20 spectacular Instagram spots in Cordoba

cordoba instagram spots

Cordoba is full of many spectacular Instagram spots and photo spots just waiting to be discovered! Cordoba is a beautiful city in Andalucia in the south of Spain and has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other city in the world! Naturally this means there are many photo opportunities for photographer and instagrammers alike. To help you find Cordoba’s best Instagram spots read this guide to the most spectacular photo spots in Cordoba. So pack your camera and hair brush as your Instagram feed is about to be filled with gorgeous photos of Cordoba.

List of spectacular Instagram spots in Cordoba

  1. The Roman Bridge in Cordoba
  2. The Calahorra Tower in Cordoba
  3. The View from under the Roman Bridge of Cordoba
  4. Sotos de la Albolafia
  5. The City Walls of Cordoba
  6. The Lion Tower in the Alcazar of Cordoba
  7. The Pool in the King’s passage in the Alcazar of Cordoba
  8. The Grand Pool in the Alcazar of Cordoba
  9. The Upper Gardens of the Alcazar of Cordoba
  10. The pink trees in the Gardens of the Alcazar
  11. Botica Tile sign
  12. Moorish Courtyard of the Alcazar of Cordoba
  13. Courtyard of the Mesquita of Cordoba
  14. Cordoba Mesquita
  15. Vegan Cake in Cordoba
  16. Flower street in Cordoba
  17. Corredera Square in Cordoba
  18. Cute doors in San Basilio in Cordoba
  19. Plant pots in Cordoba
  20. Cordoba’s Patios

The Roman Bridge in Cordoba

Cordoba is full of spectacular architecture, but one of its most impressive pieces must be the Roman bridge of Cordoba.

To kick off your Insta-tourism trip head to the Roman bridge! The Roman bridge of Cordoba looks fierce with its huge buttresses. It seems as if no flood water could faze this hardy bridge. You must take some photos of the bridge. There are also several perfect photo spots around the Roman bridge for an excellent Instagram pose.

Cordoba is a perfect place to add to your Andalusian Road trip! We visited Cordoba after staying in Malaga before heading onto Seville and Ronda.

The Roman bridge of Cordoba was originally built in the 1st century but the bridge you will now be taking photographs of was extensively restored in 2006. You can easily reach the Roman Bridge of Cordoba from the historic centre. Head south towards the river Guadalquivir river and cross the bridge as the best Instagram spots are on the other side.

Cross over the Roman bridges many arches, of which the 14th and 15th arches date from the morrish reconstruction in the 8th century. In the centre of the bridge stands a 16th century statue of San Rafael by Bernabé Gómez del Río. It reminds one of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Once you are over on the south side of the bridge get your camera ready for some incredible instagram spots.

Calahorra Tower in Cordoba

One Instagram spot in Cordoba you cannot miss is the view over the Roman bridge next to the Calahorra Tower. The Calahorra Tower, Torre de la Calahorra in Spanish, is a forbidding old city gate. This fortified gate was a defensive fortress. Nowadays it houses the Living Museum of al-Andalus. The museum in the calahorra tower depicts a period of history in which Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures lived harmoniously in the city of Cordoba. Yet it is the outside of the tower that you need to take photographs of.

It’s a bit windy!

To the left of the tower is a wall from which you can look back at the city of Cordoba. You can see the Mesquita in the distance, the epic Roman bridge and the forboding city gate. Hop onto the wall and get your Instagram pose ready. This is one of Cordoba’s most impressive photo spots.

Just mind how hot the wall is in the Andalusian sun! My partner found his legs burning on the concrete and I struggled to put my hands down!

The view under the Roman Bridge

Head under the Roman Bridge of Cordoba or Puente Romano in Spanish for a spectacular photo spot that most tourists miss.

From under the Roman Bridge you can get up close to the structure of the bridge. Marvel at the epic archicture.

Find a spot by the railing and enjoy having one of Cordoba’s best photo spots to yourself!

You may have to battle with the elements though as it is quite windy under the Roman bridge by the river. You can either embrace the wind or try to fight it. In the end I just let the wind be cheeky and try to look up my dress!

If you like views of amazing bridges, check out this blog post about another famous bridge in Spain. Here are 6 instagram views of the Ronda New Bridge.

Sotos de la Albolafia

From under the Roman bridge you can also admire a nature reserve in the heart of the city of Cordoba. There are a few excellent places hear to take some photos for Instagram and some nature photography.

Known as Sotos de la Albolafia, this nature area is preserved in the Guadalquivir river under and around the Roman bridge. This area is home to an abundance of wildlife, some reports say up to 120 species of birdlife flock here. You may be able to spot egrets, white storks and herons. We spotted a heron who was impatiently stalking its prey. The area has been allowed to grow wild to encourage flora and fauna to thrive. One of Cordoba’s lesser known photo spots is to the East of the bridge. You can see duckweed, reeds and rushes and listen to them rustling in the wind. This is an excellent spot to stop for a picnic or of course an Instagram photo. With the picturesque Roman bridge towering above and the lush green vegetation surrounding you, you must not miss this unique photo spot during your trip to Cordoba.

The city walls of Cordoba on Calle Cairuan

The city walls of Cordoba are another excellent photography opportunity. The imposing fortifications were built shortly after the Romans seized Cordoba. At one point, they completely enclosed the city of Cordoba.

One of the most picturesque sections of the Cordoba city walls can be found on Calle Cairuan. You can take some excellent Instagram worthy shots of the city walls on Cairuan street.

Running parallel to the outer city walls on the calle Cairuan are a series of cascading ponds and water ways. The sound of trickling water seemingly cools tourists who are baking in the hot sun. Indeed some tourists even paddle in these pools.

The street was named after the Tunisian city of Quairun of which Cordoba is twinned with. Whilst much of the walls alongside the pretty water features has been reconstructed, this is still a very photographic spot in the city of Cordoba. 

The view point from the Lion Tower in the Alcazar of Cordoba

One of Cordoba’s best photographic views can be found at the top of the Lion Tower in the Alcazar of Cordoba. Climb the steps up to the battlements of the Castle of the Christian Kings. From there you can climb the old steps up to the oldest tower. From the top of the Lion Tower are panoramic views of the city of Cordoba. From here you can see the Roman Bridge. You can see the Mesquita. You can also peer down into the beautiful gardens of the Alcazar de los Cristianos Reyes. Just be careful when you are posing up here as the barrier is quite low. In fact small children are not allowed on the roof due to the low barriers.

If you are looking for an epic viewpoint in Cordoba, the view from the Lion Tower is the best view in the city.

The pool in the King’s passage in the Alcazar of Cordoba

One the most beautiful Instagram spots in the whole of Cordoba must be the pool in the King’s passage in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. The gardens of the Alcazar are full of beautiful plants but the two grand water ways are the true photographic stars.  The pool in the King’s passage offers a shady resbite from the hot sun due to the tall cypress edges on either side of the water way. The best Instagram spot can be found at the south westerly point of the pool. Stand here and feel like a king or queen presiding over their magnificent garden. This is a fantastic photo spot in the Alcazar of Cordoba.

The Grand Pool in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

If you have seen any photos of the Alcazar de los Reyes, chances are you will have seen the iconic image of the grand pool in the castle gardens.

The grand pool spans almost 100m along the main axis of the gardens of the Castle of the Christian Kings. Walk alongside the beautiful flower boarders and pretty pool until you reach the lower end. From here look back at the alcazar of Cordoba. Stand by the little fountain and gaze at the fortress. This is one of the alcazar’s most incredible Instagram spots. I just wish they had moved the crane out of our shot!

Upper Gardens of the Alcazar of Cordoba

Alcazar of Cordoba girl

The gardens in the Alcazar of Cordoba are full of incredible photo spots. The gardens are divided into 3 sections; the upper gardens, the middle gardens and the lower gardens. The terraced gardens invite visitors to explore different worlds. The upper gardens is home to two rectangular ponds full of large fish.

alcazar de los reyes cristianos cordoba boy

If you wish to avoid the heat of the Spanish sun you can step under the shade of the many trees and sit on one of the pretty fountains. There are a few photo spots here as you could pose by the pool or by one of the fountains.

The pretty pink trees in the gardens of the Alcazar

There are many photo spots in the gardens of the Alcazar of Cordoba amongst the tropical plants. There are beautiful floral displays throughout the pretty gardens. Fall in love with the vibrant pink blossom trees. The pink trees in the gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos are very Instagram-worthy.

Botica Tile Sign in Cordoba

Botica Tile Cordoba

One of the lesser known photo spots in Cordoba is the Botica tile sign. This beautiful tiled signed celebrates an important part of the city’s history.

Durin the 9th and 10th century, much of the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Islamic Kingdom. At this time Cordoba was a leading centre of philosophy and as the image depicts medicine. The tiles illustrate a muslim apothecary.

The tiles are quite beautiful and is one of Cordoba’s hidden Instagram spots.

Moorish Courtyard of the Alcazar of Cordoba

Alcazar of Cordoba Moorish Courtyard

The Moorish courtyard in the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is one of Cordoba’s prettiest photo spots. The lovely ponds, bright pink flowers and shady gardens make for some lovely photo opportunities.

One of the best places to appreciate the symmetry of the courtyard in the Castle of the Christian Kings is from above. From the second floor of the fortress you can look over the courtyard. From the window you can take a very Instagram-worthy picture of the Moorish courtyard of the alcazar of Cordoba.

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba is a very beautiful place. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain.

The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba is very instagrammable. Candy-coloured arches as far as the eye can see, gorgeous symettry and grand designs. You must add the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba to your instagrammable Cordoba bucket list!

The Orange Tree Courtyard in Cordoba

The orange tree courtyard can be found within the Cordoba Mesquita complex. The vast courtyard is full of, yes you have guessed it, sweet smelling orange trees. The effect seemingly creates a garden in the heart of the city of Cordoba. There is also running water from one of the fountains creating a gentle trickling sound.

Even if you have mistimed your visit so that you cannot enter the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba, you can still appreciate the exterior of the building. Beautiful geometric shapes can be admired. There are plenty of incredible photo spots in the orange courtyard of the Cordoba Mesquita. Make sure you get a pic of the gorgeous bell tower.  

Vegan Cake in Cordoba

vegan cake Cordoba La Tortuga

To fuel your photo journey through Cordoba you deserve a tasty treat. When you need a break from taking photos of the beautiful city, stop off at La Tortuga. La Tortuga has many wonderful dishes and a huge vegan menu for travelling vegans. There are delicious mains and even a vegan cake! This chocolate vegan cake is one of the best vegan cakes in Andalusia and one of the most instagrammable. So quickly take a picture for Instagram then dig in!

Flower Alley (Calleja de las Flores) in Cordoba

Flower Alley in Cordoba known as the Calleja de las Flores is one of the best instagram spots in Cordoba. As the name suggests the narrow alley is full of flowers in colourful blue pots. The flowerpots all full of carnation flowers and geraniums.

As this is one of Cordoba’s best Instagram spots, unsurprisingly, it can get very busy. The best time to take photos in the flower alley in Cordoba is early morning.

Corredera Square in Cordoba

One of Cordoba’s photo spots which is a short walk from the historic centre is the Corredera Square. When you walk into the square, you feel as if you have left Andalucia. The Corredera square would look more in place in Madrid rather than Cordoba! In fact, this is a Castilian style building rather than typically Andalusian.

Corredera Square has not changed its appearance since the 17th century. You can pose and take photos next to the 4 storied arcades. There are a few restaurants and shops in the arcades in the square. This is a good spot to have a stop from your photography and enjoy some people watching. If you time your visit right, you may be able to watch the annual flamenco night or the carnival festival.

Corredera square is another one of Cordoba’s pretty Instagram spots.

Cute doors in the San Basilio district of Cordoba

yellow door in San Basilio Cordoba

Some of Cordoba’s best Instagram spots can be found in the San Basilio district. There are many picturesque streets to explore and take photos of. One of the most instagrammable features in San Basilio are the cute doors. There are many colourful cute doors dotted around the San Basilio district. Instagram is full of pretty doors with flora so why not add another photo of your trip to Cordoba to your feed!?

Plant Pots in Cordoba

It is possible to walk around Cordoba and miss the numerous beautiful plant pots. Cordoba is full of numerous streets and patios with hundreds of photographic plant pots. Many of the Andalucian plant pots are painted with intricate designs but the most iconic plant pots are the gorgeous deep blue pots adorned to the white-washed walls. According to Sergio Morales Aguilera whose family are from Cordoba, the colour blue is meant to represent water. As Spain’s hottest city, water, especially rainwater is a rare and precious commodity. To celebrate the love of water, the pots are painted blue and formed in a shape of a water well. The patio spaces are filled with water features and plants to cool down their inhabitants. Their owners are proud of their beautiful plants and place them on the walls for two reasons. Aguilera says, “the fact that they aren’t on the floor is just for a better exposure to people and the lack of space on the floors the keep them all!”

Therefore, it would be rude not to appreciate the beautiful blue plant pots in Cordoba. Grab your camera and enjoy taking many macro images of the decorative plant pots, the colourful flowers and gorgeous wall displays in the city of Cordoba. Your followers will love seeing the beautiful Cordoba flower arrangements on their Instagram feeds.

Cordoba Patios!

Cordoba is famous for its beautiful patios. If you visit Cordoba during the patio festival you can visit them for free! Otherwise, book on a tour to be able to take photos of these gorgeous outdoor presentations!

Have you been inspired to go on a photographic journey through Cordoba?

girl in San Basilio district in Cordoba

There are many incredible Instagram spots in Cordoba in Spain. I hope you have been inspired to pick up your camera and go on your own photographic journey through Cordoba. Which photo spots in Cordoba would you like to visit the most? Would you like to take photos of you and the Roman bridge or is it the Flower street that you would like to fill your Instagram feed? Let us know in the comments below.

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Incredible Instagram Spots in Cordoba, Spain! Cordoba is a beautiful city in Andalusia with many wonderful photography spots from the Roman Bridge, to Flower Alley and many more lesser known instagrammable spots. This is the ultimate guide to visiting Cordoba with a camera! #cordoba #instagrammable #spainIncredible Instagram Spots in Cordoba, Spain! Cordoba is a beautiful city in Andalusia with many wonderful photography spots from the Roman Bridge, to Flower Alley and many more lesser known instagrammable spots. This is the ultimate guide to visiting Cordoba with a camera! #cordoba #instagrammable #spainIncredible Instagram Spots in Cordoba, Spain! Cordoba is a beautiful city in Andalusia with many wonderful photography spots from the Roman Bridge, to Flower Alley and many more lesser known instagrammable spots. This is the ultimate guide to visiting Cordoba with a camera! #cordoba #instagrammable #spain

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