Staying at a Vegan B&B in the Lake District

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Staying at a vegan and zero-waste B&B! During our latest trip the Lake District National park we were lucky enough to stay at a 100% vegan B&B in Ulverston, Cumbria. We stayed at a vegan B&B called Little Sansook for two nights and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It was our first time staying in vegan accommodation and we loved it! For vegans wondering where to stay in Cumbria, consider staying at Little Sansook.

Also if you would like to stay at Little Sansook after reading this review, make sure you read all the way to the end of the post to receive a special treat when you quote MYTRAVELSCRAPBOOK on your booking!

Disclaimer: We received no payment or incentive to stay at Little Sansook. All opinions in this blog post are our own. This post does contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Our arrival at Little Sansook

We knocked on the door of the pretty blue building on a narrow street in Ulverston. We had arrived at Little Sansook.

A smiling face welcomed us. We were let into the property, asked to take our shoes off and then given home-made vegan ice lollies! This was a good way to start our trip!

We chatted with Dan and Kelsey, a lovely vegan couple who have done a fair amount of travelling themselves but have now settled just south of the Lake district national park. They set up this fantastic zero-waste and vegan B&B at the start of 2019. Little Sansook has welcomed vegans and non-vegans alike through Airbnb.

The word Sansook means ‘1000s happiness’ in Thai. There were lots of colourful Asian trinkets around the reception room. It was nice to see the exotic touches in this pretty English townhouse. Even the ice lollies we were enjoying reminded us of some of the vegan sweet treats we have enjoyed in Asia. We were impressed that they had started up not just one vegan business but two vegan businesses in the same year! Their vegan ice lollies, known as Neville’s Nice Lollies were doing well and I would certainly recommend the strawberry one.  

The rooms at Little Sansook

Dan offered to carry our suitcase upstairs and showed us to our floor. As a guest at Little Sansook you have your own living room, bedroom and bathroom.

It was so nice to have our own floor. We liked the fact we could have our privacy.

The living room at Little Sansook

Enjoying our vegan ice lolly

The living room at Little Sansook was lovely. It was so nice to come back to this living room to relax after a day of hiking in the Lake District. There was a sofa, chair and TV as well as our very own little fridge. The fridge contained soy milk meaning we could help ourselves to tea and coffee whenever we wanted. I also liked the fact the soy milk was in a glass bottle.

Several vegan magazines could be found next to the TV. It was great to be able to stay somewhere that completely caters to vegans from the reading material to the milk. I don’t mind asking for vegan alternatives or bringing my own, but it was such a nice treat to not have to.

The bedroom at Little Sansook

The bedroom was cosy. The bed was very comfortable. I would just advise you to mind your head on the eaves… think I only managed to hit my head against the wooden beams twice during our stay… We quite liked the decorative signs on the wall listing vegan documentaries and vegan tips.

The bathroom at Little Sansook

The bathroom was very modern with a nice shower. All of the toiletries were cruelty-free and zero-waste of course. The Asian theme continued in the bathroom as we noticed a miniature tuk tuk next to the toilet. There were also little pebbles with handwriting on them.

Check out this post if you are considering starting your own vegan and zero-waste travel kit!

Security at Little Sansook

Security was excellent at Little Sansook. We were asked to always lock the front door whenever we left the property. We also had our own lock for the bedroom.  

The location of Little Sansook

Little Sansook enjoys a very favourable location in the heart of Ulverston. Whilst I had never heard of Ulverston before, it turned out to be a pretty and quaint little town. Little Sansook is just a few minutes away from the start of the Cumbrian way in one direction. If you follow the street in the other direction you will arrive in the centre of the town. The vegan B&B is on a narrow street full of boutique stores, charity shops and even a zero-waste shop!

Whilst Little Sansook is not in the Lake District National Park it only took 15 minutes by car to reach the Southern Fells. We did not have a chance to explore much of the area immediately around Ulverston but there are plenty of things to do in South Lakeland. In terms of vegan food in Ulverston, there are a few supermarkets within walking distance and lots of pubs with veggie options. There were a few veggie cafes, but they all shut fairly early on a Saturday and most are closed on a Sunday. Dan told us that Ulverston is very quiet on a Sunday. Whilst we did not get a chance to try the vegetarian bakery or the veggie café it was good to know that this small town had a few vegan food options. You can see all of them on the HappyCow app.

Parking at Little Sansook

We were given a parking permit upon arrival and were able to park our car just a few hundred metres away from the vegan property.

Vegan Breakfast at Little Sansook

An important part of any visit to a B&B is the breakfast! I was so excited for this part of our stay! Dan asked the day before what time we would like our breakfast so that the home-made bread was ready for us. As we entered the kitchen a vegan feast lay before us!

The wonderful smell of fresh bread filled the air. We had a choice of dairy-free butter, home-made jam and creamy peanut butter to spread on our freshly baked white bloomer loaf. To accompany our meal, we could choose from a choice of coffee or tea. Soymilk was also available. Alex enjoyed filling up the tea strainer with the loose tea leaves. It reminded us of being back in China!

We also tried some of the homemade muesli. The muesli was full of tasty bran, oats, raisins and nuts.

There were also apples and bananas. I enjoyed sliced bananas and peanut butter on the bread.    

Even the presentation of the breakfast was nice. The beautiful handwritten instructions designed by Kelsey were quite instagrammable.

After trying everything and eating almost all of the bread we were stuffed and ready to tackle our day of hiking!

Rocking my vegan Herbivore t-shirt

I think the only thing I would say could be added would be some juice. We really like fresh juice in the mornings.

We thoroughly enjoyed our epic vegan breakfast. It was a great way to start our day. Furthermore, as vegans, I often feel we do not get value for money when eating out. Often we ask for something non-vegan to be removed from a dish but it is never replaced with a vegan option or at buffets we can sometimes only eat a small proportion of what is on offer. Therefore, a fully vegan breakfast is excellent value for money for vegans! It was an incredible treat to not have to check what we could and could not eat. We simply sat down and were able to enjoy everything on offer!

The hosts at Little Sansook

The Owners of Little Sansook

Dan & Kelsey were wonderful hosts. On our final day I believe we spent an hour chatting with them about their travels in Thailand, their businesses and veganism just as we were leaving! It was great to speak with like-minded vegans and especially those who are helping make the world a better place.

To read about more vegans trying to make a positive impact read this blog post about epic vegan travel bloggers.

Not only is it great that they have a vegan house but also a zero waste one. Many are trying to reduce their plastic consumption. Therefore, if you are committed to reducing your footprint try to become more zero-waste friendly too! Here is a statement from them about their mission at Little Sansook:

“We are conscious about our purchases, try to avoid single use plastic and promote the use of eco-friendly products. We are working towards being a zero-waste household but are by no means perfect. We support local fruit and vegetable stalls and purchase many products from our local refill shop.”

Would we stay again at Little Sansook?

Yes, we definitely would. We said that the food, accommodation and hosts were all 5 stars on airbnb. As a vegan we often cannot eat most of the breakfast at an omnivorous hotel or some of the toiletries in the bathrooms may contain animal products. At Little Sansook you can really relax knowing that EVERYTHING is vegan. Vegans and eco-conscious individuals will enjoy staying at and supporting Little Sansook. In fact we enjoyed it so much that afterwards we sent them a message and we have now partnered! We are happy to announce that we have a special MyTravelScrapbook reader offer for you guys!

MyTravelScrapbook Reader Offer!

We loved our stay so much that we decided to partner with Little Sansook! This means that MyTravelScrapbook readers can receive a special treat during their stay at Little Sansook!

Quote MYTRAVELSCRAPBOOK when you book to stay at Little Sansook on Airbnb to receive a FREE vegan nice lolly! You and your guest will each receive a Neville Nice Lolly upon arrival at the B&B. We tried the strawberry and mango nice lollies during our stay, they were both delicious (although the strawberry one was my favourite!). Neville’s Nice Lollies are handmade in Ulverston using coconut cream and fresh fruit. These 100% vegan lollies are naturally diary-free, contain no refined sugar and are packaged in biodegradable paper wrappers. Therefore make sure you quote MYTRAVELSCRAPBOOK when you book to stay for this tasty vegan treat!

If you are a vegan heading up to the Lake District looking for affordable, vegan and zero-waste accommodation consider staying at Little Sansook. Also let’s support vegan businesses and spread the vegan message! It is possible and very enjoyable to travel as a vegan.

We hope you enjoy your stay at a vegan b&b with a vegan breakfast AND vegan ice lollies as much as we did. You will feel truly spoilt.

Click here to book to stay at Little Sansook through Airbnb.

Would you like to go to Little Sansook?

Would you like to stay at Little Sansook? Have you been tempted by their lovely vegan breakfast? Let us know in the comments below! Also let us know of any other vegan b&bs or vegan hotels you have stayed at and why you liked them. We also stayed a vegan apartment in York which was lovely. You might also enjoy this ultimate list of vegan accommodation in the UK!

We look forward to reading your comments.   

Staying at a vegan and zero-waste B&B in the Lake District! Little Sansook is located in the north of England in Ulverston, Cumbria. Vegans will feel truly spoilt as everything is 100% vegan from the bathroom toiletries to the vegan breakfast. #veganaccommodation #veganb&b #accommodationStaying at a vegan and zero-waste B&B in the Lake District! Little Sansook is located in the north of England in Ulverston, Cumbria. Vegans will feel truly spoilt as everything is 100% vegan from the bathroom toiletries to the vegan breakfast. #veganaccommodation #veganb&b #accommodationStaying at a vegan and zero-waste B&B in the Lake District! Little Sansook is located in the north of England in Ulverston, Cumbria. Vegans will feel truly spoilt as everything is 100% vegan from the bathroom toiletries to the vegan breakfast. #veganaccommodation #veganb&b #accommodation

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  1. Looks great! While I’m not vegan, I’m more than happy to go vegan when I can. I’d love to stay here one day.

    1. It was great! Yes vegan food is delicious <3 Hope you get to go one day!

  2. This looks like a really lovely, quaint little B&B and it’s great they had such a variety of vegan food for you to indulge in.

    1. Yes it really is lovely and quaint, it is quite nice as there is only one apartment meaning you are the only guests during your stay. OMG I ate so much during at the vegan breakfast!

  3. What a cute little B and B. I’m not vegan but I would definitely stay there.

    1. yes it is a really cute B&B! I hope you get to stay there one day 😀

  4. Ooh we have looked at this place a few times – we would love to spend a couple of nights here! How nice to not have to worry about bringing milk etc. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Do it! I know it is so nice not worrying about little things like milk. Is this place listed on your website yet? If it is would you like me to write a review?

  5. A vegan B&B!! This looks incredible!! I wish I was in the UK to try this place out! I will remember it when we are planning our trip to the UK! Thanks so much!❤

    1. Yes it was a fantastic place to stay. You must add it to your vegan bucket list when you are over here!

  6. This place sounds amazing! I’m not vegan, but my partner and son are vegetarian, and it’s so difficult to find decent breakfasts that suit all of us. Yours sounded perfect. And I really like the emphasis on waste reduction.

  7. It looks like an absolute dream! I hope to see it someday in real life 🙂

  8. This is really cool! I hope it becomes the norm in the years to come!
    Great post by the way!

  9. I love how this place seems to have thought about the little details that make a stay special, everything looks immaculate too. It’s great to see such a rise in the availability of vegan venues, Ulverston is only a small place but now has a great option! The future is vegan.

  10. Nat Wanderlust says: Reply

    Oh wow! That is such a gorgeous little place! I would love to stay there! And being a vegan b&b makes it very enticing 😍

  11. Wow! I didn’t even know this was a thing! What a cool place to stay!

  12. How marvellous!
    We run a completely vegan and gluten free B&B in rural Champagne Ardennes in France and will definately stay at this lovely vegan B&B when we visit the UK!

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