Where to find Thailand’s best Vegan Waffles

Vegan waffles in Thailand? Whilst the Land of Smiles may be renowned for wonderful vegan curries, flaky spring rolls and delicious pad Thai, did you know that you can also find some incredibly decadent vegan waffles in Thailand? Thailand is a fantastic country for vegans to find all sorts of Western vegan food as well as Asian vegan cuisine of course. We enjoyed fantastic savoury vegan food in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Ao Nang. Yet we were pleasantly surprised at the fantastic array of vegan desserts across Thailand. One particular chocolatey dessert stood out in particular. There are so many delicious vegan waffles in Thailand! Here are Thailand’s best vegan waffles.

Were waffles originally vegan?

The History of vegan waffles

Waffles as you are probably aware did not originate in Thailand. They first appeared in Belgium in the 1200s. Batter was poured into forged cooking irons and heated over an open-hearth fire. Interestingly, the poor made waffles using flour and water, meaning the original waffle was in fact vegan. By the 16th century many of Europe’s elite society were also enjoying this baked good. The upper classes however, added milk and egg to the batter to make the batter thicker as well as honey to sweeten the dish. Nowadays, some chefs in Thailand are creating thick and fluffy waffles without animal products to cater to the vegan market. They do not use honey but a wonderful range of chocolate, nuts and fruits to sweeten this delectable desert. Read all about three particularly delicious vegan waffles that we tried during our trip to Thailand. Don’t just trust our opinion though! Waffle number 3 on this list has been tried and tested by 3 other vegan travel bloggers!

Veganerie’s Vegan Waffle in Bangkok

The vegan waffles at Veganerie were very instagrammable, tasty and filling! Veganerie describes themselves at the ultimate vegan destination in Bangkok. They are on a mission to share that vegan food is more than just plain vegetables and offer a huge variety of vegan comfort food including vegan waffles. Veganerie in Bangkok does not just offer one or two different types of waffles, but 6 different options are available to try!

Their menu changes daily but whilst we were there, we tried their vegan flax seed-chocolate waffles with chocolate sauce, coconut whipped cream, scrumptious bananas and 1 scoop of vegan ice-cream. These were quite simply incredible!

Veganerie is 100% vegan and they have 4 locations around Bangkok. We went to the one in Sukhumvit. If you are looking to check Veganerie out for breakfast, they do a breakfast waffle as well as a traditional vegan fry up breakfast. Then you can head straight to the Grand palace afterwards! Its easy travelling from Sukhumvit to the Grand Palace and vice visa.

Breakfast Waffle Veganerie

The restaurant started in 1995 and their philosophy is believing in sustainable tourism and living. “The benefit of our body, soul, fellow earthlings and environment. We strive to live in harmony with the Earth and everything on it. A balance between give and take is important for the sustainability and longevity of the planet. Our food choices should nourish the Earth, just as it nourishes us.”

So please support them on their quest for compassionate living by eating an incredibly hearty vegan waffle. Whether you are vegan or not, you will enjoy this decadent dessert. Bring your omni friends and wow them with delicious vegan goodies!

Our friends over on Vegans with Appetites also agreed with how amazing Veganerie is “Veganerie has quickly become one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Bangkok since opening in 2016.”

Whilst Veganerie is not the cheapest vegan option in Bangkok, it is certainly a wonderful place to go for a treat. The only problem is decided which vegan waffle you would like… or choosing anything from their 150-item menu!

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Vegan Waffle at Vegan Heaven in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to another fantastic vegan waffle. The vegan waffle at Vegan Heaven is very tasty and budget-friendly!

Chiang Mai is on most travellers 10 day Thailand itinerary, so make sure you leave time to get waffles! Whilst Chiang Mai is now known as a vegan’s paradise, this was not always the case. A few years ago, there were no fully vegan restaurants in the Northern Thai city. Vegan Heaven was Chiang Mai’s first fully vegan restaurant. The owner of Vegan Heaven, Phayungchit Khidhen said “I wanted people to feel completely free to order absolutely anything on the menu knowing it was 100% Vegan.”

The large menu at Vegan Heaven has both Thai and Western dishes to choose from including cheap vegan waffles with dairy-free ice cream.

Vegan Heaven is a very budget-friendly option, especially considering its central locations. The interior is coated in bright colours and the walls are adorned with famous vegan quotes. The green wall in one of their locations gave my skin a slight green tint haha!

They are open from 9am until 10 pm meaning there is plenty of time to go and grab vegan waffles at Vegan Heaven in Chiang Mai!

Vegan Waffle at Earth Tone in Pai

Enjoy an epic gluten-free and vegan banana split vegan waffle at Earth Tone in Pai. This incredible vegan waffle is huge! Coated with dairy-free ice cream, coconut cream and fresh banana this must be one of the best vegan waffles in the world!

The vegan waffle at Earth Tone is made with coconut milk and flax seeds to make the gluten-free batter. Alongside the vegan waffles there are raw cakes, salads, sandwiches, buddha bowls, ice cream, hummus, herbal shakes…the list goes on! Earth Tone uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

There is a small shop on site selling organic health products. The staff are very friendly and the vibe inside is incredibly relaxing. It is a perfect place to take a date and relax for a while.

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Do not just take it from me though that Earth Tone is amazing, other vegan travel bloggers feel the same!

Nicole from Vegan Nom Noms says “This cafe/restaurant is up there for one of my most favorite places I’ve ever eaten at, a vegan Pai must do.”

Dee from Veggie in Chiang Mai states “The vegan waffle with coconut milk and your choice of topping is very delicious. […] This restaurant alone makes Pai a worthwhile place to visit!”

Amelie from Mostly Amelie writes “This is hands down our favourite place for food, snacks and drinks in Pai. The menu has both vegan and vegetarian breakfast and lunch options, including gluten free vegan waffles […]”

Earth Tone is a little way from downtown Pai, around 2 km from the centre. It is opposite the White buddha which makes it a handy place to stop for lunch before or after a visit.

Which vegan waffle do you want to try?

Veganerie Vegan Waffle

Apologies if I have made you hungry reading this post! To summarise, the vegan waffle in Pai is perfect for those with gluten intolerances and a big appetite! Vegan Heaven’s waffle is great for those on a budget. Finally, the waffle at Veganerie is the most instagrammable of our list.

We were pleasantly surprised how many places served vegan waffles in Thailand and we felt the need to try them all, in the name of research of course. In our opinion, the most spectacular waffle was probably the one at Earth Tone, the most flavoursome was Veganerie’s waffle but the best waffle texture goes to Vegan Heaven’s waffle.

Which vegan waffle in Thailand would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments below!

Where to find the best vegan waffles in Thailand! Thailand is a vegan\'s paradise for curries and pad thai but did you know that chef\'s across the Land of Smiles are also making fantastic vegan desserts? One dessert which has been heavily veganised is the waffle! Click on the post to see where you can try the best vegan waffles in Thailand Which waffle will you choose? #waffle #veganwaffle #vegan #vegantravel

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