12 Best Cities to Visit in Japan

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Japan is full of many incredible cities. From strikingly modern megacities to ancient capitals there are many exciting cities for travellers to visit. Yet which cities are the best? To help you decide here is a guest post by Via Travelers. Which city in Japan will you want to visit most? Here are the 12 best cities to visit in Japan.

The following is a guest post by Via Travelers, a modern travel blog focused on helping you learn the best travel tips, hacks and itineraries to travel the world.

Best Cities to Visit in Japan

Japan is a perfect tourist destination with its towering skyscrapers, majestic cities, and dazzling neon lights. Besides, the country is full of history and owns a rich cultural heritage. The shrines and temples are in abundance. I was fortune enough to visit Japan from travel hacking, which saved me a bunch of money while exploring several cities.

Imperial palaces and ancient castles give a unique cultural vibe to its cities. There are numerous cities in Japan, which offer captivating natural landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

In addition, wandering through cities like Tokyo is just like stepping into the future. The level of innovation and technological advancement is clearly visible in Japan. In short, Japan is an exhilarating place to visit, which surely offers something for everyone.

Below are some of the best cities to visit in Japan.


Located at the heart of Japan, Tokyo is a densely populated metropolitan. At night, viewing the dazzling array of neon-lit skyscrapers is one of its kind experiences. It is a modern and thriving city, boasting its unique fashion sense, quirky themed-cafes and pop culture.

Besides, remnants of history give a glimpse of what this city was used to be. Wandering through the cobbled alleys is a great way to know the true essence of Tokyo. You can also visit old-style bars and food stands.

There is no shortage of shopping malls, making this city a shopper’s paradise. Exploring the historic buildings and sites is a perfect way to know about the historical background of this city. There is so much to see that I suggest you book a tour to see more than a few landmarks in an efficient manner.


Located at a distance of approximately half an hour from Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city of Japan. This city is worth checking out as it locates on a beautiful bay. Yokohama is home to numerous historic buildings, displaying various architectural styles.  

In addition, it’s delicious regional cuisine gives you a perfect reason to visit this place. The lively jazz scenes and captivating artwork also look pleasant. The city is always bustling with life, promising an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

Walking through the spacious streets of Yokohama is the best way to explore the hidden cultural and architectural gems.

Did you know? Yokohama hosts the annual Pikachu Outbreak festival? In August, thousands of pikachu fans visit Yokahama to celebrate all things Pokémon-themed!


Matsue is a charming city, full of historic and cultural sights. This samurai city has a beautiful castle, which is worth to visit and explore. The rustic city lies on the shores of Lake Shinji. This place has an old-time feel, taking visitors back to its historic era.

This is an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon, as the lake offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere. There are some perfectly maintained museums, which tend to quench the thirst of culture and history enthusiasts.


Osaka is a bustling metropolitan city, which turns out to be the best city to visit in Japan. Besides its endless array of skyscrapers, this city has a lot more to offer. The profusion of neon lights does add a festive vibe to Osaka.

A beautiful river meanders through the city, offering the opportunity to take a boat tour of the city. It’s a fun place to visit, as the live music scenes and local arts add more thrill to the city. Osaka is famous for its love of food and amazing culinary scene. There is also a wonderful castle to visit. It’s variety makes Osake one of the best cities to visit in Japan.


Fukuoka is a welcoming and friendly place to visit. The atmosphere is calm and pleasant, adding charm to this already beautiful city. The highly noticeable architecture of this city is a perfect combination of historic and modern styles.

Apart from this, there are a couple of museums displaying centuries-old relics and artifacts. Baseball is quite popular in this part of Japan. You can enjoy watching the live match of their popular baseball team. Besides, visiting its lovely temples is another highlight of a trip to Fukuoka.


The fortress of Himeji-jo is an impressive, domineering, and one of the finest castles in Japan. It serves as a prime attraction to visit Himeji. In addition, you can also explore some nearby samurai houses. The gardens are delightfully traditional.


Known for completely flattened by the atomic bomb attack on August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima is located in the western Honshu. However, Hiroshima was remarkably reconstructed after the attack. Now it’s just like any other modern and bustling city of Japan.

The Peace Memorial Park and Museum is the topmost attraction of this city. A large number of visitors come here each year to pay their respects to those who died in the attack. When visiting this place, don’t forget to witness A-Bomb Dome ruins.


Kyoto was the former capital of Japan. The city is saturated with historic buildings and beautiful locations. In fact, it is popular as the most beautiful city in Japan. There are more than two thousand shrines and temples.

Furthermore, various Zen gardens full of little stone men, traditional teahouses, majestic torii gates and winding cobbled alleys make this a perfect tourist spot. Kyoto is home to a wide array of world-class restaurants, atmospheric cafes, and cool bars. The presence of cherry blossom trees in springtime also adds a romantic touch. Yet if your visit to Kyoto falls during the typhoon season it is still worth visiting as Kyoto truly is one of Japan’s best cities.

Whatever time of year you are visiting Kyoto, you will not fail to fall in love with this magical place. You should definately add Kyoto to your 2 week Japan itinerary!


Beppu is an attractive and welcoming place, offering a chance to relax and soak in one of its numerous hot springs. It is home to more than three thousand springs. The tourism sector is booming in this city of Japan.

The atmosphere is truly magical, as the mist and steam that floats through the streets give a unique feel to this city. Located on the coastal line, Beppu is popular for its scenic beauty and tourist attractions.

Whilst Beppu is still relatively unknown to most tourist is definately deserves it spot on this list of Japan’s best cities.


Sendai is popular for staging the country´s most renowned festivals. Each year, the leafy streets of Sendai come to life as thousands of people visit this place to be a part of Tanabata Matsuri. Situated in the Tohoku region, this city boasts a lively nightlife, pleasant atmosphere, and some of the best scenic views.


Nagasaki is a picturesque spot to visit with its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful architecture. The city experienced a devastating atomic bomb just like Hiroshima. However, Nagasaki is now fully restored and bustling with life.

Tourists visit its museums and memorials in large numbers. It’s a vibrant and lively city, displaying a perfect mix of Eastern and Western cultures.


Located on a Hillside, Kobe is an enchanting city full of natural landscapes. You can visit its historic port and numerous religious buildings. The nightlife is vibrant, as there is no shortage of bustling cafes and gourmet restaurants. Indeed, Kobe is a fun place to explore.

After seeing these cities and visiting Japan, you will be obsessed with traveling. It’s truly a magical country.

Which city in Japan would you most like to visit?

Hopefully you have been inspired to visit one or more of these incredible cities in Japan. Would you rather visit traditional Kyoto or vibrant Tokyo? Or would you prefer to visit one of the lesser known cities such as Beppu. Let us know in the comments below which Japanese city you would most like to visit!

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12 of the best cities to visit in Japan! 78% of Japan\'s population live in urban areas. In order to see which cities you should visit during your trip to Japan check out this post. There are 12 incredible cities to add to your Japan iternary! 
#japan #city #urban12 of the best cities to visit in Japan! 78% of Japan\'s population live in urban areas. In order to see which cities you should visit during your trip to Japan check out this post. There are 12 incredible cities to add to your Japan iternary! 
#japan #city #urban

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