Discover Paradise on Earth at Plitviče Lakes

The sunlight glistened on each individual water droplet. The water was falling over the edge into turquoise-blue lakes creating the most spectacular waterfalls I believe I have ever seen. Plitvice truly was Paradise on earth.

Almost from the moment you arrive at Plitvice your eyes are spoiled for choice. After buying your ticket you walk towards the lakes and spy a truly gigantic waterfall on the other side of the valley. We stood awestruck by this beautiful site and we had only just arrived! I think that is what makes Plitvice so special is that there are not just one or two things to see but every time you turn the corner there is something new. Some other wonder of nature that leaves you equally as breathless as the last. You never want to leave.

As we walked down you cross boardwalks over turquoise blue waters full of fish. It is so clear and blue it doesn’t seem real. We stood in the spray at the base of the giant waterfall we had seen in the distance, trying to comprehend its size. We carried on and you seem to follow a continuous stream of little waterfalls, playfully falling into pools with endless energy.

We were there in autumn on a week day and there were not many tourists. Perfect, as if it had been busy I would have been petrified of being pushed into the cool waters under the boardwalk.

We followed the path until we reached the ferry. The ferry price was included in our entrance ticket and we crossed a vast lake to reach the other part of the park. The other part of the park was equally as magical even if it was a little busier. We crossed boardwalk after boardwalk admiring the scenery and the continuous sound of rushing water.

The sun started to come out, warming our slightly chilled hands which we were ignoring as we were in a state of constant amazement. The sunrays sparkled on the water creating golden droplets.

As it was autumn you could also see the plant life and autumn leaves which had fallen into the aquamarine water far below the surface, laying nestled on the bed of the lake.

We carried on to the upper falls. The trail led away from waterfalls for a little while until we reached the upper falls. This part was almost deserted as the tourists tend to stay close to the piers. We walked a different way down and the path was slightly flooded! We gingerly hopped from small dry patches to less wet areas. Alex bravely walked across a log on the lake for this gorgeous photo.

As we arrived back at the lower falls we were no less impressed than we had been the first time. Plitvice was basked into a golden glow from the low autumn sun. I do truly believe that this is what paradise looks like.
Sadly we had to leave this magical world and catch the 3pm bus back to Zadar. Whilst Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches this is the most stunning site I have seen in this country.

It is an easy day trip from Zagreb or Zadar taking around 2 hours from both. Start at the end of the lake to truly appreciate the size of this national park and your ferry is included in the ticket price.

Do you want to visit Plitvice National Park? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Plitvice is so high on my list of places I need to visit! Looks absolutely stunning and seems like you had an amazing time ☺️

    1. Yes we had a wonderful time and Plitvice was without a doubt my favourite place in Croatia! Definitely visit this beautiful national park if you can 🙂

  2. Awesome article and great photos! I would like to visit Plitvice lakes.

    1. Thanks Tanja! Yes definitely try to at some point, you won’t regret it.

  3. So beautiful! Waterfalls are my all-time favourite and Croatia really is a beautiful country. Full of wonderful surprises like this.

  4. OMG this looks amazing, so pretty! And your blog is so good, I love it!! x

  5. Looks gorgeous! Will be putting this on my list of places to visit! Great post, thanks for sharing ?

  6. Whole heartily thank you for giving valuable information on Plitvice lakes. Even though I heard this name for the first time but seems to be interesting place.

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