Sarajevo’s Bobsleigh Track

Walking up into the mist and the clouds, we left the city of Sarajevo far below us and continued climbing up Mount Trebevij. The walk was steep but we had been rewarded with foggy views of the yellow fort, cute houses and trees covered in ice and snow.

It took about one and a half hours to reach the bobsleigh track from the city centre. When we were nearly at the top, Alex spied moving shadows ahead. Three figures were ahead. Cautiously we approached; wary due to limited visibility and the knowledge that the land around us was still dangerous due to abandoned mines. We could make out their rough shapes and saw they had four legs. Alex was worried they were wolves! As we moved closely the figures became smaller and smaller to our surprise. The shadows turned out to be beautiful little puppies! Not wolves.

We stroked the puppies then explored. The bobsleigh track is one of the reasons I wanted to visit Sarajevo and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The whole site is worth a visit. Originally built for the Winter Olympics in the 80ies the track saw violence during the Balkans Wars and nowadays is a hotspot for graffiti artists. We didn’t see any soldiers or artists on the day we visited.

The track itself was coated in a light dusting of snow and a little bit icy too. We enjoyed walking along the track even though it was very slippy! It was interesting to look at the art work and imagine what it would have been like during the winter Olympics of 1984.

It was really foggy at the top which just added to the eerie atmosphere of the site. We heard other voices and ended up making friends with other backpackers. It was a pretty cool visit!

We spent ages there, walking along the track and playing in the snow. I didn’t realise how vast the site was. The higher we climbed, the clearer it became and the sun started peeping through the trees.

It was an incredible day and we spent about 3-4 hours exploring and taking many, many photos and filming. I would highly recommend a visit.

Things to know about visiting the abandoned bobsleigh track:

  • It takes 1 and half hours from the old town to walk up there
  • Stick to the path as there are abandoned mines still there!
  • The track itself still seemed pretty stable but it was a bit slippery due to the ice
  • You can’t really get lost, just follow the bobsleigh track or the road that runs parallel to it
  • Bring a fully charged camera!
  • If you go in winter – wrap up as it was colder on the mountain than in the valley
  • There is another path down from the site, instead of following the road back down, take the dirt track which goes pretty straight down. It is very steep but is slightly quicker and appeared to be mine free…

Would you like to visit the abandoned Bobsleigh track in Sarajevo?

Sarajevo’s Bobsleigh Track

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