12 Romantic Things to do in Pai for Adventurous Couples

Whilst Pai has long been on many solo backpackers’ bucket lists, did you know there are many romantic things to do as a couple in Pai? Pai is a sleepy village in the Himalayan foothills just North of Chiang Mai in Thailand. There are many fantastic things to do in Pai. Whether you are an adventurous couple or looking for a cosy laid-back vibe, there are many romantic things to do with your loved one in Pai. Read all about 12 romantic things to do in Pai from swimming in waterfalls and hiking up rivers to snuggling in a cosy hut and watching a romantic sunset from Pai Canyon.

Cuddle up in a cosy hut

Firstly, in order to have enjoy a couple of lovely days with your partner in Pai, you will need to stay in romantic accommodation. Pai is full of fantastic bungalows and huts to snuggle up in. Whilst hostels can be great fun it is more romantic to have your own little place to hide away in. Depending on whether you would rather stay near the walking street or a little further away on the hill side will affect where you would like to stay.

If you would rather stay further out of the town you could check out these bungalows. If you would rather be much closer to the town but still enjoy your own hut, we would recommend Pai Country Huts. After staying in a wonderfully romantic boutique hotel in Chiang Mai we spent 3 nights at Pai Country huts. Each hut comes with its own hammock, modern bathroom, mosquito net and comfy bed. A vegan breakfast of fruit, bread, jam and coffee is also included in the price. Just across the bamboo bridge, Cosy huts is a stone throw away from Pai Walking street but is on the quiet side of the river meaning you are away from the noise. The only thing we did not like was that the huts are quite close together and look onto the other huts. Yet the staff, food, location and accommodation was all fantastic. There is even a swing to chill on.

Make sure you book a cute hut to stay in during your trip to Pai.

Stroll along the beautiful Pai Bamboo Trail

The Pai Bamboo Trail is one of the lesser known things to do in Pai. Scooter rental companies warn travellers not to venture past the Pam Bok waterfall as the terrain is too difficult. Yet if you and your adventurous partner dare to carry on to the Pai Bamboo Trail, you will be rewarded with one of the loveliest trek’s in Thailand.

Boon Koh Ku So is a beautiful bamboo bridge which leads to the bamboo temple. The bridge is about 1 km long and is looked after by the locals. Suspended a couple of meters above the ground this pale-yellow path is one of the world’s most romantic off-the-beaten-track strolls.

The wonderfully springy trail takes you over bright green rice paddies. If you arrive during or at the end of rainy season the rice paddies are at their most beautiful.

You can spend between 15 minutes to a few hours wondering over the lush green rice paddies. There are numerous photo opportunities at the start of the bridge, yet if you walk all the way to the temple you are rewarded with far fewer tourists the further you go.

The Pai Bamboo trail is perfect for a romantic stroll. Not too strenuous but in very beautiful surroundings, walking along the Bamboo trail is one of Pai’s most romantic things to do.

Click here for the Ultimate Guide to the Pai Bamboo Trail.

Rent a scooter

Getting around Pai is much easier when you have a scooter. As well as being practical, it is quite a romantic way of getting around. Feeling your loved one’s arms wrapped around you as the wind blows through your hair is a wonderful feeling. Of course, safety recommends that you hold onto the bar at the back of the scooter.

Scooters will range between 100 – 200 baht depending on which season you are visiting. Expect to pay around 150 baht for a 100 CC. There are numerous places renting scooters throughout the town.

Swim in Pam Bok Waterfall

What could be more romantic than swimming in a water fall with your adventurous partner! Pam Bok Waterfall is roughly 20 minutes from Pai Town by scooter and is free to visit. The route takes you over lovely fields affording excellent views of the surrounding mountains. The roads are dirt tracks but completely doable for little 150 CC scooters. The Pam Bok waterfall is well signposted along the roads.

When you arrive at Pam Bok waterfall, you can park your scooter at the bottom of the waterfall. From the carpark it’s about a 5-minute walk up a steep dirt path. Grab your partner’s hand and start climbing!

You will hear the Pam Bok waterfall before you see it. You will probably hear other tourists splashing as well, yet if you time it right you can enjoy the surroundings completely by yourself! As we arrived in the afternoon during the rainy season there were a few tourists, yet many do not stay long. After the tourists had left, we stayed and had our very own private waterfall!

Adventurous couples will love the exciting trek to the waterfall, diving into the cool pool from the slippery rocks and swimming around the falling waters of Pam Bok waterfall. This is one of the best romantic things to do in Pai!

Enjoy a romantic and compassionate meal at Earth Tone

After all this hiking and swimming you and your loved one will be in need of a fantastic meal. Consider stopping off at Earth Tone for a romantic and compassionate meal.

This vegetarian and vegan restaurant serves many delicious dishes but make sure you try the vegan waffle! There are some fantastic vegan waffles in Thailand but the one at Earth Tone is the most spectacular! Earth Tone serves an epic gluten-free and vegan banana split waffle. This incredible vegan desert is humongous! There are also tasty buddha bowls with delicious seitan strips. A small shop inside the restaurant also stocks organic products.

Therefore spread the love by choosing a compassionate meal and spend some time eating decadent food with your loved one.

Watch the Sunset from Pai Canyon

Watching the sunset from Pai canyon is on everyone’s Pai bucket list. This a particularly romantic things to do with your loved one.

Check what time the sunset will be and aim to get there half an hour before in order to grab a good spot. The canyon is an interesting geographical feature, but everyone has really visited in order to watch the show in the sky.

Buy some yummy spring rolls from the car park and walk up to the canyon. Find yourself a spot to snuggle up to your partner with and gaze across to the horizon.

The sun slowly lowers itself. The skies turn golden then crimson pink as the day grows later. A few clouds attempt to block the show, yet they do not succeed as the sunset is determined. Wait until the sun has dipped behind the Himalayan foothills until you let go of your lover’s hand or leave their shoulder your head had been rested on. Just make sure it is not completely dark as you do not want to navigate the narrow canyon ledges with steep drops with no light!

All adventurous couples must add the Pai canyon sunset to their romantic Pai bucket list.

Adventurous couples will also enjoy the Chiang Mai Sunrise.

Romantic River Stroll

Are you a hiking loving couple? A fantastic thing to do in Pai is to go on a romantic river stroll. Now this is not walking along or by the side of a river but actually in the water!

One of the best hikes close to the centre of Pai, is the hike to the Mae Yen Waterfall. This hike is known as a river hike. As the name suggests the majority of the walk is in or along the Mae Yen Luang. You cross the river over 40 times. This is an adventurous trek through the jungle which takes over 2 hours to reach the actual Mae Yen falls. Yet what is less known is that there is a shorter version of this trek.  

If you do not have the time to do the whole trek you can do a small lap but still have a taste of adventure. Head towards the start of the Mae Yen trail and leave your scooter at Dan’s jungle café. Make sure you are wearing river hiking shoes, shoes you do not mind getting soaked or just be prepared to go barefoot!

Head over the river and follow the river around the bends. There will come a point when the path forks. It does not matter which way you choose. Follow whichever one you please until you come to another sign telling you how to get back to Pai. If you have enjoyed your taste of river hiking feel free to carry on but if not walk back towards Pai and you will arrive back at the fork.

The walk is idyllic. You are surrounded by lush jungle either side of the valley. The gurgling river is refreshing and the waters glisten in the sunlight. There is lots of interesting wildlife to spot including water snakes and giant spiders! Adventure-loving couples will welcome holding their lover’s hand on this incredible river hike in Pai.

Spend some quality time together chilling at Bom Bowls

Another romantic thing you can do in Pai is chill at Bom Bowls. Even adventure couples need time to recharge. Where else would be better than on plush cushions at Bom Bowls?

Spend some quality time together just relaxing. Bom Bowls is the perfect place to hang out given its pretty location on the hill side overlooking the town, comfy seats and delicious smoothie bowls!

The smoothie bowls are decadent with toppings like fresh fruit, cookie dough, granola and nut butter. Not the healthiest but really tasty! They have recently started offering matcha pancakes too.

The service can be a little slow so make sure you are not in a rush when you visit. Bom Bowls is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am-4:30pm. So take your partner and enjoy a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon relaxing at Bom Bowls.

Treat each other to a gift from the Pai Night Market

To remember your romantic trip in Pai, why not treat your loved one to a gift from the Pai Night Market?

The Pai Walking Street which is also known as the Pai Night Market is a craft and food market which operates every night in the centre of Pai. The market can be found along Chaisongkran Road and Rungsiyanon Road. Vendors start to sell their goods around 6pm until 10.30pm every evening.

There is a huge variety of goods on offer at the Pai Walking Street Market. Just like the Chiang Rai night market there are hand crafts, souvenirs, postcards, jewellery, clothing, bags and shoes. The prices are slightly cheaper than Chiang Mai although some bartering is still expected. My partner wanted to treat me to some jewellery however I asked if I could be treated to some quintessential backpacker Thai baggy trousers instead. We managed to barter a deal for two pairs of baggy trousers which were worn throughout our stay in Thailand.

If you get hungry whilst you are shopping, there is a fantastic array of street food on offer, much of which is cooked or prepared in front of you. Enjoy delicious fresh juices, piping hot spring rolls, veggie Pad Thai and even vegan chocolate truffles!

All couples must visit the Pai Walking street at least once during their stay in Pai.

Slide down Mo Paeng Waterfall

Whilst Mo Paeng is probably not the most impressive waterfall in Thailand, nor one of the most extraordinary Waterfalls in Asia, it is certainly the most fun waterfall in Pai for both couples and solo travellers!

The main draw of the Mo Paeng waterfall is that you can slide down the cascades! The rock has been worn smooth after centuries of pounding water. You can now slide into little pools and if you dare, hold your lover’s hand and take the rather high plunge into the main pool!

Spend an hour or so with your lover messing about in the water. Push and shove each other down the cascades and kiss in the waterfall. Remind yourselves that it is good to run wild and free, just like a waterfall.

Leave your heart at Yun Lai Viewpoint

Yun Lai viewpoint is said to be one of Pai’s most romantic spots. Visit either in the morning to watch the sea of clouds or at dusk to see the sunset behind the mountains.

Yun Lai is about 7km from the centre of Pai. There is a large car park to leave your scooter and pay a 20-baht entrance fee. Once you have entered the complex you can help yourself to tea for free.

If you would like to be extra cheesy you can buy a heart which is then hung in a tree to enjoy the view forever.

Perfect for cheesy couples the Yun Lai viewpoint is a great thing to see in Pai.

Meditate together at the White Buddha

Spiritual couples will enjoy visiting Wat Phra That Mae Yen, otherwise known as the White Buddha.

The temple is free to enter and is open from 6am each day. There are 353 steps to reach the buddha from the car park. This climb is best attempted early morning or late in the day to avoid the midday heat. Hold your lover’s hand and start climbing together!

Once you have reached the courtyard at the top take off your shoes and kneel down. Be careful not to point your feet at buddha as this is considered rude in Thai culture. Spend a little while getting your breath back and contemplating. You could even meditate.

After paying your respects, turn around to admire the view. The river seems very far below and the mountains in the distance look magnificent. It was worth walking up to the White buddha for this view.

Sit on the steps with your partner for a while and enjoy the romantic view from Wat Phra That Mae Yen.

Would you like to take your loved one to Pai?

Hope this list has inspired you to have a romantic and adventurous weekend in Pai with your partner, loved one or date. Which activity would you most like to do? Would you rather swim in a waterfall, stroll across rice paddies or indulge yourself on decadent smoothie bowls with your fellow adventurer? Let us know in the comments below.

If you would like to explore more of the surrounding area of Pai, check out this epic 10 day itinerary of romantic and adventurous things to do in Pai, Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai.

12 Romantic Things to Pai, Thailand, for adventurous couples! A comprehensive list of romantic things to do in Pai from swimming in waterfalls to river hiking to watching incredible sunsets with your loved one. This lazy backpacker town is perfect for the solo traveller but also has many incredible things for adventurous couples to enjoy on a romantic trip. 
#pai #romantic #coupletravel 12 Romantic Things to Pai, Thailand, for adventurous couples! A comprehensive list of romantic things to do in Pai from swimming in waterfalls to river hiking to watching incredible sunsets with your loved one. This lazy backpacker town is perfect for the solo traveller but also has many incredible things for adventurous couples to enjoy on a romantic trip. 
#pai #romantic #coupletravel 12 Romantic Things to Pai, Thailand, for adventurous couples! A comprehensive list of romantic things to do in Pai from swimming in waterfalls to river hiking to watching incredible sunsets with your loved one. This lazy backpacker town is perfect for the solo traveller but also has many incredible things for adventurous couples to enjoy on a romantic trip. 
#pai #romantic #coupletravel

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