

These lively streets are within a walking distance from the famous Bukit Bintang shopping district and it helps if you note the spots on Google maps before you get there.

The artsy sidewalks and back lanes recently received an overhaul to make them more attractive and safe. You’ll find the streets and the buildings surrounding them coated in bright colors and creativity. My personal favorite are the cats painted on the yellow walls along Jalan Rembia!

These areas are open to public all year round but you might want to get there before noon before the neighborhood gets busy. The alleys are well lit at night too but I personally feel they make better photos during the day.

I find that selfies are not the best way to capture the beauty of the art there so you might want to grab your travel buddy along or hire a photographer if you’re a solo traveler to get the best instagrammable shots.

Batu Caves

Recommended by Araio Flight

There’s no denying that the Batu Caves, located in Gombak Selangot just outside of Kuala Lumpur, is one of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Asia. It is not just a tourist attraction, but a well-regarded Tamil site and the location of many religious festivals held throughout the year. There is also a whole list of activities to enjoy in the area. The caves got a total new look in 2018 with the steps leading up to the cave area painted in a variety of colours, only adding to its Instagram appeal. To get to the caves you can join one of the many tours on offer from KL, but it is very easy to this this on your own. All it takes is a 35-minute train ride from the central station.  

Instagram spot in Laos

Nam Xay in Vang Vieng

Recommended by Travels of Sophie

Nam Xay Viewpoint in Vang Vieng is quickly becoming THE Instagram location in Laos, and for good reason. From the viewpoint, you’re surrounded by jagged mountains, with sweeping views over the rice paddies below; a vantage point that is hard to beat.

The entrance to the viewpoint is a 15-minute drive from Vang Vieng centre by car, scooter or tuk-tuk. When you arrive, you will need to pay 10,000kip ($1.10) entrance fee for the hike, but it is totally worth it.

Some local farmers have installed bamboo railings that make the hike up a lot easier. However, it is still a strenuous walk up a VERY steep hill and includes scrambling over some rocks. It’ll take you around 20 minutes without rest, but realistically closer to 30 with a few breathers! Make sure you take water with you as it’s also likely to be very hot.

For the absolute best Instagram shot, I recommend getting up there for golden hour and staying through sunset once everyone else has left. If you do stay past sunset, make sure you have a flashlight with you as the path back down is dark and could be dangerous
without adequate lighting. From the viewpoint you have 360-degree views, so if you’re an
early riser then I’m sure it’d be an incredible experience and photo opportunity at sunrise

Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Recommended by Career Gappers

Kuang Si Falls might not be the biggest waterfall in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most photogenic. Concealed among dense thickets of jungle, three tiers of falls tumble over idyllic azure-blue pools, where you can jump in, take a swim or just marvel at the beauty.

The most visually stunning section of the falls is the highest tier. A wooden bridge crosses over the pool, perfect for taking a snap right in front of the cascading water. Alternatively, at the middle tier you can have fun taking action shots jumping into the water, but take care as the water is a little shallow in some spots.

Kuang Si Falls is located about 30 kilometres south of Luang Prabang, the ‘golden city of Laos’.

You can reach it by hiring a tuk-tuk or booking a shared van from the city. It’s best to come early to avoid the crowds and the midday heat; if you hire a moped, you can make it for opening time at 8am and have the falls to yourself.

When you arrive there is an entry fee of 20,000 Lao kip, which also includes entry to the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre.

Instagram Spots in the Philippines

Twin Lagoon

Recommended by Ojoextrajeros

Island hopping in Coron, Philippines is the best way to spend your day. But no island hopping adventure is complete without a visit to Twin Lagoons. The best way to see this is by renting a tour boat either with your hotel or by the piers. Most of these are full day tours which take you to various islands in Coron plus lunch! The prices vary from 650 Philippine pesos to 7,000 PP. Your best bet, splurge a bit for the private tours. At 6,500 PP per person ($120 USD) we were able to head to the more popular sites, like Twin Lagoon earlier than the larger tour groups. The entrance to Twin Lagoon is absolutely breathtaking, with emerald green waters that transform to crystal blue, and limestone rock formations that will leave you stunned. It’s called Twin Lagoon because it is where the sea water meets a hidden freshwater lagoon. There are two ways to enter once your bot is safely anchored. You can either walk up and over the rocks using a wooden ladder, or (and this is the better option) you can swim through a tunnel either underwater – or if the conditions are right and the tide is low just float on through! Once in the freshwater side there isn’t much to do but snorkel and float. However it’s best to get here early as it is a top tourist stop and the crowds will damage the relaxing and serene atmosphere of the lagoons.

Caramoan Islands

Recommended by the Wanderlust within

Off the beaten track, unspoilt, and above all, the Philippines’ last frontier. The Caramoan Islands are a secluded and largely unexplored area in the Bicol region. If you’re looking for pristine beaches, powdery-white sands, marine life and stunning rock formations, then this far-flung jewel on the edge of the Camarines Sur is your ideal tropical destination.

Not for the faint-hearted, the journey to the Caramoan islands certainly is laborious compared to travel around the rest of the Philippines. A one hour flight from Manila to Legaspi is then followed by a three-hour drive to Sabang Port and then a two hour speed boat ride to Caramoan. However, the inaccessibility ensures the islands sandy beaches and turquoise waters remain a secret Filipino paradise.

Kawasan Falls 

Recommended by the Freckled Tourist

One of the most Instagrammable spots in Asia is hands down, Kawasan Falls. This iconic waterfall is found in the Philippines and is easily accessed through Cebu. The milky, turquoise colored water with the lush green backdrop make this spot an Instagrammer’s dream. There are even bamboo rafts that you can stand on while floating in the water below the falls to get an epic shot.

Kawasan Falls is very popular and brings in hordes of tourists every day, so your best bet to beat the crowds is to get there very early. You can drive yourself or hire a guide to take you through the multiple waterfalls and swimming areas Kawasan has to offer. There are even spots to cliff jump if you’re brave enough!

You can easily spend hours in this beautiful oasis, swimming and relaxing or jumping over the waterfalls and slipping down the natural slides. Bring some fresh fruit to enjoy in the picnic area and make a day of it. But don’t forget your waterproof camera so you can take as many Instagram pics as your heart desires!

Big Lagoon

Recommended by Explore with Lora

The Philippines is full of Instagrammable spots and one of the best is the Big Lagoon in El Nido. The water in the Philippines is completely surreal, so the contrast of the emerald water in the lagoon with the towering limestone cliffs above makes for a perfect photo.

The easiest way to visit the Big Lagoon is to take an island hopping tour from El Nido that includes a stop at the Big Lagoon. During the tour, the boat will dock and provide you with kayaks to explore the lagoon. There are a number of variations of island hopping tours in El Nido so just make sure the Big Lagoon is included when you book. The island hopping tours can be arranged through any tour agency in town and most hostels.

The best time of year to visit the Big Lagoon is during the dry season for the Philippines, which runs from November to April. Although this is the most popular time to visit the country, the lagoon is so big that even on a tour you can find your own piece of paradise to snap the perfect pic.

The best way to spend your day is to island hop from one serene spot to the next. You’ll be blown away by the beauty. Not to mention the fact that apart from a few local fishing families, the islands are deserted. 

It is the perfect place to fly a drone and capture the uninhabited islands, especially when its dry season or sunset.

Kawasan Falls

Recommended by Ojosextranjeros

Kawasan Falls is a series of three waterfalls on the island of Cebu, Philippines. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, so going early is key! To enter, there are two routes. The first is simply to walk about 5 minutes to the lower falls (which is the most popular). There you can hang out at your leisure, take pictures on the floating dock, and even grab lunch. You’re also able to walk up to the other two levels of Kawasan. If you like more of an adventure, you can do the canyoneering experience to get to the falls. This route will take roughly 3-4 hours to complete with an experienced guide. This option is the most difficult, but most rewarding! You’ll start at the top of a mountain and climb up slippery rocks, jump off cliffs to the crystal blue water below, swim and even float your way down to the top level of the waterfalls. This adventure is not for the faint of heart, even I didn’t know we would be jumping off 6 foot cliffs and walking over logs, but once we got to the top level of the falls all that fear and adrenaline melted away swimming in the deliciously blue waters! The second level of the falls also has a great place to stop and eat, it also has the least amount of tourists which makes it the perfect area to float in the water and relax your muscles. If you still want some adrenaline, there are two cliffs to jump to the water below! The earlier you can arrive to Kawasan falls the better, as it does get insanely busy after lunchtime!

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography
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What is your favourite Instagram Spot in Asia?

What is your favourite Instagram spot in Asia? Was it on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography100 Incredible Instagram Spots in Asia! From Armenia to Japan here are 100 amazing photo spots to take instagrammable photos of across Asia. Pack your camera and get ready to up your instagram feeds and make all your friends jealous of your travel photos! #instagramasia #asia #travelphotography

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  1. Amazing Post!! Now, I want to visit all these incredible places!!

  2. This is amazing, I loved it.

    I wish to visit all these amazing places.

  3. Wow, absolutely great collab! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Wow, just Wow! I think I have never seen such a thorough post. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. That’s a large guide for Instagrammers in Asia and you have chosen some pretty cool spots. I wish I was there with my camera.

  6. Amazing picture! thank you for your sharing

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