Best Vegan Cakes in Andalusia

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Delicious vegan cake can be found in many cities in Andalusia. From zesty lemon cheesecakes to decadent peanut chocolate cakes there are plenty of incredible vegan cakes to try. If you are planning on visiting Malaga, Cordoba or Seville during your vegan trip to Andalusia keep reading! There is a handy map at the end of this post to help you plan your vegan cake travels!

Where to find the best vegan cakes in Andalusia

Best Vegan Cake in Cordoba

La Tortuga

Cordoba Vegan Cake

Whilst Cordoba is the city with the most UNESCO world heritage sites in the world and is one of Andalusian’s largest cities it only has ONE 100% vegan venue. Yet one of the Andalusia’s best vegan cakes can be found at an omnivorous restaurant. Located in a quirky venue called La Tortuga you can find a very decadent vegan chocolate cake.

La Tortuga is a 15-minute walk from the Alcazar. You enter a cool haven as you escape the oppressive Andalusian sun. Cordoba is Spain’s hottest city! The walls are adorned with unusual art and paintings. Sit down and ask for the vegan menu. There is a huge variety of vegan options at La Tortuga. The large salads are fantastic as is the sauce of their vegan kebab. If you have any room for dessert go up to the counter and ask which one of the cakes does not have milk (sin leche) they generally have a few on offer.

For 4,50 EUR you can enjoy an incredibly decadent vegan chocolate cake at La Tortuga in Cordoba. The cake was very moist and had a lovely thin sticky layer of chocolate sauce on the top. Considering Cordoba is not seen as vegan-friendly this vegan cake makes it onto the list of the best vegan cakes in Cordoba.

Address: CÓMO LLEGAR, Plaza de los Bañuelos, 14002 Córdoba, Spain

Best Vegan Cakes in Seville


Cocome just north of Seville’s old town has 2 delicious vegan cakes to choose from! Cocome pride themselves on fresh ingredients. They provide tasty smoothies, fresh salads and wraps. Then after your fairly healthy meal choose between the spicy carrot cake or the rich chocolate cake. Or if you cannot decide which one you would prefer go for both of them!

Whilst we were surprised at how long it took to bring our cakes to us, we soon understood why. We had picked them from the counter. They were then taken into the kitchen for some finishing touches and when they arrive at your table the vegan delicacies are beautiful presented.
Not only do they look good but these cakes were very flavoursome and the texture was perfect! Not too mention that the slices are huge!

The cakes at Cocome are some of the best vegan cakes in Seville.

Address: Calle Tarifa, 4, 41002 Sevilla


Vegan pastry lovers will love Veganitessen in Seville. Located in Mercado del Arenal close to the river in Seville, they pride themselves on breaking with tradition whilst still delivering delicious Spanish goodies – vegan style.

If you are looking for a good vegan cake Veganitessen have a long history of providing vegan pastries. In 2009 they opened as a small vegan bakery – the first of their kind in the whole of Spain! Veganitessen serve fruit cakes, pan au chocolat, croissants, doughnuts, yummy tarts and lots more. Many of their vegan cakes are also gluten-free. If you have been jealous of all the baked goods the Spanish are snacking on at breakfast you can fulfil your pastry needs at veganitessen!

The pain au chocolat is incredible. Whilst some pain au chocolats can be greasy this one was very light and fluffy. You should also try the organic fruit cake. Large chucks of fruit surrounded by delicious batter with a light sprinkling of sugar on the top is just what you need to fuel your Flamenco dancing in Seville.

There are also plenty of burgers and tapas available to try. The patatas frittas is incredibly good value for its size. Vegans on a budget will also appreciate the menu of the day at Veganitessen.

Address: Calle Pastor y Landero, S/N (Mercado del Arenal, 41001 Sevilla

Best Vegan Cakes in Malaga

Recyclo Bike Cafe

Vegan Peanut Cake at Recyclo Bike Cafe in Malaga

Are you a fan of peanuts? If you go nuts for peanuts, then you will go crazy for the vegan peanut cake at Recyclo Bike Cafe in Malaga. Even the waiter proclaimed that this vegan cake was much better than the ‘normal’ cakes.

Recyclo bike cafe is a hipster café full of (unsurprisingly) cyclists and millennials. The café prides themselves on supporting local businesses. They ensure that most of their products are made locally and are fair trade. Not only their food is sourced locally but the interior is as well. You can find cool art displayed on the walls which customers can choose to purchase.
Looking at the menu there are salads named after famous cyclists (the vegan salad is named after Bradley Wiggins). One amazing tapas that vegans should try in the vegan chorizo at Recyclo. Whilst mock meats can be hit and miss, the vegan chorizo imitates it perfectly. It is not too meaty or greesey. The chorizo is very light and tasty.

Whilst the vegan savouries are good, the vegan cake at Recyclo is out of this world. It is one of the best vegan chocolate sponges we have ever eaten. It was almost as good as this vegan cake we tried in Edinburgh.

Address: Plaza Enrique García Herrera, 16, 29005 Málaga


Vegan Brownie at Nicpic in Malaga

NicPic is in the heart of the old town in Malaga, just a stone’s throw away from the Alcazaba and the Picasso Museum. On the ground floor of Picnic Dreams is an all vegetarian and organic restaurant called NicPic. Their food is locally sourced, and they pride themselves on their homemade ‘happy food’. This happy food is wonderful comfort food such as tacos, burgers and crispy cauliflower bites. They have a set menu from midday till 4pm which includes a starter, one of their buddha bowls and a dessert. After 4pm it is one of the only veggie places in the centre of Malaga which has not shut for siesta.

Nicpic’s cakes change daily. We tried their brownie with vegan cherry ice cream. It was gooey and the fresh cherry ice cream complimented it perfectly!

Check out this post for more places to find vegan ice cream in Malaga!

Address: Calle San Juan de Letrán, 9, 29012 Málaga

MIMO Vegan Bistro

Vegan Cheesecake at MIMO Vegan Bistro

The cake at MIMO Vegan Bistro is a new edition to the vegan scene in Malaga. MIMO opened in spring 2019. They pride themselves on providing a fully vegan menu which is local and changes with the season.

The intimate restaurant invites vegans to taste some of the best local produce that Malaga has on offer. Your waiter painstakingly and proudly explains where everything comes from and for how long it will be in season for. Any questions you have about where your food has come from will be greeted with a wonderful explanation.

There will be a few cakes and desserts on offer. One dessert that particularly stood out is their lemon cheesecake with macha ice cream! Just make sure you get there early as they had already sold out of their famous chocolate mousse which had raving reviews on HappyCow.

Address: calle Vendeja 29, 29004 Málaga, Spain

Which vegan cake in Andalusia would you like to try?

Hope your mouth is watering now for tasty vegan cake! I wish I could have studied abroad in Spain to try more cake! Which cake would you most like to try? Have you had any vegan cakes in Seville, Cordoba or Malaga that we have missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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The best vegan cakes in Andalusia, Spain! Click on this post to see where you can find incredible vegan cakes in Seville, Cordoba and Malaga. From mouth-watering carrot cakes to delicious chocolate fudge cake there are many delicious vegan cakes in Spain just waiting to be discovered!The best vegan cakes in Andalusia, Spain! Click on this post to see where you can find incredible vegan cakes in Seville, Cordoba and Malaga. From mouth-watering carrot cakes to delicious chocolate fudge cake there are many delicious vegan cakes in Spain just waiting to be discovered!

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