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For centuries, meat has been the main staple protein throughout Europe. Asking for a vegan option at a traditional English pub or at a German Bierstube may surprise or confuse a waiter. Yet are things starting to change? 

In the UK alone there are over 3.5 million vegans. In Germany more than 20 per cent of 16-24-year-old Germans have purchased meat alternatives in the last three months. This means that veggie travellers and flexitarians alike have more choice than ever before whilst travelling through Europe! Now there are many meat alternatives to many traditional local dishes. Do you fancy trying a vegan version of ‘fish’ and chips in London or munching on a flaky dairy-free croissant in Paris? 

20 travel bloggers share some of their favourite vegan dishes they have tried during their European travellers! Which one will you want to try?

Where to find the best vegan food in Europe:

  1. Vegan Afternoon Tea in London, England
  2. Beautiful Vegan Food in Girona, Spain
  3. Death by Chocolate in Edinburgh, Scotland
  4. Michelin Star Milan, Italy
  5. Flower Burgers in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  6. Veggie Buffet in Antwerp, Belgium
  7. Vintage Vegan Cologne, Germany
  8. Incredible Vegan Croissants Barcelona, Spain
  9. Plant-based Aixen-Provence, France
  10. Salted Caramel Heaven in Delft, Netherlands
  11. Traditional Fish and Chips in London, England
  12. Vegan Cheesecake in Madrid, Spain
  13. Danish Plant-Power in Copenhagen, Denmark
  14. Raw Cluj in Romania
  15. Traditional Czech Dishes, Czechia
  16. Incredible Vegan Food in Rome, Italy
  17. Vegan Croissant in Paris, France
  18. Vegan Junk Food in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  19. Vegan Valhalla in St Petersburg, Russia
  20. Ancient Athens, Greece
  21. Katsu Curry at Wagamas, UK
  22. Vegans don’t go hungry in Budapest, Hungary

Vegan Afternoon Tea in London, England

Alysa Tarrant of Voyaging Herbivore

If you’re heading to London and looking for a traditional and Instagramable experience, afternoon tea is for you. While the task of finding a vegan, high tea may be daunting, London is without a doubt the best place to embark on such an endeavour. If you’ve got a few extra pounds burning a hole in your pocket, call up the Egerton House Hotel and book yourself the “Vegan Afternoon Tea”. The unlimited tea selection is vast and the beautiful array of finger sandwiches, dainty pastries, and melt-in-your-mouth scones, complete with vegan clotted cream and butter will not disappoint. You could opt for the champagne as well, or instead, go for one of the custom tea cocktails. These drinks are pricey, large, and they most definitely don’t skimp you on the alcohol. Though the cocktails are tea infused, the one I tried tasted more like straight up gin – no complaints here! They’re large and strong enough to share with a friend and I would recommend it considering they’re about 15 pounds per drink, on top of the 45 pounds per person for the experience, and a service charge as well. Although pricey, it’s surely one tea-lectable event you won’t regret.

Beautiful Vegan Food in Girona, Spain

Jen from Long Haul Trekkers

The colorful Catalonian city of Girona, Spain is well known as one of the culinary capitals of the world. In fact, El Cellar de Can Roca was named the best restaurant in the world twice. The gastronomic recognition draws high quality chefs, and vegan cuisine is no exception. With plenty of vegan options throughout the city, including dog-friendly coffee shops, ice cream stores, and a stand selling whole fruit popsicles, finding delicious meals on a plant-based diet is remarkably easy.

Om is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with an outdoor patio that serves international dishes with a Spanish twist. The pakoras are served with a traditional Spanish-style garlicky alioli. The veggie burger came without a bun, but topped with a pan-fried square of polenta to appease gluten-free eaters and was surrounded by greens and that same alioli sauce that I’ll admit I happily scooped up by the spoonful and ate on it’s own. Choosing just one plate took awhile because the other offerings looked equally delicious from what I could see on other guests’ tables.

Each week, the restaurant carefully selects produce from the farmers’ market attempting to create meals that are sourced as locally as possible. The plates are all beautifully-presented with lots of colors from in season vegetables and adorned with edible flowers. Each week, the restaurant carefully selects produce from the local farmers’ market attempting to create meals that are sourced as locally as possible

Death by Chocolate in Edinburgh, Scotland

Anna from My Travel Scrapbook

vegan cake holy cow yummy uk britain edinburgh bristol london birmingham worcester grasmere vx vegan greens east village cookies and scream ms cupcake

One of the best vegan cakes in the UK is the Chocolate Peanut Cake at Holy Cow in the Scottish Capital! Holy Cow was my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh. Their pulled jackfruit burger was out of this world. Whilst I did not have room for dessert on my first visit, I made sure I did on my second as I already had my eye of one of their deserts: the peanut chocolate cake. The peanut chocolate cake was covered in hot chocolate sauce. It arrived and lived up to my very high expectations. It was fluffy, it was chocolatey and it was peanutty. This cake was absolutely delicious. I could not have finished this by myself but it was great to share. Afterwards, we walked up to Salisbury Crags, therefore, it was much-required fuel for our hike. Holy Cow is a wonderful little café in the New Town in Edinburgh very close to the main bus station. Make sure you make time to visit during any visit to the Scottish capital.

Michelin Star Milan, Italy

Margherita from The Crowded Planet

My hometown Milan is very vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with lots of excellent restaurants around the city catering to those on a plant-based diet. It’s always hard to recommend my favourite vegan restaurant in Milan, so I’ll go with two. 

One is vegetarian but also very vegan-friendly, and it’s one of very few Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurants in the world – Joia, owned by celebrity chef Pietro Leemann. You can expect creative and colourful plant-based cuisine, and dishes with very evocative names like ‘oh mio caro pianeta’ (o my dear planet) a vegan version of foie gras, surrounded by a ‘sphere’ made of crispy cabbage, or ‘serendipity in the garden of my dreams’, the dish in the picture, with flourless potato and vegetable gnocchi. The restaurant is surprisingly affordable – a tasting menu during lunchtime is only €35. 

If you prefer a completely plant-based place, I recommend Soul Green, a newly opened restaurant focusing on bowls inspired by flavours from all over the world – from the Lebanese bowl with hummus and falafel to the Indian bowl with curried vegetables and the Jamaican bowl with coconut milk and plantains. They’re all delicious!

Flower Burgers in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lisanne from Weekends in Rotterdam

Recently Flower Burger has opened in Rotterdam! Here they create colourful and most importantly, 100% vegan burgers. The concept is simple: vegan burgers in fast food style, but definitely, don’t confuse it with junk food! 

Everything they serve at Flower Burger is home-made, not just the buns, but also the patty, the sauces and the desserts. The colours of the buns are made with natural dyes and they come in almost every colour of the rainbow. The most popular one is the Cherry Bomb Burger, which is pink and the colour is created with cherry extract! 

The interior of Flower Burger looks just as joyful as the burgers: colourful and cheerful. Flower Burger is not a restaurant where you spent a lot of time, but a place where you can get a great meal really quick (it’s a fast food concept!). The price-quality ratio is also amazing: they aren’t the most exclusive vegan burgers every, but for less than 10 euros you have a tasty, 100% vegan and Instagram proof burger.

Veggie Buffet in Antwerp, Belgium

Kelly from Girl with the Passport

As a vegetarian, or vegan, traveling can be tricky. You just never know if a city will have amazing dietary options or if they will basically throw some carrots at you and say, “Here’s dinner.”

Well, I don’t know about you but carrots just won’t cut it for this veg right here. That’s why when I visited Antwerp, I was ecstatic to find a plethora of delicious vegetarian restaurants that I could choose from. I seriously wanted to walk around some more so that I could try it all.

However, I did have a favorite vegetarian restaurant, and that was Rosenobel, open everday for dinner. Hidden among the historic squares and ancient churches of Antwerp, Rosenobel is a true vegetarian gem.

Not only is the entire menu either vegan or vegetarian friendly, but they offer patrons a literal buffet of items to choose from. Simply pick up a plate and indulge in anything from salad to pad thai to tortellini to anything from the delicious dessert table.

I adored the baked eggplant and polenta but you can try  a bit of everything. Just be sure to weigh your plate before you sit down since the price of your meal is based on the weight of your plate (or plates).

Vintage Vegan Cologne, Germany

Alina from Travel and Unravel

The ‘vegan vintage café’ in the picturesque Belgian quarter of Cologne is by far my favourite cafe in the whole city. Everything is vegan and it’s furnished with lovingly selected vintage furniture which makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. The owner of the cafe, Jess, is one of the sweetest people ever and it took her several years to get all of the furniture together so that she could make her dream of her own cafe come true.

And the food there really is straight out of a dream. All of it is not only healthy, but also completely homemade – which you can fruit-filledtaste. On the menu, there’s a range of different smoothies and smoothie bowls as well as raw cakes and other sweet treats. Every month, a different special is on the menu. In August, for example, I had some freaking delicious summer rolls. So, if you happen to be in Cologne, visiting Café Vevi is definitely a must do (even if you’re not vegan)!

Incredible Vegan Croissants in Barcelona, Spain

Caitlin from The Vegan World

I’ve been lucky to go to many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Europe, but one dish I can never get enough of are the vegan croissants in Barcelona, in particular at Santa Clara bakery in Barcelona. This little typical, unassuming neighbourhood bakery just happens to have vegan options (which you’d never guess just from looking at the outside!) and they make some of the flakiest, most perfect vegan croissants I’ve ever tasted. They’re better than the ones I’ve had in London, Serbia or even Paris (shh, don’t tell Paris!). When I lived in Barcelona, I had a croissant for breakfast at least once a week. Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d accidentally end up living round the corner from a bakery that sold vegan croissants but I did, so I figured it would be rude not to partake at least weekly. I even took a (non-vegan) native Parisian friend to eat vegan croissants when she visited me in Barcelona, and she confirmed their excellence. Best of all, you can get one of these pieces of pastry perfection for under €2 and they usually have a few different options like fruit-filled, chocolate filled or plain. More details in my vegan Barcelona guide.

Plant-based Aix-en-Provence, France

Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Mana Espresso has two cafés in Aix-en-Provence. The original café is an intimate space tucked down a quiet lane in the old town. And the newest addition, Mana à la Maison du Collectionneur, is located a stone’s throw from Musee Granet in the Quartier Mazarin. Both cafes serve up the best coffee I’ve had in France (try the iced coffee in summer – you won’t regret it in the Provence heat!), and amazingly fresh, tasty vegan food.

They aren’t exclusively vegan, but they have a great range of options for those following a plant-based diet. The last time I ate at their newest café, my husband, son and I all ordered different vegan meals on the menu and there were still some we couldn’t try! My husband had the delicious Mana burger with a sweet potato pattie, I had an amazing Mexican inspired salad, and my son had his usual favourite – hummus and homemade falafel!

The owners, Alex and Ben, hail from the UK and the café has a very international feel, while still being infused with French charm. Mana à la Maison du Collectionneur is particularly lovely when the weather is warm, as they have a charming little courtyard surrounded by a stone wall and framed by the tall Cypress trees that are typical to the area.  Definitely put one of these cafes on your itinerary next time you’re in Provence!

Salted Caramel Heaven in Delft, Netherlands

Karen from Wanderlustingk

One of my favorite restaurants in Delft is Kek.  This vegan-friendly healthy restaurant has a stunning location next to one of the most beautiful canals in Delft: Voldersgracht, however as soon as you enter, it feels quite different inside.  The interior is modern with cute, quirky touches by designers from all over the Netherlands and Belgium.  It’s hard choosing a favorite dish, but I absolutely love their vegan salted caramel latte, which comes with vegan cream on top, and I must say that it tastes even better than the non-vegan version!  I often come to Kek for brunch as the portions are sized enough that you will be surprised.  I always love ordering the vegan BLTA, which includes grilled eggplants in place of bacon.  If there’s any space left, be sure to try out their delicious vegan desserts.  Unlike many Dutch restaurants, they accept foreign credit cards, so you don’t need to worry about paying.  Arrive early as it gets quite crowded around lunch and no reservations are allowed.

Traditional ‘Fish’ and Chips in London, England

Claire from Claire’s Footsteps

By Chloe is a really awesome vegan restaurant in Covent Garden, London. Originating from the states, its London branch has some popular favourites from its original store, but also some delicious British food. It’s my one stop shop for whenever I fancy some hearty British food as a vegan.

I hardly ever miss meat, but fish is something that I did find it difficult to give up when I went vegetarian. That’s why I was delighted when I found vegan fish and chips on By Chole’s menu! Made with tofu wrapped in seaweed and then battered, it’s a guilty pleasure that definitely won’t leave you missing cod and chips – it’s even served with vegan tartar sauce!

Also on the menu is a full roast, mac n’ cheese, lots of different salads, burgers and a full breakfast menu. Everything is 100% cruelty free and absolutely delicious. It’s really inspiring to see how much can be made vegan – it’s the type of place that will turn even the most hardcore carnivore plant based.

And the best part is, the prices are very reasonable. So even if you’re travelling in London on a budget, you can enjoy a delicious plant-based meal with a  clear conscience and a happy wallet!

Vegan Cheesecake in Madrid, Spain

Sam from Alternative Travellers

When most people think of Madrid, they don’t think vegan-friendly. However, they couldn’t be more wrong about the abundance of delicious vegan food in the Spanish capital! With 30 fully vegan establishments, vegan travelers in Madrid will be spoilt for choice. New vegan places are opening all the time, from vegan bakeries to vegan gastrobars. One recent addition to the vegan food scene is the fantastic cafe Landareak, named after the Basque word for vegetables. At first glance, Landareak seems like a small bakery slinging muffins and breads, but in reality they offer so much more, from savory lunches to impressive desserts.

Peer into the chilled display case to find the real star of the show here – the vegan cheesecake of your dreams. Full disclaimer: coming from New York, we have high cheesecake standards and this one blew them all away. The owner and cook spent months perfecting the (secret) recipe, and the result is a decadent, creamy cheesecake with a perfect crumbly crust. It’s simply a must if you’re visiting Madrid! And if you have room for a full meal, Landareak also serves incredible traditional Mediterranean food made vegan, such as traditional Spanish stews, Syrian dips, and more. Just keep in mind that like most Spanish restaurants, the lunch menu changes daily. For more Madrid vegan travel tips, check out the recently released Madrid Vegan Guidebook by Alternative Travelers.

Danish Plant Power in Denmark

Kristian and Jenny from Nomad Northlings

Out of all the wonderful vegan cafés and restaurants in Copenhagen PLANT POWER FOOD is something a bit out of the usual. Not only is it the only café/restaurant in Denmark serving whole food plant-based meals – meaning no processed ingredients are used such as sugar, wheat flour, oils or salt (neither in the desserts) – they are also one of the few true food artists with both their dishes and the interior being beautifully decorated with a lot of thought and creativity. The place is a light and modern space combined with elegant and consciously chosen elements; bamboo tables, raw clay porcelain and exotic plants and flowers which create a very cozy atmosphere. Once you have made your decision from the menu – which is quite hard by the way, as you probably want to taste everything at once – the food will be presented to you in such a beautifully decorated way that you will have to take a picture before diving into it. And besides the visual aesthetics of the food, which is a reason in itself to visit, the food is also mind-blowing delicious, very nutritious and healthy.

After eating at PLANT POWER FOOD you might find yourself wondering that if eating healthy can look and taste this amazing, why on earth would you ever eat junk again? 

All in all PLANT POWER FOOD is a must visit in Copenhagen, just beware of the prices which are slightly above average, but this is 100 % justified when you see and taste the food.

Raw Cluj in Romania

Cris from LooknWalk

On Valentine’s day, I was traveling to Cluj-Napoca, Romania and decided to treat myself to a vegan / raw vegan restaurant reservation. Together with another couple, we chose Samsara Food House.

Located close to Cetatuia Park, the restaurant is a great choice if you are vegetarian or vegan. It is recommended to make reservations (especially if you want to eat here over the weekends or on holidays).

I was very happy to discover many lovely options on the menu and ended up with a (vegetarian) salad and a raw vegan cake with figs and sour cherries. Why? Because I have never had raw cake before and I was intrigued by the combination. The cake was not too sweet, and the figs complimented the sour cherries well. I also loved the plating (fit the occasion perfectly). I am also really pleased when I see nutritional information in the menu. Makes you think twice what you order (spoiler alert: even with full knowledge of this, both items I ordered were above 450 cals per serving).

Traditional Czech Dishes in Prague, Czechia

Anna from My Travel Scrapbook

When travelling, you want to try the local food. Luckily in lots of capital cities you can have a veganised version of the local food. Whilst we were in Prague I had a traditional czech dumplings and ‘meat’ dish with a sauce and beer. It was delicious and being vegan did not stop me from trying local delicacies.

I’ve been to Prague a total of 8 times. I quite like Prague. I lived in Germany for a year and a good friend of mine was in Prague so we met up a lot as it was just 2 hours from me. On my first few visits I was not vegan, in fact I was not even vegetarian so I indulged in the meat dishes and fell in love with Czech beer and Czech dumplings. I was worried about returning as a vegan. Turns out there are actually lots of vegan places in Prague and if you are looking for somewhere near the castle please czech this place out (do you get it? No one’s made that joke before have they…).

At Vegans Prague, you walk up about 3 flights of stairs and are welcomed by friendly staff. We were the first ones there so they said we could sit where we liked. I asked where the best seats were and they replied: “well the balcony of course!” So we stepped out onto the balcony and we had the best view of Prague. We could see the castle towering above us. Even if the food had been bad it would just be worth grabbing a drink here for that view.

We did get really nice organic vegan beer and I had a lovely dish. Alex had a lasagne which he loved as well. I was just staring at the view thinking how lucky we were to have such good seats!

It was a little pricey for Prague but really nice to go to for local delicacies and that view!

Incredible Vegan Food in Rome, Italy

Victoria and Adam from Vegans with Appetites

All’amatriciana is a typical Roman pasta dish, and like some Italian pasta dishes, it’s quite heavy on both cheese and meat. Traditionally, all’amatriciana is pasta served in a spicy tomato sauce with guanciale (smoked pork cheek) and pecorino cheese. Because of this, we never thought we’d be able to indulge in this Italian classic again after becoming vegan. Until we stumbled upon a vegan version in Rome, that is.

At an all vegan traditional Italian restaurant in the outskirts of central Rome, they make a perfect vegan replica of several Italian dishes including the all’amatriciana. Instead of pork, they use tofu smoked to perfection, and the most authentic vegan parmesan we’ve ever tried instead of pecorino. As you might imagine, the dish is incredible in every sense of the word.

For two picky vegan foodies that have eaten themselves around the world, it’s rare to have an eating experience that we know we will remember for life, but this was out of the ordinary.  Even in a country like Italy, where most eating experiences are out of this world, the vegan all’amatriciana was in its own league of excellence. And to us, it was one of the most memorable vegan culinary experiences we had in Italy.

Don’t forget to finish dinner off with a vegan panna cotta, because where else in the world can you eat vegan panna cotta?

Vegan Croissant in Paris, France

Jessica from Hej Doll

I live with severe food allergies that prevent me from eating dairy and soy, so during my trip to Paris I was on a mission to find a vegan croissant that lived up to it’s non-vegan counterpart. After visiting several vegan bakeries, it turns out that vegan croissants are not easy to find. I asked and begged them for any other shops that might have a vegan croissant and finally heard about a place. Located in the 2nd arrondissement we found Cloud Cakes Coffee Shop. They not only offer deliciously flaky vegan croissants and other vegan delicacies, it was one of the only places I found that offered almond milk for coffee. The place was cozy and incredibly chic, and they offered wonderful service too.

Check out this post for more incredible vegan restaurants in Paris!

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

Priya from

If you want a vegan fast food experience, VJFB is the place. I had the best seitan I’ve ever tasted – crispy, crunchy ‘chicken’ nuggets which went so well with the signature sauce; a simple and tangy concoction of ketchup and spices (you’ve got to try it if you go here!). The chips were sensational, triple fried the Dutch way and served on a bed of spring onion. It doesn’t make the chips taste oniony, instead bringing out their natural flavour. Genius really! I also had a bite of the burger, which was delicious, it was a plant-based beef patty with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red & spring & fried onion mix, pickles and VJFB sauce. My partner who is a non-vegan said this was the best vegan burger he’s ever had, and trust me – we’ve tried quite a few across London and in some parts of Europe! I do wish they had more soy-free options on the menu though, as it would make it easier to dine there for those like me with allergies. We also had a vegan alcohol-free Heineken to wash it down. This lovely place has lots of outdoor seating and is right near Vondelpark, just off the main road called Overtoom. It’s a great place to hang out on a sunny day, especially with relatively cheap prices. The staff are also chilled and helpful – pretty much like most people in Amsterdam! A meal for two of us here didn’t exceed 25-30 euros, but it really depends on how many sides and drinks you get. A burger alone is no more than 12 euros and the regular triple fries were almost 4 euros.

Vegan Valhalla in St. Petersburg, Russia

Thera and Tristan from Vetjebol 

St. Petersburg is just like Moscow; a vegan Valhalla. Enough vegan restaurants to find delicious meals and also it’s pretty cheap compared to Northern European cities.

Jiva Burger –  The first night we stumbled on Jiva, a burger place and yoga school. It has a bit of a ‘hipster’ vibe and it was pretty crowded when we arrived on Sunday night. You can create your own burger. Choose the patty you like, the bun and the toppings. They also have really good cakes! Try the vegan cheesecake when your there.

Hood –This little restaurant is not more than a kitchen actually. It’s in a food hall, so you can pick up the food and eat it in the hall. They have wraps, burgers, fries, salads. And all so cheap! The vibe in the food hall is quite edgy. We loved it!

Animals –A popular cafe in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of animal rights quotes on the wall. We had a ramen soup with tofu and a beer. It was pretty good! They also serve breakfast, dumplings, pasta and other snacks.

Ancient Athens, Greece

Cristina from Greece Logue

When I visited Athens in 2017, I was lucky to take a walking food tour. I was a vegetarian at that time but was always searching for vegan dishes to try. My guide – after asking me many, many times if I was ok with passing through the Meat Market – took me to Epirus Tavern (located within this market). And surprised me with a dish called peas with potatoes and carrots.

It is vegan and very simple. At home, I cook this dish myself but never knew it was Greek (Romania does have a history of being under Greek ruling, though).

The simplicity makes me love the Greek cuisine. There are never too many ingredients and you can taste them all. The peas bring in the protein needed during lent, the carrots give the flavor, and the potatoes bring everything together.

All the food at Epirus is cooked with love and from traditional recipes. You feel as if you are in someone’s home, having lunch, rather than out in a taverna.

Vegan Katsu Curry at Wagamamas, UK

Karen from Get Up, Get Out There and Get Lost

Eating out vegan can still be challenging in certain restaurants in the U.K., which is why we were so happy to discover the new vegan menu at Wagamama. When chains as popular as Wagamama embrace veganism in this way it becomes so much easier to travel around the U.K., meeting friends and enjoying cities, without worrying about researching where you can eat.

Before we went vegan nearly 2 years ago, we loved Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry. So of course, our favourite dish on the new menu is the Vegatsu Curry! The dish features Seitan covered in panko breadcrumbs and curry sauce, served on fluffy rice, with a delicious side salad. This is one of those hearty meals that satisfies typically large vegan appetites and makes you feel warm from the inside out. It’s the perfect vegan food indulgence for Autumn, as the colder weather and shorter days start to creep up on us.

Wagamama’s new menu also boasts a variety of starters and desserts that are all vegan – try the Mixed Mushroom and Panko Aubergine Hirata Steamed Buns and the insanely vibrant Lemongrass and Lime Sorbet. Despite the addition of the new vegan menu, which is one of the best on U.K. high streets right now, the nicest Wagamama touch is still the free green tea that comes in authentic Japanese cups after your meal.

Vegans don’t go hungry in Budapest, Hungary

Anna from My Travel Scrapbook 

Traditional Hungarian cuisine can be very meat heavy. When travelling it is always good to try local cuisine but I was worried that not would not be possible in Hungary as a vegan. I need not have worried as the wonderful Napfényes Cukrászda és Pékség is a pure vegan establishment producing both international as well as traditional dishes!

We stepped inside the restaurant and were welcomed by a friendly waitress. My partner and I spent a while reading all the amazing dishes on the menu wondering how we were going to narrow it down to just two!  

Napfényes Cukrászda és Pékség strive to make their dishes as natural as possible, using mainly organic ingredients, no preservatives or colouring agents. The dishes are all prepared using purified water!

We finally narrowed it down to one traditional dish and one international option. I choose the Stuffed cabbage and it was incredible. The flavours were fantastic and the mock meats were delightful. We both tried the goulash soup which is a soup I used to love before turning vegan. It was perfect and a little spicy! We also splashed out on desserts which were incredible cakes. Suitably stuffed we both smiled at each other and agreed to come again on the following day.

Napfényes Cukrászda és Pékség is a must visit for all vegans visiting Budapest.

Hope these lovely dishes have you all craving European vegan food now! The huge choice and amount of veggie travel bloggers show how the vegan lifestyle has increased in popularity in the past few years. 

A huge thanks to the wonderful bloggers and contributions received for this post!

Which vegan dish would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Vegan Food in Europe according to Travel Bloggers! Vegans are now spoilt for choice when travelling through Europe. Click here to see where you can enjoy vegan versions of your favourite European dishes, vegan junk food and lots more! #vegan #europe #food

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