About Us

Welcome to My Travel Scrapbook!

Welcome to our blog about Travel, Vegan Food & Hiking in Asia and Europe.

We are Anna and Alex, a couple from England on a mission to travel compassionately. We want to show you that it is possible to see the world as a vegan!

About Anna

Hello! I write the blog posts on mytravelscrapbook. I am happiest outdoors on a mountain, taking photos and eating vegan food. Preferably all three at once.

I have moved around quite a bit. I grew up in England, spent my teenage years in Austria, lived in Germany for a year during my studies and have just come back from living in China for a year. I love discovering new places and having many an unplanned adventure!

About Alex

Hi there! I am the technical brain behind the blog. I enjoy programming immensely as well as hiking, travelling and eating vegan food. I also end up taking many of the photographs.

I grew up in Yorkshire and enjoy travelling to new places.

Our Story

After finishing university we soon realised we wanted to go and explore before settling down. So we brought a one-way ticket to Germany and travelled through 15 countries for two months. We saw the traditional and quirky side of capital cities, gasped at draw dropping scenery in national parks and met some great people along the way. We sometimes decided which way we wanted to go the night before. Alex and I both loved the freedom and adventure of the unknown.

After our European adventure we wanted to go a little further afield. Our next stop was Asia!

We found teaching jobs in Shanghai. During our time in China we hiked the incredible Great Wall, visited the infamous Terracotta Warriors, made yummy dumplings from scratch and met more wonderful people. We also flew over to South Korea and Japan during our Asian Travels.

This blog documents our adventures, mishaps and fantastic experiences. We love the great outdoors, vegan food and cheap travel.

The name My Travel Scrapbook

My Travel Scrapbook Hiking

We choose the name due to a number of reasons. When starting a blog many articles advocate choosing a niche. Cheap travel, solo travel, couple travel, vegan travel etc. The truth is that we couldn’t choose just one. Some of our articles are about backpacking whereas others are about travelling as a vegan. Some of the adventures documented were experienced together and others were when we were travelling by ourselves. Therefore, just like a scrapbook, we wanted to piece together all these different elements of the way we travel. A scrapbook is a collection of memories and that is exactly what this blog is. My Travel Scrapbook is a digital scrapbook of destinations, vegan food, photos and tips. I hope you enjoy this collection of memories.

The Future

We are both currently in UK in full time jobs and enjoying being back around friends and family. I am sure that we will both have many an adventure in the future. In the immediate future we plan to explore a little more of our own country: the UK. Expect blogs about hikes in the Yorkshire dales, fun city trips and yummy vegan food from this little island in the north Atlantic.