20 Breathtaking Instagram Spots in Northumberland

Lindisfarne Holy Island Instagram

Northumberland has many incredible Instagram spots for instagrammers and photographers to discover! Northumberland is a beautiful county in the north of England. From beautiful sandy beaches to epic castles there are plenty of instagrammable spots in Northumberland! Pack your camera, charger and an SD card or two and get ready to find some insane instagram spots in Northumberland.

20 incredible Instagram Spots in Northumberland list:

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy island

Lindisfarne Castle is one of the UK’s most photographed castles. The 16th-century castle is located on Holy Island in the North of Northumberland. The photogenic Lindisfarne castle was built in Elizabethan times on the highest point of the island on a whinstone hill known as Beblowe. The building was designed as a fort due to the attacks from Scots and Norsemen. Nowadays its high position upon the outcrop of basalt is perfect for instagrammers!

There are a few great spots for photographers to get that perfect Instagram shot of Lindisfarne Castle. The view from Holy island beach is a great place to capture the essence of the wild North Sea island. If you venture closer to the castle, you can truly appreciate its majestic location. Wherever you choose to take your photos, you will certainly capture some very insta-worthy shots.

Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh castle is one of Northumberland’s most incredible Instagram spots. The imposing castle ruins dominate the skyline and would have been a formidable fortification in its hay day. The entire site encloses almost 10 acres making it the largest castle in Northumberland. There are many great photo spots of Dunstanburgh castle. The walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh, constantly cited as one of Britain’s greatest walks, offers walkers uninterrupted views of the incredible castle ruins. From the other side of Dunstanburgh castle, photographers can take photos of the isolated Lilburn Tower. This lonely tower stands proudly, battling the elements every day.

From whatever angle you choose to take photos of Dunstanburgh castle, you can be sure to evoke Instagram envy when you post your image!

The Sunset from Sandy Hills

Northumberland has some fantastic places to watch the sunset. One of these epic sunset spots in Northumberland is in Sandy Hills. Instagrammers and photographers can take some incredible sunset shots from Sandy Hills.

Bamburgh beach is bordered by the pretty Sandy Hill sand dunes. The sand dunes enjoy protected status due to their wide variety of flora and fauna. Venture into this site of special scientific interest. The sand dunes are quite steep and the sandy slopes make ascent slow. Make sure you take your shoes off first otherwise you will get very sandy socks! Once you have reached the top enjoy a well-deserved rest sheltered in the long grass. Whilst the Banburgh castle beach is very wind-swept the flora protects visitors for a moment. You can look admire the bay from up here and most importantly the sunset over Bamburgh castle.

Aim to arrive a few hours before sunset to make the most of the golden hours on the Sandy Hills. These is one of Northumberland’s secret Instagram spots as most visitors do not venture up here.

Alnwick Ornamental Garden

The Ornamental Garden in Alnwick Gardens is one of Northumberland’s best Instagram spots. Inside the gardens, the organised arrangements house beautiful flowers, interesting sculptures and fantastic bird boxes. See if you can find the secret door which leads into the garden. Yet the most instagrammable feature of the garden is the grand entrance. Three arches welcome visitors. Within these arches, made from the ballasts from ships, are beautiful French iron gates. The story goes that the 4th Earl of Northumberland fell in love with these gates during a trip to France and commissioned the arches to fit the iron work!

A pretty water feature flows through the middle arch and down into the main cascades. On sunny days, the sunlight glistens on the water trickling down the steps. If you can catch a moment where no other visitors are walking through the gates and the sun has peeped out of the clouds, you can take a very Instagram worthy photo. The ornamental gardens are home to some of Northumberland’s most instagrammable photo spots.

Routin’ Lynn Waterfall

This piece about Routin’ Lynn waterfall was written by Stuart Lonsdale from North Photo

Routin' Lynn Waterfall
© North Photo

Roughtin’ Linn is one of my favourite spots in all of Northumberland. It is probably one of the prettiest and most photogenic waterfalls up here – difficult to find much information on it as it’s just around the corner from some very impressive ring and cup marks which tend to take the limelight.

Not to be confused with Routin’ Linn, which is a few miles from Routin’ Lynn, the falls can be quite tricky to find unless you know where to look.

Routin’ Lynn is just a short drive from the village of Kimmerston. Park up at the crossroads by Routin’ Linn Farm. Keep your eyes open for a narrow path to your left next to a small stream – this track will take you downhill and loop back around to the waterfall. If you can hear the waterfall to your left you’ve gone too far (it’s almost impossible to climb down from here) so retrace your steps until you find the right track.

Tucked away in a little amphitheatre, Routin’ Lynn is one of Northumberland’s best Instagram spots.

Pillbox on Seahouses Beach

A slightly more unusual photography spot in Northumberland is the pillbox on Seahouses beach.

During World War II in 1940 and 1941, pill boxes sprung up along the coast of England. These were bunkers built to defend the United Kingdom against a possible enemy invasion. Most of these pill boxes have now fallen into disrepair or been buried by the sands of time. A few pill boxes can still be climbed. One pillbox which enjoys a particularly picturesque location is the one on Seahouses Beach.

Perched on the hill, the pillbox has seen better days. Yet it still stands on the hill siliently and imposingly. Climb the steep sand dunes to reach this pill box. Once you reach the sand dunes carefully pull yourself onto the roof. From the roof of the pill box you can admire the epic view of Bamburgh castle and on clear days you may be able to spot the Farne Islands. The Farne Islands are a group of islands just off the coast of Northumberland. Hermits and monks used to take refuge on the islands yet nowadays it is full of seals and seabirds. You can take some Instagram shots of the pillbox itself or the view from the top. Very few other tourists will have taken that photo on their trip to Northumberland!

TIP: Be careful when you climb back down the pillbox as I tore some skin off my knee on the harsh surface of the World War II remnant!

Puffins on the Farne Islands

Puffins on the Farne Islands

If your visit to Northumberland falls between the months of May and July make sure you visit the Farne islands to take plenty of photos of puffins!

Puffins use the Farne islands during their nesting season. The chubby sea birds use the same burrows as the wild rabbits and have no qualms about evicting rabbits from their burrows using their strong beaks! The beautiful puffins are not the only wildlife that makes its home on the Farne Islands during the summer months. Around 150,000 birds can be seen as well as over 6000 seals! Make sure you pack a good camera lens to capture the action. There are over 290 species of birds to take photos of!

Apart from the wildlife, there are a few buildings on the rocks such as the lighthouse but the only humans who live there permanently are the National Trust rangers.

Enjoy watching and taking photos of the puffins on the Farne islands.

Holy Island Sheds

Some of the UK’s most instagrammable sheds can be found on Holy Island. These cleverly recycled boats have made the list as one of the best Instagram spots in Northumberland.

Local fishermen on Holy Island consider it sinful to send their old boats to a scrap yard. Instead they recycle their boats into storage sheds! The boats are turned upside down, coated with tar and filled with tools and equipment. Who else wants an upturned fishing boat as a shed in their garden?!

The Sunset on Bamburgh Beach

Sunsets are always instagrammable. Add the silhouette of an impressive castle, some white sandy beaches and sunlight glistening on waves and you have the perfect photo spot! The sunset from Bamburgh castle must be one of the most romantic sunset locations in the world.

The imposing Bamburgh castle is situated high on the hill overlooking the beach and it is hard to imagine why anyone would even attempt to conquer such a fortress. Plan to visit Bamburgh beach on a sunny day and arrive late afternoon. With a few hours of sunlight left, take of your shoes and admire this epic photo spot in Northumberland. Just make sure to protect your camera from grains of sand!

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick castle is one of Northumberland’s most impressive Instagram spots. Known as the Windsor of the North, the castle is still occupied and attracts over 800,000 visitors a year. Films such as Harry Potter and TV shows like Downtown Abbey have been filmed at Alnwick castle. Yet you do not need to pay to go inside the castle grounds to get the perfect Instagram shot.

Alnwick Castle was built to guard the road crossing the river Aln. If you park on a layby listed as The Peth on the B6341 just before that bridge, you can take some incredible photos of Alnwick castle. The view from the Peth may be one of the best views of Alnwick castle.

The best time to take photos from this spot are in the morning. If you go in the mid-afternoon, you will have to work with the back light from the sun. Admire the epic Alnwick castle from this point and take plenty of photos for your Instagram feed. 

Epic Rocks Pools by Dunstanburgh Castle

Adults and children alike will love exploring the rock pools by Dunstanburgh castle on Craster beach. This very photographic spot is full of huge skies, castle ruins, rock pool reflections and sea birds.

There are a few great spots for Instagram shots. You can take photos from the rock pools or from the grassy path. Bring a lens with a good zoom for capturing the sea birds.

Bamboo Maze in Alnwick Gardens

The bamboo maze in Alnwick gardens is another great Instagram spot in Northumberland!

Whilst the bamboo maze at Alnwick may not be the largest maze in Britain, it is certainly one of the more unusual ones. The maze is constructed entirely from bamboo. These long bamboo shoots block the sun giving the maze an eerie vibe. Wonder through the maze as you try to find the exit. There are small leave shaped arrows on the floor. It is not clear whether these leaf-shaped pointers help or hinder guests of the maze. See also if you can spot a rock near one of the entrances. Upon the rock is a quote stating “only dead fish swim downstream” which was chosen by the duchess. She faced an uphill battle trying to get funding and support for her Alnwick garden vision. This rock is a nice reminder that it was worth fighting to create this beautiful space for visitors of all ages.

Enjoy experimenting with the contrasts of light in the maze. The darker interior gives an eerie vibe whilst the entrances highlight the beautiful arches of the maze. Visitors will certainly enjoy taking photos and exploring the bamboo maze at Alnwick Gardens.

Sycamore Gap at Hadrian’s Wall

Did you know that there is an ‘England’s Tree of the Year’ competition? The most instagrammable trees of England are entered and in 2017 a famous tree in Northumberland was crowded the winner! Out of 200 competitor trees, Sycamore gap tree won the competition. The tree is situated in a dramatic dip with Hadrian’s Wall rising up on either side. Films such as Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner used this spot as a filming location. The tree is sometimes known as the Robin Hood tree!

This photographic tree is located in the Northumberland National Park. The Sycamore Gap is probably the most photographed spot in the whole of the Northumberland National Park. You can take incredible photos of the Robin Hood tree in the day. There are also some spectacular shots of the sycamore at night. Whatever time you choose to visit Sycamore Gap in Northumberland, you are sure to get some insta-worthy pictures.

Starry Skies in Northumberland National Park

The starry skies of Northumberland provide amble opportunities for photographers to take Instagram pictures! A few years ago, the sky above the Northumberland National Park & Kielder Water Park was awarded Gold tier designation. The international dark sky association awarded this due to the exceptionally clear skies in Northumberland. Since then, photographers and instagrammers have flocked to the Northumberland International Dark Sky park to take photos of the epic starry skies.

One of the best spots to take photos of the Northumberland skies is from the Kielder Observatory. The observatory is open year-round and is in the heart of the Northumberland International Dark Sky park.

Choose a clear night, pack your try pod and enjoy the gorgeous galaxies, the milky way, passing comets and the shooting starts in Northumberland National Park. Even if you are not the most experienced photographer, your eyes will remember the incredible views even if your camera does not manage to!

Butterflies on Holy Island

If your photography explorations in Northumberland falls within the summer months, look out for the abundance of beautiful butterflies. Plenty of butterflies can be found on Holy Island. They enjoy the wide-open spaces and abundance of wild flowers.

You can take photos of a variety butterflies in Northumberland. Current butterflies which can be seen in Northumberland are the painted lady, dark green fritillary, the common blue, small copper, grayling, wall brown, ringlet, meadow brown, small heath and many more! Play with the different settings on your camera from sport mode to capture the creatures in flight to macro mode when the butterflies are enjoying the nectar on colourful flowers. These small insects are perfect models for your Instagram feed.

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Sunset over River Aln

The sunset over the River Aln is one of Northumberland’s lesser known photo spots! The River Aln flows through Northumberland from the Cheviot Hills in the West to the North Sea in the East. The river twists and turns through the landscape. Just outside the village of Alnmouth in Lesbury is a beautiful view point of the river meandering across the fields. Time your visit to this spot on the A1068 around sunset. The view is quite simply breath-taking and very instagrammable.

Sea Cliff (Greymare Rock) by Dunstanburgh Castle

The sea cliff by Dunstanburgh Castle is another one of Northumberland’s insta-worthy spots.

The cliff is known as Greymare Rock and was formed by volcanic eruptions. The volcanic pressure folded the limestone.

Sea birds are fond of this sea cliff and from April to August you will barely be able to hear yourself think! The birds chatter away. See if you can spot kittiwake, fulmar, razorbills and shags. Peregrine falcons also pop by occasionally. Make sure you bring a good lens or binoculars along when you visit the sea cliffs!

The cliffs of Dunstanburgh castle are very photogenic whether you take close up shots of the birds or the geographic feauture itself. Greymare Rock is one of Northumberland’s best Instagram spots.

Alnmouth Beach

There are many photogenic beaches in Northumberland. Yet one of the lesser know beaches is very instagrammable and also very accessible.

Alnmouth beach is beautiful. Wide, golden sands surround the town of Alnmouth. The church can be seen from the seafront. Those with mobility issues will not have to venture far from the car park which is right next to the beach. Bring your camera and take some lovely shots of the golden sandy Alnmouth beach.

Bamburgh Green

Pretty village greens can be found throughout the UK, but few are as instagrammable as Bamburgh Green in Northumberland.

Bamburgh Green is located at the foot of the dolerite outcrop upon which the impressive Bamburgh castle is perched. The green hosts the village festival and many cricket matches. Locals and tourists alike enjoy sitting on the many benches whilst admiring the epic castle high above them. Whilst you may have a slight double chin in your photo, the view of Bamburgh castle from Bamburgh Green still makes it onto this list as one of the best Instagram spots in Northumberland.

Northumberland’s largest Tree House

Treehouses are very instagrammable! Did you know one of the world’s largest tree house is in Northumberland?

Situated just outside Alnwick Gardens is the remarkable Alnwick Tree House. The Alnwick tree house houses a restaurant. Upon entering the space you will see a large tree growing straight through the centre of the dining room. The lights are dim but you can still see how the interior designers used the fallen branches in the décor. The restaurant serves up traditional English dishes using food grown in the garden. Even if you do not manage to go inside, the tree house is still very impressive from the outside.

Which Instagram spot in Northumberland do you want to visit?

Hope you have been inspired to pack your camera and head to Northumberland! Which Instagram spots in Northumberland would you like to visit first? Let us know if your inner photographer wants to head up to Northumberland after reading this in the comments below!

Best Instagram Spots in Northumberland! 20 breathtaking photography spots in Northumberland for you to fall in love with the gorgeous castles, landscapes and beaches. Pack your camera and head on a trip to Northumberland in Northern England. #northumberland #northumberlandphotography #travelphotographyBest Instagram Spots in Northumberland! 20 breathtaking photography spots in Northumberland for you to fall in love with the gorgeous castles, landscapes and beaches. Pack your camera and head on a trip to Northumberland in Northern England. #northumberland #northumberlandphotography #travelphotographyBest Instagram Spots in Northumberland! 20 breathtaking photography spots in Northumberland for you to fall in love with the gorgeous castles, landscapes and beaches. Pack your camera and head on a trip to Northumberland in Northern England. #northumberland #northumberlandphotography #travelphotographyBest Instagram Spots in Northumberland! 20 breathtaking photography spots in Northumberland for you to fall in love with the gorgeous castles, landscapes and beaches. Pack your camera and head on a trip to Northumberland in Northern England. #northumberland #northumberlandphotography #travelphotographyBest Instagram Spots in Northumberland! 20 breathtaking photography spots in Northumberland for you to fall in love with the gorgeous castles, landscapes and beaches. Pack your camera and head on a trip to Northumberland in Northern England. #northumberland #northumberlandphotography #travelphotography

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