10 Super Cute Vegan Slogan Tees + 10% Discount Code!

vegan slogan tshirt

Looking for a cute vegan slogan t-shirt from an ethical company? Want to tell the world you are vegan in a subtle or not so subtle way!? Well, here are ten Peta-approved vegan slogan tees from Vegan Outfitters. Vegan Outfitters are a vegan business with wonderful and affordable vegan clothes!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. I brought my first Vegan Outfitters T-shirt with my own money and became an affiliate afterwards. I receive no incentive to write this post. I just really like the T-shirts as an ethical way to spread the vegan word!

Vegan Outfitters is a great 100% vegan company who donate a percentage of their earnings to animal sanctuaries! I first discovered them when I wanted a vegan t-shirt which was made ethically, does not come in plastic and donated part of their profits to a vegan cause. With this criteria I went on Google to see which companies I could find. I soon discovered Vegan Outfitters.

Why should you choose to buy a vegan T-shirt from Vegan Outfitters?

Not only do Vegan Outfitters donate part of their profits, but the t-shirts are ethically-made and come in plastic-free packaging! Zero-waste vegans can rejoice!

“Spread compassion, one tee at a time”

Vegan Outfitters

Vegan Outfitter’s mission is to “spread compassion, one tee at a time”. Some of their designs are quite light-hearted whereas others are more provocative. All of the vegan slogan t-shirts in this list are unisex and conscious consumers will like adding these vegan slogan t-shirts to their ethical outfit! If you are looking for affordable vegan fashion, check out these 10 super cute vegan slogan t-shirts below!

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As always, please only buy what you need and buy for longevity.

10 of the best vegan slogan tees from Vegan Outfitters

Herbivore Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

vegan outfitters herbivore shirt

The herbivore vegan slogan t-shirt is a great subtle way to tell the world you eat plants! They provide the herbivore vegan tee in white, grey, black and navy. It’s also made from super soft cotton meaning you will not only look good but feel good.

You can check out my full review of the herbivore vegan outfitters t-shirt here. Pssst: it is super soft and comfy to wear!

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Respect Your Mother Vegan Slogan T-shirt

Respect Your Mother Vegan T-shirt
© veganoutfitters

Respect your mother – too right! Our mother earth deserves respects from all of us! Did you know that “Since humans started cutting down forests, 46 percent of trees have been felled, according to a 2015 study in the journal Nature.”

This is a perfect vegan tee to wear on a hike or when you feel like some environmental activism.

This cute vegan t-shirt comes in black, white, grey, lilac, dusty pink, dusty blue and mint

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Bee Kind Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

© veganoutfitters

Do you care about the bees? You should do as sadly since the start of the 20th century, the UK has lost 13 species of bee, and another 35 are considered under threat of extinction. We should be kind to bees as well as all living creatures!

The Bee Kind vegan slogan t-shirt comes in several colours including dusty peach, dusty blue, black, white and mint.

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Livin’ Life on the Veg Vegan Slogan T-shirt

Are you a vegan rebel? Do you like living your life on the veg? Then maybe this vegan slogan t-shirt is the shirt for you!

Consider purchasing this eco-friendly, WRAP certified vegan slogan t-shirt for you, your partner or a veggie friend!

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The Only Difference is Your Perception Vegan Slogan T-shirt

© veganoutfitters

It is such a shame that not everyone sees all living things as equal. If you are looking for a thought-provoking vegan slogan t-shirt, this t-shirt could be perfect for you.

For further education, see if you can get a non-veggie friend to watch Melanie Joy’s video on Carnism. It is not preachy, very straight-forward and helped convert me to a vegetarian diet in 2015.

Kale Vegan Slogan T-shirt

Kale Vegan Outfitters Tshirt
© veganoutfitters

Whether you love kale or hate the green stuff this vegan slogan t-shirt is sure to make a few heads turn! Did you go to Yale or do you just really like kale? Who knows?

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Herbivore Dinosaur Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

Herbivore Dinosaur vegan slogan tshirt
© veganoutfitters

If you are fed up of the “where do you get your protein from” question, consider getting this playful herbivore dinosaur vegan tee. The dinosaur depicted is the epic brontosaurus which weighed around 30-odd tons! Don’t think they became extinct because of protein deficiency…

This popular vegan slogan t-shirt comes in white, black, grey, navy, mint and dusty blue.

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There is No Planet B Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

No planet B vegan Tshirt
© veganoutfitters

This sombre vegan slogan tee is a great form of subtle environmental activism. Whilst this phrase is the name of the popular book “There is no planet B” it works well as a tee for a slogan. There is no planet B. We only have one earth. Let’s protect it.

All of the vegan slogan tees at Vegan Outfitters are made with ring spun cotton meaning you will be wrapped in a super soft t-shirt whilst spreading an important message.

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TEAM TOFU Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

Tofu is the best. No arguments. Team tofu!

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Save the Chubby Unicorns Vegan Slogan T-Shirt

Of course, rhinos are just chubby unicorns. The word rhinoceros literally means “nose horn” which is close enough.

Rhinos are epic creatures and herbivores! No one would dare ask them where they get their protein from.

Sadly, three species of rhino—black, Javan, and Sumatran—are critically endangered.

Many rhinos have been almost hunted to extinction. Spread awareness by wearing this vegan tee from Vegan Outfitters.

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Do you like these vegan slogan tees?

Vegan Outfitters herbivore Tshirt

Do you like these vegan t-shirts? Hope this list of 10 cute vegan slogan t-shirts has inspired you to get your own 100% vegan tee! Or maybe you will gift one of these vegan t-shirts to a fellow vegan! If you need something to keep you a little warmer check out this vegan insulated jacket review too!

If you would like one of these vegan slogan tops, don’t forget to use the discount code MYTRAVELSCRAPBOOK for 10% off your first purchase.

vegan outfitters discount code

Also, let me know if you know of any other great vegan companies which make epic vegan tees in the comments below! Bonus points if they are zero-waste too!

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