The Best Vegan Insulated Jacket for Women


It can sometimes be hard to find a vegan insulated jacket as so many coats contain down! In order to ensure that no geese are harmed to make your insulated jacket – avoid any coats containing down. If you need a vegan insulated jacket for your upcoming vegan trip consider the Marmot featherless insulated jacket. I found this vegan jacket on a sale rail when the words “featherless” stood out. I needed a very lightweight vegan insulated jacket for an upcoming trip to Yosemite. Luckily it was in my size so I brought the vegan jacket. Since then the featherless jacket has been to a couple of national parks, braved a snow storm and survived falling into a slot canyon – read all about that adventure on the Wire Pass Canyon Day hike! This is an honest review of the women’s Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket.

The first section covers why down is not vegan and how down is actually harvested. The second section is the full review of the vegan insulated jacket.

My Vegan Insulated Marmot Jacket

Disclaimer: We received no incentive from Marmot for this review and purchased this vegan insulated jacket with our own money. All views are our own. This blog post contains affiliate links. We receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you choose to purchase through our link it helps maintain the website and helps us create more useful content for you!


Why is down not vegan?

Down is an animal product that rips the skin, causes pain, stresses, kills or is just taken from the dead creatures’ bodies. Vegans avoid all animal products and activities that involve animal cruelty. This means that not only do they avoid eating animal products but also do not wear animal products. Check out this post on what is vegan fashion for more information regarding what vegans wear.

What is down?

Down comes from geese and other birds. Down is the undercoating of waterfowl which is meant to keep them dry and warm.

Many people believe that using feathers from birds does not hurt the bird and is a sustainable insulating material. Yet there are several methods to extract feathers from birds and all of them have the potential to hurt, stress and even kill these birds.

Did you know it takes “approximately 75 or more birds to create enough feathers to stuff one comforter.”?

Geese in the wild live up to 20 years. Geese bred for their meat and feathers rarely live over 2 years.

How is down harvested?

Feathers are forcefully taken from geese through plucking or a process called gathering.


Plucking means that feathers are taken from the bird whilst it is still alive or after it has already been killed. If the bird is still alive, its skin can get ripped which may then been sewed up without anaesthetic and then the goose is tossed to the ground. Some birds also do not survive the process due to stress.


Gathering is said to be “Gathering feathers from live geese [or ducks] is defined as removing feathers that are ripe due to the phenomenon of molting and would refer to using a brushing or combing action to remove feathers or down which are ready to fall out.” Scientific Opinion on the practice of harvesting (collecting) feathers from live geese for down production. EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW). European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma, Italy

Gathering sounds nicer, but gathering is done with hundreds of birds at once. This means that not all of the birds are molting at the same time. Furthermore, the study mentions that during the gathering process bird bones may be broken or dislocated and some birds suffocate. 

Neither gathering or plucking birds is a nice process. Bird feathers are meant for birds and not our insulated jacket. Especially now when there are many great synthetic materials and vegan insulated jackets!

The Women’s Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket Overview

Trying my new vegan insulated jacket in Yosemite National Park

Now we have covered why down jackets are not vegan, let’s dive into a great vegan jacket alternative: the women’s Marmot featherless insulated jacket!

When you are looking for a vegan insulated jacket there are 4 main things you want to ask:

  1. Is the insulated jacket vegan?
  2. Is the insulated jacket warm?
  3. Is the insulated jacket waterproof?
  4. Does the insulated jacket fit me?

Is the Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket Vegan?

Yes, the Marmot featherless jacket is vegan and comes with a guarantee that no geese were harmed to make this insulated jacket.

It can be difficult going into shops trying to find an insulated jacket that does not contain down. Furthermore, those jackets that do not contain down seem to be on the upper end of the price spectrum meaning consumers are more likely to purchase an insulated jacket with down as it is cheaper.

Whilst the Marmot featherless jacket is not the cheapest insulated jacket, it is an affordable vegan insulated jacket. Ethical consumers are used to having to pay a little bit more for their sustainable goods. After all we vote with our purses.

If you are looking to invest in an insulated jacket which guarantees that no geese were harmed during the process – consider the featherless jacket from Marmot.

Rest easy knowing that you are staying warm whilst upholding your values by not enabling animal cruelty!

Is the Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket Warm?

Whilst testing this jacket I wore it during 1 degree to 16 degrees. The insulated jacket was great at keeping me warm.

Is the Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket Waterproof?

The Marmot featherless insulated jacket is good at repelling water.

Another great feature of the Marmot insulated jacket is that it stays warm when it is wet. Traditional down jackets can lose their warmth when wet.

The company sells the jacket as next generation down meaning the synthetic material is more effective at keeping you warm and dry than down.

The jacket itself is also made out of 75% recycled material.

Therefore, another great feature of the women’s Marmot insulated jacket is that it is helping to recycle! Many companies argue that synthetic materials are worse for the planet than natural materials such as down. Marmot’s innovative way of creating featherless insulation with recycled materials shows that synthetic insulated coats can be a great way to help the planet and save animals!

Marmot’s Featherless Insulated Jacket is Vegan, Warm and Dry!

You can be sure that this jacket will keep you warm and dry whilst upholding your cruelty-free values as a vegan! I can confirm that the Marmot featherless insulated jacket is vegan, warm and waterproof. Whether it fits you, well, you will just have to try one on :D!

Aside from the women’s Marmot featherless insulated jacket, Marmot proudly offers a few featherless products. The women’s Marmot featherless insulated jacket comes with or without a hood. Regardless as to whether you choose the vegan jacket with or without a hood the featherless jackets are both 100% vegan!

Marmot Women’s Featherless Insulated Jacket Features

Now you know the Marmot featherless jacket is vegan and will keep you warm, let’s go into the finer details of the vegan insulated jacket.

Pockets on the Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket

There are zippered hand pockets which are surprisingly roomy. I managed to squeeze my gloves and sunglasses into one pocket. Pockets without zippers are frustrating when hiking as you do not want to worry about your gloves falling out!

I will say that this jacket is not invincible as I may have slipped against a rock in Zion national park and smashed my phone screen. The jacket itself was fine though :D!

There is also a breast pocket for extra storage.

Cuffs on the Marmot Featherless Insulated Jacket

As a tall person, I struggle finding sleeves long enough. I was really pleased that the sleeves on the Marmot featherless insulated jacket are super long and have elastic bound cuffs! This means I could hide my hands in my sleeves on those early morning hikes.

Can be stuffed into the Left-hand Pocket

Another reason I chose the Marmot featherless insulated jacket was how light it was. It is just 311g! We were going on a three-week trip where the temperatures ranged from 26 degrees to -13 degrees! This meant I did not need to pack any extra weight that I did not need. 300g was not going to take up a lot of my luggage weight. Whilst the vegan insulated jacket is very easy to fold down in your suitcase, you can actually stuff the whole jacket into the left-hand pocket?

The jacket is great if you will be experiencing big changes in temperature on your outdoor adventures. It will keep you warm in the morning then can be folded into your rucksack when it warms up!

The Women’s Marmot Featherless Jacket is the Perfect Hiking Jacket

I brought the Marmot featherless jacket as a hiking jacket. I needed a lightweight yet warm jacket for an upcoming trip to the USA. I wore the jacket on several hikes in Yosemite, Zion National Park, Canyonlands and at Glen Canyon. I was very impressed with its performance.

Hiking in November in Yosemite and Zion national park meant it would be fairly fresh in the morning then warm up in the middle of the day then get cold again in the evenings. The Marmot featherless jacket was great keeping me warm in the morning and the evenings. The vegan jacket is also light enough to barely feel in my rucksack on my back.

What I loved about the Marmot Vegan Featherless Insulated Jacket

I absolutely love this new vegan jacket! I am so pleased I stumbled across this vegan item in the sale.

I love that this Vegan Jacket is warm

It has a wonderfully snug fit meaning it keeps me warm.

I love the Pattern on the Vegan Jacket

I love the fun pattern on the front. I joked when I got the jacket that I had always wanted purple abs. Some insulated jackets can make us look like colourful fat snowmen but I actually felt fairly sporty and stylish in this vegan jacket!

I love that the Vegan Jacket is so lightweight!

Wearing the vegan jacket in Zion National Park

I really like how lightweight the item is. The Marmot jacket is very easy to fold in a suitcase or throw in your backpack.

I love the Long Sleeves on the Vegan Jacket

I love the long sleeves – I always got cold hands when I am standing around waiting for buses or trains so the sleeves are so nice to keep my hands warm.

I love the Roomy Pockets in the Vegan Jacket

The pockets are very roomy. It was not difficult to store my gloves and my sunglasses into one of the pockets.

I love the Marmot featherless Insulated Jacket!

The vegan jacket is perfect for exploring slot canyons too like Wire Pass!

I am very happy with my Marmot featherless jacket. Even happier that it contains recycled materials and no animal products!

What I did not love about the Vegan Featherless Jacket

There were two things that I did not love with the Marmot featherless jacket.

I did not love having no hood on the Vegan Insulated Jacket

This Marmot featherless jacket does not come with a hood. Whilst this is great for autumnal and spring hikes, I think I will miss having a hood in a heavy snow storm on a winter hike. Marmot do however do this featherless jacket with a hood! I probably should have brought the insulated jacket with a hood!

I did not love the fact that White Threads started to appear after 2 Weeks

One thing that no one likes with an insulated jacket is when the little white threads start to appear. I have purchased cheap insulated jacket that almost fall apart and it looks like it is snowing when you wear the jacket. Whilst the Marmot featherless jacket is fairly resilient to scratches against rocks on the sleeves, the back started to show some white threads after a few weeks. In fairness I pretty much fell into the canyon in Wire Pass. I was climbing down some steep red cliffs and got to a tricky section. Scared I was going to fall some way, I shuffled down the cliff side and my backpack scraped against the canyon side. I noticed when I got home that white threads had started to appear. I was annoyed I had already scratched the coat! I managed to pull out a couple. It is not too bad though as I generally wear a rucksack so no one will see the little pesky white bits!

Is the Women’s Marmot featherless Insulated Jacket worth it?

You can find insulated jackets for a lot less than the Marmot featherless jacket. Yet they will probably have down, not be as water-proof or fold down as easily. In terms of vegan insulated jackets there are much more expensive vegan insulated jackets making this a great mid-range purchase. You can find this vegan insulated jacket for as little as £100 and I found mine on a sale rail for less than that!

Would you like to own the Vegan Marmot featherless Insulated Jacket?

Do you like the look of the vegan Marmot featherless insulated jacket? Do you need a new lightweight jacket? You can check out current prices on REI to see if they have the vegan jacket in your size! Also, if you do purchase through our link, we receive a very small commission that helps maintain this website and helps us create more content for you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The best vegan insulated jacket for women! Looking for an insulated jacket that does not contain down? If you are an ethical consumer looking for a sustainable and cruelty-free jacket check out our review of the Marmot featherless jacket for women. Made from 75% recycled materials, no feathers and is super lightweight! Have a look if this vegan insulated jacket could be perfect for you! #veganfashion #ethicalfashion #insulatedjacketThe best vegan insulated jacket for women! Looking for an insulated jacket that does not contain down? If you are an ethical consumer looking for a sustainable and cruelty-free jacket check out our review of the Marmot featherless jacket for women. Made from 75% recycled materials, no feathers and is super lightweight! Have a look if this vegan insulated jacket could be perfect for you! #veganfashion #ethicalfashion #insulatedjacket

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