The Best Vegan Food in Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is also the vegan capital of the country. Happycow Cardiff lists over 100 places to try vegan dishes in Cardiff. With only a weekend to spend in the capital, we managed to visit five different places with vegan food in Cardiff. Read all about the instagrammable vegan bakery, ultra-hipster Milgis, epic vegan menus at the pub chains B&K and Cosy Club, as well as Cardiff’s first all-vegan restaurant Anna Loka.

Anna Loka

The first 100% vegan restaurant to open in the Welsh capital is Anna Loka. You MUST visit Anna Loka during your trip to Cardiff. The food, the staff, the atmosphere, their mission – it’s all fantastic!

Anna Loka was opened by a Hare Krishna monk in 2015. He became vegan in 2013 but said the biggest issue he had was finding somewhere which would just serve vegan food. As there was nowhere to just eat plant-based food, he decided to open his own restaurant!

The name Anna Loka comes from sanksrit and is supposed to represent what the restaurant offers. ‘Anna’ means food, health or earth and ‘Loka’ means world or planet.

As soon as you step inside the restaurant, which you must book in advance in order to secure a table, their mission is clear. The idea of transparency and equality is embodied in the messages on the world down to the open plan kitchen so diners can see exactly what and how their meal is being prepared.

We sat close to the window and looked at the huge menu. Full of seasonal dishes we opted for the seitan burger and Sunday roasts for our mains. For drinks I chose the orange hot chocolate and Alex opted for the breakfast shake. EVERYTHING was bursting with flavour.

The breakfast shake was very creamy. Anna Loka’s breakfast shake contained bananas, peanut butter and #. Alex was reluctant to share any of the thick yellow liquid with me!

I struggled to choose between the dark hot chocolate and the orange hot chocolate. I explained my dilemma to the waitress. With no hesitation she said the orange hot chocolate and nodded seriously. My decision was made and wow was it a good choice! Again, the hot drink was very thick and full of serious hints of zesty orange. We had not even tried any food yet and we were seriously impressed.

Our two mains arrived quickly after our drinks. They were very good portion sizes and once again absolutely delicious.

The Sunday Roast at Anna Loka in Cardiff

The show stopper on the Sunday roast was the nut roast. Accompanied by lovely roasted potatoes and roasted veg, coated in a thick mushroom gravy. I loved the mushroom sauce, but Alex found it a little over powering and would have preferred a plainer gravy. I can safely say this is one of the most delicious vegan Sunday roasts I have ever had!

The seitan burger was also epic.

The Rodeo Burger at Anna Loka in Cardiff

For desert we wanted to try the vegan pancakes, but they had sold out! Instead we tried one of their vegan cakes which I feel I now need to add to the UK’s best vegan cakes. The cake itself was moist yet light and fluffy. The icing was not too sweet and perfectly creamy. The nuts added a wonderful crunch to the vegan cake. We also opted for a scope of vanilla ice cream which was a wonderful accompaniment to this fantastic vegan dessert.

I was absolutely stuffed after our vegan cake. I was pleased they had run out of vegan pancakes as I think I would have burst with so much food!

Vegan cake at Anna Loka in Cardiff

Please visit Anna Loka in Cardiff during your stay. Anna Loka has won many awards for one of the best vegan restaurants in the country and as one of the best restaurants in Cardiff. In fact, they pride themselves that even the most militant meat eaters lick their plates at the end of a meal in Anna Loka.

As soon as you arrive in Cardiff book a table at Anna Loka. I promise you, you will not be disappointed with the epic flavours, delicious food, very friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere. Anna Loka was our favourite vegan restaurant in Cardiff.

Summary of Anna Loka

  • 100% vegan restaurant
  • Epic vegan Sunday roasts
  • Delicious drinks
  • Super friendly staff
  • Must be booked in advance due to its popularity

Blanche Bakery

Possibly the most instagrammable vegan café we have ever been to (apart from maybe Veganerie in Bangkok) is Blanche Bakery in Cardiff.

Blanche Bakery is located just a 20-minute walk from the centre in the student-friendly area of Cardiff. Full of very aesthetically pleasing drinks, baked goods and light bites we enjoyed trying a few of vegan delights. Blanche Bakery describe themselves as offering ‘guilt-free decadence’.

As we had arrived late in the day they had sold out of their famous vegan donuts. Therefore, we opted for one of the few cupcakes which were left and the vegan mac and cheese to eat. Choosing a drink on the other hand was much trickier. I spent a long time speaking with the very friendly waitress who walked me through the intriguing drinks on offer. Lovely names such as ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Rose Quartz’ tempted me to turn away from the mainstream hot chocolate or coffee.

We sat by the window and listened to the deep notes being played throughout the café whilst watching rain drops trickle down the windows.

Our sapphire drink, vegan mac & cheese and cupcake arrived quickly. Everything looked and tasting incredible.

Blanche Bakery in Cardiff

The sapphire drink was essentially hot oat milk mixed with spirulina which made my insides feel warm and healthy.

We both loved the mac & cheese which came with sides of wonderfully garlicy garlic bread and fresh salads. We seemed to run out of room on our window seats as the dishes kept coming!

For dessert we shared a little chocolate cupcake. The cake was fluffy and the icing was creamy but not too sickly.

Wonderful service, wonderful atmosphere and wonderful food! We absolutely loved Blanche. I would love to bring my laptop there and spend an afternoon working on this blog whilst munching on tasty treats and trying exotic coffee-free lattes!

But First Coffee - Blanche Bakery in Cardiff

Make sure you visit Blanche during your stay in Cardiff!

Summary of Blanche Bakery

  • Incredible all vegan bakery and café
  • Very instagrammable
  • A little way out of the centre
  • Super friendly staff
  • Delicious food


Thali Platter and Pakora at Milgis in Caridff

Milgi is possibly the most hipster place in Cardiff. The distinct ethnic vibe and the abundance of plants add to the hip atmosphere. You need to be very cool to fit in here, which Alex and I are not! Still pretend to be hipster for an hour or so as the food was pretty good.

Milgi has been part of Cardiff’s vegetarian scene for over a decade now. They serve an interesting mix of Welsh and international dishes. They are passionate about natural food. Milgi embraces both the health and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet.

The restaurant was created by two sisters who wanted to use organic and local produce to create natural, satisfying and flavour rich dishes. If you were wondering where the name Milgi came from, it means ‘greyhound’ in Welsh. The dad of the two sisters used to call them Milgi. The girls decided to name the lounge after a Welsh word to promote both the Welsh language as well as Welsh produce.

There are often events held at Milgis such as live music and spoken word events which attracts many students, artists and young professionals to the alternative bar.

Alex and I opted to try the thali and the kale pakora for our first visit to Milgis.

Vegan Thali Platter at Milgis in Cardiff

I love Pakora. I think Pakora is amazing and I wish I had discovered this wonderful snack before turning vegan! As far as pakora goes, Milgi do a very good job at creating light yet crispy pakora bites. They came with a side of green chilli mayo which was perfect to dip the hot pieces into. It was an excellent portion size and very delicious!

The Thali was nice but nothing mind blowing. We were both not keen on the Tarka Dahl, but the coconut rice and corn cake were quite nice. Again, Milgi provided a good-sized portion. The Thali was tasty but nowhere near as good as the incredible pakoras.

We would recommend Milgi for a slightly edgy vibe and incredible vegan pakoras!

Summary of Milgi

  • Very edgy and hipster
  • Tasty vegetarian and vegan food
  • A little far out of town
  • Incredible pakoras

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Brewhouse and Kitchen Curious Apple Cider

Whilst Brewhouse & Kitchen is a chain with pubs across the UK, we decided to include B&K as we had some absolutely delicious vegan food at the Brewhouse and kitchen in Cardiff.

B&K is a British pub and so called ‘microbrewerey’. As the name suggests, they brew their own ales in-house and we could see the huge brass vats as we were eating our meal. B&K have some fantastic vegan options, on a separate menu, on offer year-round and their special Veganuary menu had a few veggie delights.

To celebrate Alex’s birthday, I wanted to treat him to a three-course meal as he had treated me to a fantastic vegan afternoon tea in Stratford-upon-Avon. Brewhouse & Kitchen did not disappoint us!

We enjoyed fantastic flavours, innovative dishes, large portions and good value for money.

To start we tried the beef tomato and vegan cheese starter. It was quite nice to have melted vegan cheese and the rocket added a wonderful crunch to the gooey dish.

Vegan starter at Brewhouse and Kitchen

As our mains I had the vegan butternut squash risotto and Alex tried the main from the Veganuary specials list.

When the dishes arrived, I was happy to see the size of the portions! There was half a butternut squash on my plate, drizzled in balsamic vinegar and rich risotto piled on top. I was in risotto heaven.

Vegan Risotto at Brewhouse and Kitchen in Cardiff

Alex had a crunchy cauliflower which had been seasoned to perfection as it was packed full of flavour! I was not sure about the pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top as I feel pomegranate only really belongs in a salad, but the little pink seeds did compliment the dish.

Veganuary Special at Brewhouse and Kitchen

As a side we had the fantastic beer battered onion rings. The vegan onion rings at Brewhouse and Kitchen were pure fast food heaven.

Onion Rings at Brewhouse and Kitchen

The vegan deserts at Brewhouse & Kitchen were lovely too. I choose the vegan orange chocolate tart which was very indulgent. Alex had an incredibly fluffy vegan caramel brownie. It was so fluffy that we had to double check the menu to check it was vegan!

The staff were fantastic, and we enjoyed some tasty vegan beers with our meal.

Summary of Brewhouse & Kitchen

  • Great choice of vegan food
  • Friendly staff
  • excellent for vegans as well as omnivores
  • Great value for money

Cosy Club

Cosy Club in Cardiff

For a great vegan breakfast in the centre of Cardiff, check out Cosy Club. We wanted a yummy vegan breakfast to snack on before visiting Cardiff castle.

Cosy club is part of the Loungers chain which was founded in 2002 by three friends. We normally try to visit independent vegan places, but the location and choice of vegan breakfasts meant we voted for the vegan breakfast at Cosy Club. 

There are six options for vegan breakfast at the Cosy Club in Cardiff! You can choose from the traditional vegan breakfast, shakshuka (roasted tofu in pepper on sourdough toast), scrambled tofu, avocado brunch (the obligatory avocado on toast option), toast with jam or crumpets with marmite / cinnamon butter. We really were spoiled for choice for our vegan breakfast in Cardiff!

We opted for the vegan breakfast and the scrambled tofu with a pot of English tea and fresh orange juice.

Vegan Breakfast at Cosy Club

The vegan breakfast came with peppers, spinach, grilled tomato, falafel, potato roesti and baked beans on sourdough toast. Whilst everything was delicious and full of flavour, we would have liked a slightly bigger portion.

The scrambled tofu was fantastic. The scrambled tofu at Cosy Club in Cardiff came with peppers, kale, pesto, tomatoes and toasted seeds on toasted puccia. It was slightly more expensive than the vegan breakfast, but it was the best tofu scramble I have ever had outside of an all vegan venue. I would highly recommend the tofu scramble at Cosy Club.

Scrambled Tofu at Cosy Club in Cardiff

The orange juice was lovely and fresh. The pot of tea was good and was a reasonable price.

The only thing we did not really like was that the staff were not particularly friendly at the Cosy Club. It may have been as it was a Saturday morning and it was quite busy, but they were not overly welcoming or smiley.  

The location of Cosy Club is ideal, and you can make a slight detour through the lovely Victorian arcades on your way.

We would recommend the vegan breakfast at Cosy Club in Cardiff.

Summary of Cosy Club

  • Great location
  • Yummy brunch but a little pricy for the portion size
  • Staff are not very friendly
  • Great choices for vegans as well as ominvores

What vegan food would you like to try in Cardiff?

Cake at Anna Loka

Hope this post has made you hungry for all of the delicious vegan food in Cardiff! Whether you are going with omnivorous friends or a fellow hard-core vegan there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our favourite vegan places in Cardiff were Blanche Bakery and Anna Loka. They are both 100% vegan, have wonderfully friendly staff and epic food! Milgi is nice too for vegetarian cuisine but was a little too hipster for us. Cosy Club was very handy for vegan brunch in the centre of town, but the staff were not super friendly. The vegan food at Brewhouse kitchen was great making this a perfect choice for omnivores and vegans alike. Hope this has helped you plan your vegan eating itinerary in Cardiff. Please let us know in the comments which vegan food in Cardiff you would like to try?

The Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganukThe Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganukThe Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganukThe Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganukThe Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganukThe Best Vegan Food in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Click here to see where the best vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Cardiff are, along with how to visit the most instagrammable vegan cafe in the UK! #vegan #vegancardiff #veganuk

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