Vegan Travel Quotes to inspire your next vegan trip

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16 vegan travel quotes for new vegans and veterans alike!

Vegan travel is on the rise. It is said that almost 20% of the earth’s population are now adopting plant-based diets. Whilst a few years ago the term ‘vegan’ was still relatively unknown many travel destinations are now embracing the trend. No longer are vegans forced to order salad or chips now they are armed with apps such as HappyCow. Yet for any new vegans who are nervous about their first time travelling as a vegan please read these vegan travel quotes. These vegan travel quotes have been collected from vegan travel bloggers around the globe. Let them inspire you. These quotes show how travelling as a vegan is not a sacrifice but an adventure. Here are 16 vegan travel quotes to help you to continue on your compassionate journey. If you are a veteran vegan who is waiting for your next trip, let these quotes make your feet even itchier to explore the world as a vegan!

Vegan Travel Quote 1

Vegan Travel Quote Vegan enriched my travels nomadic vegan

“I thought I was going to be missing out, but actually veganism has enriched my travels” – Nomadic Vegan

From discovering new places, finding new foods and meeting vegans around the globe – travelling as a vegan is enriching.

Vegan Travel Quote 2

vegan word travel quote

“It’s easy and enjoyable to be vegan, no matter where you end up in the world” – The Vegan Word

Vegan Travel Quote 3

“It’s easy to travel as a vegan” – Bright Nomad

Many now say it is easy to travel as a vegan! Some countries such as Thailand or the UK are particularly vegan-friendly! To see just how easy it is to travel as a vegan in the UK you can check out these posts about vegan afternoon tea, vegan pancakes in Oxford, instagrammable vegan cafes in Cardiff and mouthwatering vegan cakes around the UK.

Vegan Travel Quote 4

“Every country can be cycled, cuisine conquered and mountain climbed with a vegan diet!” – Veggie Vagabonds

It’s true that being vegan does not stop you enjoying local cuisines or hiking epic mountains. The Veggie Vagabonds are currently cycling from the UK to India while maintaining a plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan Travel Quote 5

“Vegan Travel often forces us out of our comfort zone which encourages us to try new foods that we otherwise wouldn’t consider” – Vegans with Appetites

Veganism is about opening your eyes to the world not taking things at face value. What new foods will you discover as a vegan?

Vegan Travel Quote 6

“Every trip feels like a treasure hunt, because I am constantly on the look out for vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants” – Nomadic Vegan

When travelling as a vegan, trips do require a little more planning. Yet by planning ahead you are partaking in a treasure hunt. You find secret little cafes and all vegan bakeries which you would not normally stumble across. What hidden treasures will you find on your vegan travels?

Vegan Travel Quote 7

“Show people that vegan travel is not only easy, but a huge benefit to supporting animal rights” – Slow Vegan Travel

Many people argue that being vegan must be too difficult. By showing omnivores that it is not only easy but very possible, this is a huge step in promoting a realistic vegan lifestyle. Therefore, by promoting vegan travel, you are doing your bit towards animal rights.

Vegan Travel Quote 8

“There is nothing like a big bowl of spicy, coconutty, creamy noodley goodness is there?” – Mostly Amelie

Vegan travel is good for your tummy. Far from being restrictive, travelling as a vegan opens up a world of delicious veggie dishes!

In Asia there are many fantastic creamy vegan dishes. There are also lots of yummy vegan waffles in Thailand too… who said you loose weight on a vegan diet?

Vegan Travel Quote 9

vegan word travel quote

“I honestly think vegan travel is better than before I went vegan” – The Vegan World

Vegan Travel Quote 10

“Being Vegan makes you dig a little deeper and look a little further, beyond the postcards” – Sans Saucis

It is very easy to be starstruck by exotic elements when on holiday. Yet as a vegan you may notice things you would not of thought of before. That elephant does not want to be carrying tourists on it’s back whilst limping during the midday sun. Seeing animals stuck in cages makes you realise that there is still much to be done but you are not contributing towards this cruelty. Choose compassion over selfishness.

Vegan Travel Quote 11

“I like travelling as a vegan because seeking out the vegan restaurants in a place usually takes me to cool, different areas of the city that I never would have gone to or discovered otherwise” – Vegan Nom Noms

Make sure you have the happycow app so you can find these cool, different areas of cities too!

Vegan Travel Quote 12

“I love coming into a little vegan cafe in some other part of the world and just feeling at home” – Fly me to the Vegan Buffet

No matter where you are in the world. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are constantly surrounded by meat and fish street food. You may feel that you are the minority. Yet by stepping into a little vegan cafe you have entered into a small vegan paradise. For example during our vegan food travels in south Korea we stumbled across a vegan burger place in the fishing capital of the country. When you enter a vegan venue, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. More and more vegan cafes are popping up all over the world everyday. You are not alone.

Vegan Travel Quote 13

“Vegan travelling is next level travelling in lots of ways” – Sans Saucis

Vegan Travel Quote 14

“In the beginning I was worried that being vegan was going to ruin travel. In reality, the opposite was true!” – Nomadic Vegan

All those meat eaters telling you, they could never go vegan as it is too difficult. Show them that it is not only possible but can actually enhance your travels!

Vegan Travel 15

“I love travelling as a vegan because it allows me to visit places in a unique way” – Simply Living Vegan

Vegan Quote 16

“I enjoy travel now even more than I did before I went vegan” – Nomadic Vegan

Who else wholeheartedly agrees with this final vegan travel quote? Do you enjoy travel more now?

Have you enjoyed these vegan travel quotes?

Have you enjoyed these vegan travel quotes? They have been collected fro amazing vegan travel bloggers who are currently exploring some new place or trying new vegan food!

Are you a new vegan who is nervous for their first trip? Have these vegan travel quotes inspired you? If you are still apprehensive let us know any of your concerns in the comments below! If you are a veteran vegan also let us know if you have been inspired or which one of the quotes was your favourite!

16 vegan travel quotes to inspire your next vegan trip! 
Whether you are a new vegan, nervous about your first trip or a veteran vegan who wants to be inspired, click on this link for some wonderful and compassionate quotes about vegan travel by vegan travel bloggers. #vegantravel #travelquotes

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