14 photos of charming Worcester

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Worcester. Home to Worcestershire sauce, the composer Elgar, the world’s oldest newspaper, Queen Elisabeth II’s coronation gloves and the site of the final battle in the English Civil War. Nowadays, the city of Worcester is a pretty little city. Without any idea of what was there Alex and I left one morning to explore this city in the West of England. We were pleasantly surprised by colourful doors, brick buildings, an impressive cathedral and enjoyable strolls along the river. The sun occasionally peaked through the clouds and we had a lovely day.

I took many photos of Worcester’s charming spots. We were spoilt for choice with sites such as the grand cathedral, the majestic swans, grand architecture etc. We found Worcester very picturesque and here are the top most instagrammable places in Worcester.

Ancient Ruins


Discover romantic monastic ruins next to Worcester Cathedral. After a successful renovation, you can see the full splendour of the remains of Guesten Hall. A hall built in 1320 where monks welcomed strangers and guests to the city of Worcester. The best place to take a photo of these spectacular ruins is on College Green.

Worcester Cathedral


The official name of this religious masterpiece is the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Worcester. This grand cathedral, built between 1084 and 1504, is worthy of its mouthful of a name. You cannot miss the Worcester Cathedral towering above the city centre with its exquisite tower and gothic style. You can take beautiful pictures of the cathedral from College Green as well as from the river bank.

A very small door


After you have gasped and gawped at the immense size of Worcester Cathedral look around the base of the structure to find a much smaller detail. There is a very small door! See if you can spot it!

Swans on the river


Walking along the river is very pleasant but the real reason people come here to feed the hungry swans! Swans need a little extra help in winter and especially in large rivers such as the River Severn. The Swan Food Project sells small handy bags of floating pellets for £1.50 which can be found at Brown’s, Café Severn, the Cathedral gift shop, Café Afloat and Jandco Chandlers, Birch Hill Dog Rescue in the Reindeer Centre and The Pump House Environment Centre by Gheluvelt Park. See more information about the project here.

Old pubs


How pretty is this old pub? The Farriers Inn is a historic grade 2 listed pub in the city centre. Legend has it that wood from the timbers inside the Farriers Inn was used to repair a cardinal’s Hat following a bad fire there. I found this information and there was no further context… was the cardinal sitting in the pub during a fire and he demanded the pub owners to fix it?

Find Elgar


This famous English composer who lived between 1857 – 1934 is closely associated with the area around Worcester. Inspired by music from continental Europe this self-taught composer brought the famous Pomp and Circumstance Marches to life amongst many other masterpieces. Elgar was born just outside of Worcester and was an active member of the Worcester Glee club, where he composed and conducted for the first time. You can find a statue of him near the cathedral.

Brick buildings


Worcester is full of many pretty brick buildings. I particularly liked taking photos of brick buildings with flowers next to them.

Edgar Tower


The Edgar Tower is one of Worcester’s oldest structures, built in the early 1200’s. King John, whose legacy is immortalised through the Magna Carta and of course through Robin Hood, ordered this project and he rests nearby in Worcester Cathedral.
Stroll under the gatehouse and see terracotta statues of kings and queens of old. A fun fact is that the Edgar Tower still houses what is possibly the oldest schoolroom in continuous use in England.

It is currently undergoing restoration and you can help preserve it. If you wish to sponsor a stone, which will be engraved with your initials, click here.

Spring Flowers


If you visit in spring as Alex and I did spot the many signs of spring during your walk around the town. The colourful flowers compliment this charming city wonderfully.

The Old Rectifying House


Another beautiful old building that makes the list. Rectifying refers to purifying spirits to produce a high concentration of alcohol. The current building used to be part of the Williams distillery. Nowadays it is a gastropub with an extensive vegan menu! Yet choose the time of year wisely as the old rectifying house is no stranger to floods. In times of severe flooding, the beer casks had to be rescued and placed above flood level. Sometimes the stock had to be delivered by boat and taken in through the upstairs windows!

Worcester Guildhall


This grade 1 listed building is the administrative heart of Worcester. The current building was restored in 1878. See if you can spot the 3 monarchs portrayed in stone on the building. Also, see if you can find the head pinned by his two ears. You could stare at this ostentatious building for a while and keep spotting new details.

Berkeley’s court


Yet another beautiful old building. Hidden away from the main road you have to peer through iron railing to spot the Secret Berkellys court.

Grand doors



I lost count of how many photos of doors I took during our tour of Worcester. I loved the variety of colours and the neo-classical styles. The area around the cathedral had many particularly grand examples.

Flowers on the wall


I loved these wallflowers which were literally growing out of the wall along the river bank. Pretty purple flowers contrasted against the grey bricks and the splash of colour brightened up the riverside walk.

I hope these photos have encouraged you to take a trip to Worcester and find these pretty photo spots yourself. Would you like to visit Worcester?

The city of Worcester is a very pretty place in the heart of England. Expect spectacular architecture, majestic swans, ancient ruins and much more! Click on this blog post to see the best photo spots in Worcester! #photography #worcester #mytravelscrapbook

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  1. I love it that you too are captivated by doors and the sagging of buildings with subsidence! The UK is a dream for things like this! Beautiful pictures. <3

  2. This place seems infused with romantic longing… Love your photography!

  3. Marilyn McCarthy says: Reply

    Hello Anna
    So glad you loved your visit to Worcester. Your comments and photos have captured many of the things local residents love about their city. Thank you for promoting our lovely swans – they do welcome help with food as there are no plants in the river.

    Go on having a lovely time with your travels

  4. I’m from Herefordshire, so I grew up going to Worcester… I love the way you’ve done it justice in photos. Any chance you want to swap links with my Ledbury post?

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