Amazing Vegan Travel Bloggers to follow in 2020

There are so many fantastic Vegan Travel Bloggers out there. To celebrate Veganuary we have listed the best vegan travel blogs to follow in 2020! We asked our favourite Vegan Travel Bloggers a couple of questions about why they love vegan travel and their favourite vegan food! Scroll down and enjoy this collection of miny interviews and why being vegan does not ruin travel.

  1. Alternative Travelers
  2. Mostly Amelie
  3. Voyaging Herbivore
  4. Vegan Nom Noms
  5. Vetjebol
  6. Minimalist Traveller
  7. The Nomadic Vegan
  8. The Vegan World
  9. Sans Saucis
  10. My Vegan Trips
  11. LunaVida
  12. Vegans with Appetites
  13. Veggie Vagabonds
  14. Amelia & JP
  15. Fly me to the Vegan Buffet
  16. Veggie in Chiang Mai
  17. The Vegan Travelers
  18. My Travel Scrapbook

Sam & Veren from Alternative Travelers

1, What’s your blog Alternative Travelers about?

Alternative Travelers is a sustainable vegan travel blog. We focus on helping others travel in a responsible way, minimizing impact on environments, communities, and animals while exploring the world. We create extensive vegan travel guides to show that traveling as a vegan can be budget-friendly, fun, delicious, and easy!

2, What encouraged you both to become vegan?

We both went vegan for different reasons. Veren started eating plant-based around 10 years ago for health reasons. I went vegetarian for ethical reasons around 4.5 years ago and vegan around 3.5 years ago. Now we are both vegan for all of the reasons: ethical, environmental, health, and humanitarian.

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

Since we have to think more about where are going to eat, we have far better experiences and more delicious food than we had when traveling as non-vegans. We love meeting all the vegan entrepreneurs opening restaurants and businesses around the world. It’s also an instant point of connection with other travelers. We have connected with many fellow vegans while traveling who have since become great friends!

4, What is your favourite vegan food guys?

Oh man, that’s so hard! But one food that we’d never get tired of eating is vegan sushi! We love the attention to quality and detail in sushi, and hope to experience it in Japan someday.

Amelie from Mostly Amelie

1, What’s your blog Mostly Amelie about?

My blog Mostly Amelie is about vegan travel, wellness, yoga, and life as an expat in Berlin!

2, What encouraged you to become vegan Amelie?

Fitness and sports performance was what originally did for me! After many years of smoking, eating improperly and being a couch potato, I had a moment of panic before entering my 30s and decided it was time to do something. So I got a gym membership, then I started running, and quickly signed up for a first half-marathon. Inspired by vegan triathlete Brendan Brazier and his book “The Thrive Diet”, as well as Matt Frazier known as No Meat Athlete, I found something I was passionate about that would make these new habits stick. And they really did!

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

A lot of thought and research go into what I eat, I’m a big foodie, and it’s one of the things I enjoy the most about travelling. With all the research comes fantastic discoveries and experiments. You really have to be adventurous. The best thing in South East Asia was the bounty of exotic fruits everywhere. I developed an obsession with durian! So much so that I got a durian tattoo, ha!

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

From all my time in South East Asia, I have to say a good curry noodle soup is where it’s at for me. Laska in Malaysia and Khao Soi in Thailand are amongst my fave. There’s nothing like a big bowl of spicy, coconutty, creamy noodley goodness, is there?

Alysa & Jack from Voyaging Herbivore

What is Voyaging Herbivore about?

Voyaging Herbivore is all about ethical, sustainable, and plant-based travel. We want to show people that it is possible to broaden your horizons through travel while maintaining a plant-based lifestyle and traveling as ethically and as sustainably as possible.

What encouraged you guys to become vegan?

I (Alysa) was raised as a vegetarian and became vegan when I was 16 because of some images that showed the terrible biproducts of the diary industry. Jack became vegan overnight (which impresses me to this day) because he was “constantly in contact with someone (me!) who didn’t judge his diet but instead supplied him with facts and research-based evidence in an enjoyable way while also providing delicious meals”. Since then, we’ve been watching films such as “Game Changers”, “Cowspiricy”, “What the Health”, and “Okja” to learn new information.

Why we travel as vegans?

Since we’ve gone vegan, we’ve never looked back! It was never even a question about whether we would continue to follow a vegan lifestyle while we traveled. Although travel and emissions are terrible for the environment (we offset all of our major travel emissions), according to the EPA, agricultural practices are actually worse (the majority of these emissions come from land farmed to create food for animals or for animals themselves) than transportation in terms of what contributes to greenhouse gases. This is just one of the reasons that we follow a vegan diet.

What is our favorite vegan food?

We’ve spent about a year living in London, and in that time we’ve had so many incredible dishes! Jack is a mac and cheese lover but my favorite dish is probably lasagna. In London, we have two favorite restaurants: The Temple of Seitan and What the Pitta. Both simply cannot be rivaled!

Nicole from Vegan Nom Noms

1, What’s your blog Vegan Nom Noms about?

Vegan food and travel. I do a lot of vegan guides of cities while traveling, advice on where to stay in different places as a vegan, some recipes, and some miscellaneous other stuff like packing guides and reviews, etc.

2, What encouraged you to become vegan, Nicole?

I started in 2006 just to be healthier as back then I had just started uni and was eating like shit. I did end up feeling healthier so I stuck with it! Over time I developed more reasons, like learning more about where my food came from and what’s in it, actually reading labels etc. Veganism also inspired a love of cooking in me, which I’m grateful for.

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

I pretty much choose my locations entirely for food now haha. I like traveling as a vegan because seeking out the vegan restaurants in a place usually takes me to cool, different areas of the city hat I never would have gone to or discovered otherwise. I’ve also connected with loads of other vegan travelers on instagram or through blogs, and meeting up with them around the world has been great.

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Oh gosh this changes all the time, but I always have a pretty solid love for vegan nachos and lasagna. And brownies. And tiramisu.

Thera and Tristan from Vetjebol

1, What’s your blog about?

Vetjebol is a blog about veganism and a guide to a more sustainable lifestyle.

2, What encouraged you to become vegan?

We didn’t want to participate in animal cruelty in any form. Besides that vegan food is awesome!

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

We like travelling in general and travelling as a vegan is just super easy. We always find the hidden gems and we love to taste different cuisines.

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Can’t pick one! All Asian food, vegan cashew cheese, vegan apple crumble pie, banana ice creamt

Debora from Minimalist Traveller

1, What’s your blog, Minimalist Traveller, about?

My blog contains information about maximising the quality of life in harmony with nature (vegan recipes, nutrition, meditation, philosophy, minimalism, sustainable living) and travel tips (how to pack very light, expenses, detailed info about countries).

2, What encouraged you to become vegan?

Some vegans I met along my way and in the end the documentary Cowspiracy. I want to reduce suffering. For the animals, the environment and ourselves.

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

I discovered an entirely new world of foods, cuisines, textures and flavours. It is exciting to try new food and getting inspired.

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Very difficult question. I love hummus, tiramisu, muhammara, curry, cinnamon ice cream.

Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

1. What’s your blog, The Nomadic Vegan, about?

My blog, The Nomadic Vegan, is about traveling the world as a vegan. I share travel tips and restaurant reviews and highlight vegan dishes in different cuisines around the world. My aim is to show people that they can be vegan anywhere and spread compassion everywhere.
Recently, I’ve also started writing other types of travel articles, such as itineraries and top things to do destinations. I do always manage to include at least a little something about veganism in every post. My goal with these travel posts is to plant seeds with readers who might not have considered a vegan lifestyle before and who never would have found my blog if I wrote only about vegan stuff.

2. What encouraged you to go vegan, Wendy?

Initially, my interest in veganism was for health reasons. My father had recently passed away from complications from type I diabetes, and after watching him die a slow and painful death I knew I didn’t want to end up like that.
I began researching health and nutrition, and that’s how I found out about the many health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Then, that led me to do more research, and I found out about the devastating environmental impact of animal agriculture and about the horrible ways animals are treated in the meat, dairy and egg industries.
I considered myself to be an environmentalist and an animal lover, so I didn’t want to keep supporting such a harmful industry.

3. What do you enjoy about travelling as a vegan?

In the beginning, I was worried that being vegan was going to ruin travel. In reality, the opposite was true! I enjoy travel even more now than I did before I became vegan. Now, every trip feels like a treasure hunt, because I’m constantly on the lookout for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and for traditional vegan specialties in the local cuisine.
Most of the time, I find more vegan food than I could possibly have the time or the room in my stomach to taste!
I really enjoy researching the local cuisine of each destination ahead of time, and I end up learning so much about the local culture through the cuisine. I thought I was going to be missing out, but actually veganism has really enriched my travels.

4. What’s your favourite vegan food?

It’s so hard to choose just one! I always loved sushi, and that certainly hasn’t changed since going vegan. I’ve also developed a strong love for oatmeal. It’s my number one comfort food. I try to eat pretty healthfully, and I really do love most vegetables, but I also enjoy a good veg burger every now and then.

Caitlin from The Vegan World

1, What’s your blog, The Vegan World, about?

My blog, The Vegan Word, showcases the best vegan food to eat and make around the world! My goal is to show people that it’s easy – and enjoyable – to be vegan, no matter where you end up in the world. On my blog I have travel and city guides, recipes and tips for travel and life as a vegan.

2, What encouraged you to become vegan, Caitlin?

I was brought up vegetarian and always thought I was living an ethical life and doing the best by animals. One day, I started reading about the dairy industry online and was so horrified by what I learned! My whole life, I’d believed by not eating meat, I was not part of cruelty to animals. How wrong I was. That’s when I started a very slow transition to going vegan, that took course over a couple of years of systematically eliminating animal products from my life one by one. I was also really interested in the environment but didn’t learn about the environmental aspects of veganism until I had started the transition. I’ve now been vegan 10 years, and it was the best decision I ever made! Plus, it just keeps getting easier and easier to be vegan.

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

I honestly think vegan travel is better than travel before I went vegan. I eat much more interesting food than when I travelled in my pre-vegan days. Instead of just settling down in the first restaurant I come across (often an overpriced tourist trap if you’re in the main part of a city!), I research restaurants in advance and end up going to the very best restaurants. I seek out great vegan food, and vegan versions of local dishes. So often I end up learning a lot more about local cuisines than I did in my pre-vegan travel days!

Plus, in major cities vegan restaurants are often located outside the centre – in cool, trendy neighbourhoods that I end up falling in love with but wouldn’t have necessarily even known about if I weren’t seeking out vegan restaurants!

Finally, meeting other vegans while travelling is amazing and you already have a connection as a fellow vegan. I find I end up talking more to the owners of vegan cafes and restaurants than I ever did as a non-vegan traveller. I ask them about the local cuisine, other vegan spots they recommend and any other tips they have. They’re always really friendly and helpful!

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

That’s a tough one! I eat different dishes depending on my mood and the season of the year, and I love so many different cuisines… But I’ll pick my favourite comfort food, which is lasagne. Part of my family is Italian and we always had lasagne for Christmas dinner and other special occasions every year. When I went vegan, I was sad to give it up—then I figured out how to make a vegan version that tasted exactly like the original recipe using vegan cashew cheese. In fact, it’s so close in taste to the original my great aunt asked me more than once why I was cooking non-vegan food when I’m vegan (since it tasted so cheesy to her). She didn’t believe me when I said it was vegan!

Kristof and Stefanie from Sans Saucis

1, What’s your blog, Sans Saucis, about?

Sans Saucis is a vegan travel and lifestyle blog. We love travelling an eating a lot of vegan food. We try to give some tips on food hotspots, mostly in Europe. You can follow us on instagram, facebook and our blog. We just started vlogging aswell, so check out our youtube channel for some fun video’s.

2, What encouraged you guys to become vegan?

The way animals are treated as products instead of equals. We wanted to distance us from that way of thinking. We also felt we needed to take more steps to lessen our own environmental impact.

3, Why do you both like travelling as vegans?

We love exploring new places. Learning the history, culture, meeting the locals and the local cuisine. Being vegan makes us dig a little deeper and look a little further, beyond the postcards. Vegan travelling is next level travel in a lot of ways.

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Pizza, hands down the best food ever! However it is getting increasingly difficult, as we keep learning new flavours as we go

Emmy and Riccardo from My Vegan Trips

1) What’s your blog, My Vegan Trips, about?

My blog is about vegan food and traveling. I focus on budget and eco-friendly traveling. I love to show people how easy and cheap it is to travel as a vegan; most of the times people don’t travel because they are not sure if they are going to find vegan food around, or they think that it expensive. I can prove that you can go almost everywhere and a great experience (also without a tour operator or an agency).

2. What encouraged you both to become vegan?

I gave up meat at 16, when I understood that living without it was totally possible. Then i gave up fish and, little by little, also dairy and eggs. My main motivation are the animals that I can save with my choice

3. Why do you enjoy travelling as a vegan?

I love traveling as a vegan because I think that I can have a special point of view: I don’t just go inside the first bar/restaurant and grab the first thing that I see, but instead I do a little bit of research and I can discover so many different places and food thanks to that!

4) What’s your favourite vegan food?

I love vegan pizza! It’s the best in life

Allie from LunaVida

1.What’s your blog, LunaVida, about?

LunaVida is a vegan life and style blog where I write about my daily life, travels, personal style, and my passion for plant-based living.

2. What encouraged you to become vegan, Allie?

I went vegan for ethical reasons. It breaks my heart knowing how we treat animals, and we are destroying our planet, all in the name of temporary taste. By choosing to no longer pay into the factory farming industries that commit extreme abuses to billions of animals every year seemed like the most logical way to help make a difference for these innocent souls. Being vegan has become one of my greatest joys in life!

3. Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

Trying new cuisines while traveling is one of the best parts of experiencing different parts of the world! I love food, and so being able to try plant-based dishes from various cultures is such an honor.

4. What is your favourite vegan food?

Oooh, that’s a hard one because there are so many foods I love! If I had to pick just one favorite though it’d probably be vegan chocolate chip cookies Classic but always hits the spot!

Adam and Victoria from Vegans with Appetites

1.What’s your blog, Vegans with Appetites, about?

Our blog is aimed at inspiring our readers to live their best cruelty-free life with the main focus being on sharing our experience traveling as vegans. We really want to encourage people to consider the impact their everyday actions have from food and travel to fashion choices.

We create in-depth vegan guides to destinations all over the world, and in addition, we also share lifestyle tips in hopes of making things as easy as possible for people transitioning to veganism.

2. What encouraged you both to become vegans?

Victoria: A few months after becoming vegetarian in 2011, I started to learn about the dairy industry and that was a huge eye-opener for me. I realized that even though I didn’t eat meat anymore, I was still supporting and giving money to the same industries that were torturing and killing animals for dairy and eggs. From there the light bulb went off, and I just recently celebrated my 7-year vegan anniversary!

Adam: It was actually Victoria who got me into veganism. When we first met in 2013, I had no plans to stop eating meat but luckily she had other plans. A few weeks after we had started traveling together, Victoria showed me Earthlings, and that’s all it took for me to realize that I had been lied to my whole life. I stopped eating meat at that moment and less than a year later I decided to ditch all animal products forever.

To this day, the animals and the unnecessary suffering that humans inflict on them remain the main reason why I’m vegan. Although, the environmental and health aspects of a vegan lifestyle are a nice bonus.

3. Why do you like travelling as vegans?

The best part about traveling as a vegan is that it motivates us to continue exploring and trying new cuisines. Food is one of the main reasons why we travel, and there are just so many flavors and vegan dishes out there that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Traveling as a vegan has also been life-changing because it has introduced us to some of our favorite dishes in the world. It also often forces us out of our comfort zone which encourages us to try new foods that we otherwise wouldn’t consider.

4. What is your favourite vegan food?

It depends on where we go.

We tend to find ourselves daydreaming of masala dosas and Sri Lankan string hoppers with coconut sambal as well as Balinese tempeh goreng. At the same time, there are few things that excite us as much as a well-made plate of pasta with Roman artichokes or a freshly baked piece of focaccia with potatoes and rosemary.

As you can see, it is entirely too hard to just pick one.

Sarah and Josh from Veggie Vagabonds

1. What’s your blog, Veggie Vagabonds, about?

Veggie Vagabonds is vegan travel blog that documents our adventures and gives resources and inspiration to explore the world in a sustainable way and adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle and take it on the road with you. We’ve also got some pretty delicious recipes that have been inspired by our journeys abroad. Recently it has been quite focused on some of the crazy challenges we set ourselves. In September 2018 we cycled 550 miles and climbed the 3 highest peaks in the UK to raise money for charity and in February 2019 we leave on a UK to India cycling expedition!

2, What encouraged you both to become vegan?

It was definitely a long time coming. We had both been veggies for a long time: Sarah since her teens and I was brought up a veggie. About 5 years ago it started becoming apparent how awful the dairy industry was, for animals and the environment, and we realised just vegetarian wasn’t enough. What really hit home was watching documentaries like Earthlings and Forks Over Knives that made us realise that going vegan was the right choice to make.

3, Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

Moral reasons aside it’s amazing stumbling across vegan eateries in places you’d least likely expect it. You feel part of a community as soon as you walk through the door. Although it’s increasingly easy to be an unhealthy vegan we stick to a predominately whole food diet and feel great for it which is a real benefit. It’s also cheaper and you’re much less likely to get ill!

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Wow, where do we even begin… Not sure we can whittle it down to one and it probably depends where we are. Fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly exotic fruit, has to be a favourite. You can’t beat tucking into a beautifully ripe papaya or mango, mmm. We also love tofu dishes and curry of every variety. At the other end of the spectrum since we’ve been in the UK we’re also partial to a juicy vegan burger!

JP & Amelia from Amelia and JP

1) What’s your blog, Amelia and JP, about?

Our blog, Amelia & JP, is about our lives as two vegans from the United States living and travelling in Ecuador. We share our everyday experiences in Cuenca, excursions and trips to other parts of Ecuador, restaurant reviews, and vegan cooking videos.

2) What encouraged you to go vegan?

We went vegan after JP had some serious health issues and discovered that diet may have contributed to them. After watching lots of documentaries culminating with Cowspiracy, JP went vegan overnight and Amelia transitioned over 2 weeks. Our only regret is that we didn’t know the truth sooner.

3) Why do you both love travelling as vegans?

We love travelling as vegans because it gives us the opportunity to try different vegan restaurants and share our experience with our YouTube audience. We also like to point out when few vegan options exist, like in the Miami Airport, so vegan travellers come prepared with their own food.

4) What is your favourite vegan food?

JP’s favorite vegan food is a Beet Brownie recipe that Amelia makes. Amelia prefers a simple Red Bean Burger topped with lettuce, tomato and mustard. Yum! Let us know if this is good or if you need anything else. I’ll send a picture next.

Nina from Fly Me to the Vegan Buffet

1.What is your blog, Fly Me To The Vegan Buffet, about?

My blog is about vegan living and travelling in style. I want to present the amazing food I found all over the world working as a flight attendant, sustainable fashion options and practical lifestyle solutions that make it easier for vegans and those who are interested in veganism. I write in English and in German.

2. What encouraged you to become vegan?

The more I found out about the horrible animal industry, the less I wanted anything to do with it.

3. Why do you like travelling as a vegan, Nina?

I have always been a foodie and have always thought other countries’ cuisines were super interesting. All these different spices and the new combination options fascinate me. Also I love coming into a little vegan cafe in some other part of the world and just feel at home.

4. What’s your favourite vegan food?

I love Asian food. Especially Vietnamese and Indian. All these fantastic flavours, so delicious!

Dee from Veggie in Chiang Mai

1. What is your blog, Veggie in Chiang Mai, about?

My blog is all about veganism in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand.) Chiang Mai is a very vegan friendly city and sometimes so many choices can be over-whelming! I have written reviews of all vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and also provide information regarding shopping, deliveries, recipes how to order in Thai and more. I provide daily tips on my Facebook page on various things that I find. Additionally, I also provide information on the surrounding cities and countries as I travel a lot.

2. What encouraged you to become vegan, Dee?

I was already vegetarian and wanted to do more. I met someone else who was vegan and realized how easy it was once I saw how someone else lived the vegan life style. That was 20 years ago!

3. Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

For me, finding nice places to eat is an integral part of any holiday. I always choose a place to visit based on what vegan food will be available. I love seeking out vegan places, discovering new places as well as eating out with friends or even alone. I also enjoy writing about my experiences on my blog as well as on HappyCow.

4. What is your favourite vegan food?

I love so many different vegan foods that it is so hard to pick a favourite but I think it would probably have to be smoothie bowls. I eat one almost every day and I never get bored of them because of all the variations you can make. You can also get plenty of your daily required nutrition in just one bowl!

Chantel and Ron from The Vegan Travelers

1, What’s your blog, The Vegan Travelers, about?

Our blog is about vegan travel, saving money while traveling and travel hacks as well as things to do and sightseeing tips in genaral. Since we’re currently on a trip all around Europe, there’s a special focous on European countries.

2, What encouraged you both to become vegan?

Going vegan has an endless list of advantages, regardless of whether they are ethical (less animal cruelty), environmental (reduced carbon footprint) or social (distributive justice). Contrary to the widespread myth of malnutrition, there are lots of health benefits, too. So, we’d say it was probably a mix of all of these, with saying ‘no’ to animal abuse being the main motivation.

3, Why do you like travelling as vegans?

First of all, we are digital nomads with no time limit which means that traveling permantly is simply our life now.
However, especially while traveling, you realize how diverse plant-based foods are and how easy it is to find vegan food almost everywhere in the world.

4, What is your favourite vegan food?

Hard to say, because there’s nothing that you can’t find in a vegan version. But if we had to state something that is always vegan, we’d say Hummus.

Anna & Alex from My Travel Scrapbook

1.What is your blog My Travel Scrapbook about?

My Travel Scrapbook is a collection of stories about vegan travels, vegan food and hikes around Europe and Asia. We love exploring the world, taking photos of our planet and sharing our experiences with helpful tips.

2. What encouraged you both to become vegan?

Whilst living in Germany I became vegetarian for environmental reasons. When I came back to the UK, Alex also became vegetarian. Then when Alex started to think about veganism, he could not justify not going vegan. I then also became vegan for ethical and health reasons, fully transitioning in Veganuary 2016. We have never looked back!

3. Why do you like travelling as a vegan?

It’s more of an adventure! We spend time researching great vegan places to try on Happy Cow rather than falling into any old tourist trap. This means we get to eat incredible food across the globe as well as visit spots of the city we may never have come across otherwise. It’s also great to show others who are sceptical of our lifestyle that it is possible to travel as a vegan!

4. What is your favourite vegan food?

EVERYTHING! We love all vegan food. I am a huge fan of all things sweet such as afternoon tea and tiffin as well as flavoursome Asian cuisine. Alex also loves all Asian food as well as spicy Mexican burritos and fully loaded vegan burgers.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of interviews! Are you a travelling vegan? Has this inspired you to travel whilst embracing a plant-based lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

Amazing Vegan Travel Bloggers to follow in 2020! 
18 Vegan Travellers share their travel stories, favourite vegan food and why they love travelling as vegans! #vegan #vegantravel #veganblog

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