What is Vegan Fashion?

Gretchen Röehrs

Vegan fashion – what is vegan fashion? Luisa from Online Personal Stylist is a professional fashion stylist and editor, on an ethical fashion journey. Whilst many of us are comfortable with understanding vegan diets there seems to be much confusion regarding vegan fashion. If you are an eco conscious individual, read on to see why […]

Vegan Eats in Saltaire

Vegan Eats in Saltaire Sailtaire is a village in West Yorkshire. Situated on the outskirts of Bradford, Saltaire was created by a gentleman called Sir Titus in the Victorian era. His revolutionary thinking enabled him to provide better working conditions for his employees and his creativity shaped Salts Mill which is now a designated UNESCO […]

Buying an ethical vegan T-shirt from Vegan Outfitters

vegan outfitters herbivore shirt

The ultimate subtle vegan slogan T-shirt from Vegan Outfitters. There are many fantastic vegan companies which produce vegan slogan t-shirts. If you would like a subtle vegan slogan T-shirt and want to support a small vegan business consider purchasing an item from Vegan Outfitters. Veganism is often only associated with food. Whilst food is of […]