Vegan Ice Cream in Malaga

vegan ice cream malaga

Where to find the best vegan ice cream in Malaga

Malaga is full of amazing vegan ice cream! Creamy dark chocolate vegan ice cream and zesty vegan sorbets can be found in many spots in the capital of Costa del Sol. Get into that holiday feeling in the sunshine by checking out this ultimate guide to vegan ice cream in Malaga. This is a delicious list of where to find the best vegan ice cream in Malaga. There is even a map of Malaga’s vegan ice cream spots to help you plan where to stop off to satisfy your vegan ice cream cravings!

List of places which serve vegan ice cream in Malaga

History of vegan ice cream in Spain

Image by Gretchen Röehrs

Iced desserts have been around since 4000 BC as a way to cool off during the summer months. Whilst it is disputed when ice cream arrived in Spain, there are records of water ice desserts being consumed in Spain during the 1620s. These water ice desserts were sorbets and most likely vegan. Some of these sorbets are still around today as many ice cream parlours in Malaga serve these fruity vegan sorbets. Most ice cream parlours will serve a ‘limon’ ice cream which is made from water, lemon and sugar. Yet if you would like a creamy ice cream such as dark chocolate or snickers flavoured there are a handful of ice cream parlours in Malaga which will serve you incredible vegan ice cream. Helado is the Spanish word for ice cream. Whilst Helado normally contains dairy products, a few artisan ice cream parlours and even ice cream chains have recently risen to the challenge of providing vegans with tasty vegan ice cream.

Here are 6 ice cream parlours in Malaga where you can find tasty vegan ice cream.

Più Bella Paletas

Più Bella Paletas specialises in artisan ice cream lollies. Located just a stone’s throw away from the Malagueta beach and the colourful cube you will find Piu Bella Paletas in an unassuming street. Stop off to try one of their delicious vegan ice lollies! The vegan ice lollies are hand made and contain no additives. There are over 10 different vegan ice cream flavours to try. Their chocolately vegan lollies such as the dark chocolate strawberry and dark chocolate mango lollies. Little signs mark that they are vegan-friendly. There is even an entirely dark chocolate ice lolly but it melts quickly in the Andalusian sun. You will also find an array of fruity lollies that are accidentally vegan. If you are not sure which vegan ice cream to choose, ask the friendly Italian owner. Once you have chosen, the server will go into a freezer in the back, bring out your choice in a paper wrapper meaning they are also plastic-free! Each ice lolly costs 3 EURs. You must try at least one vegan ice cream lolly from Piu Bella Paletas during your trip to Malaga.

Opening Times: 14:00–23:00 Monday to Sunday

Address: Calle Reding 1, 29016 Málaga

NONNA Helado Artisanal

Nonna Helado Artesanal is another incredible artisan ice cream parlour in Malaga. Nonna Helado Artesanal is a family business in the centre of Malaga, not far from the Picasso Museum. They have a few tasty vegan ice cream flavours such as dark chocolate vegan ice cream and zesty orange sorbet. Once you have chosen your flavour(s) (2,5 EUR for one or 3,2 EUR for two scoops) they are served in biodegradable tubs with recycled spoons. The chocolate vegano ice cream flavour is very intense and works perfectly with one of the fresh vegan sorbet flavours. Enjoy your zero-waste vegan ice cream from Nonna Helado Artisanal! If you are staying or planning on going further out of the city, Nonna also has a shop in Torremolinos and one in Rincón de la Victoria.

Address: Plaza de Maria Guerrero, local 7, Malaga

Opening Times: From 11:00 to 1:30

Yummy Helados

Yummy Helados is gluten-free, vegan ice cream heaven! They pride themselves on serving natural ice cream for everyone. Vegans and coeliac alike can enjoy a huge variety of tasty vegan ice creams without the preservatives. There are even sugar-free ice cream flavours, gluten-free crepes and vegan brownies available!

The many vegan ice cream flavours are kept in a separate freezer in Yummy Helados to avoid cross contamination and confusion. You will be spoilt for choice with vegan ice cream flavours such as snickers, ferrero rocher, forest fruits, sweet violet, marshmallow, pear, coconut, almond crunch, after-eight, al-andalus (date and almond), parma violet and ginger. The cones are vegan too. All of the vegan options are clearly listed making Yummy Helados one of the best places to find delicious vegan ice cream in Malaga.

Address: Calle Molina Lario 6, 29015 Málaga

Opening Times: 11: 00-24: 00


Conico is an ice cream chain in Spain. They have a shop in Malaga which has about 7 vegan ice cream flavours to try. These vegan flavours are mainly different vegan sorbets such as lemon, raspberry, mango, maracuya, passionate fruit and wild berry. Conico also have a dark chocolate vegan ice cream flavour to try.

Address: Calle Granada, 8, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Opening Hours: 11 am – 1am

Heladeria Giolatto

Heladeria Giolatto

Heladeria Giolatto is another ice cream chain to make it onto the vegan ice cream in Malaga list. They have some wonderfully fruity flavours and their website lists where the ingredients come from. For example, the lemons used in the lemon sorbet come from Valenica and their mangos are sourced from India. Heladeria also claim that their vegan melon sorbet is the best flavour to fight the summer heat. If you are in the mood for fruity flavours you could choose their fruity strawberry or pink grapefruit flavours. If you prefer more creamy flavours make sure you try the vegan Chocolate Ice Cream with hot Ginger. They have more creamy flavours in their fridge such as vegan pistachio and vanilla with chocolate. You just have to ask for it and they will provide you with more rice milk based vegan ice creams to try!

Address: Calle Strachan, 14, MalagaSpain, 29015

Opening Times: 12 – 1am

Heladerio Ke Bueno

Another vegan ice cream shop in Malaga is Heladerio Ke Bueno. Similarly, this ice cream parlour offers a few vegan ice cream options such as dark chocolate and mango sorbet. The vegan ice cream flavours are clearly labelled as vegan. The shop closes during winter, but during those hot summer months you can enjoy a tasty vegan Helado.

Address: Plaza Gloria Fuertes, 9, MalagaSpain, 2972

Opening Times: Mon-Sun 13:00-02:00

Casa Mira

Casa Mira Malaga
Photo by David Finch from Malaga Guru

Alice from the popular vegan and gluten-free Malaga Facebook page recommends Casa Mira. This traditional ice cream parlor is a favourite amongst the locals. You can find vegan ice cream flavours stored in covered cans. Flavours include the popular limon kind as well as blueberry sorbet. Be prepared to wait for your vegan helado though as lines of locals can be long. Yet they love the ice cream from Casa Mira. Casa Mira’s ice cream is so good they are the official royal family ice cream suppliers! Casa Mira is another place to add to your vegan Malaga list.

Address: Calle Marqués de Larios, 5, 29015 Málaga
Calle Compás de la Victoria, 1, 29012 Málaga

Opening Hours: 10.30-00.30

Map of vegan ice cream in Malaga

Other places to try vegan ice cream in Malaga

You can also enjoy vegan ice cream at one of Malaga’s vegetarian restaurants. For example, the vegan brownie at NicPic comes with a tart cherry ice cream or the lemon tart at MIMO comes with matcha ice cream. Most convenience stores and supermarkets will have accidental vegan ice lollies for you as well.

Where would you like to eat vegan ice cream in Malaga?

Where would you like to eat vegan ice cream in Malaga? Tell us in the comments below whether you would like a fresh limon sorbet, a rich snickers ice cream from Yummy Helados or the tasty chocolate coated mango ice lolly from Più Bella Paletas. Are you hungry for vegan ice cream yet?

Vegan Ice Cream in Malaga! Where to find delicious vegan ice cream in Malaga, Spain with free map. From zesty sorbets to creamy vegan helado this is the ultimate guide to vegan ice cream in Malaga on the Costa del Sol. #veganicecream #veganhelado #malagaVegan Ice Cream in Malaga! Where to find delicious vegan ice cream in Malaga, Spain with free map. From zesty sorbets to creamy vegan helado this is the ultimate guide to vegan ice cream in Malaga on the Costa del Sol. #veganicecream #veganhelado #malaga

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