Guide to street art in Praga District of Warsaw

For so long kept stony silent, the walls of Warsaw are speaking up, channeling the voice of the wider community through the medium of art. Loaded with relevant messages and subliminal meaning, the gargantuan works that have been splashed onto the sides of buildings are transforming the city, and nowhere more so than the gritty side streets of old Praga.”

The capital of Poland has some incredible street art. One snowy afternoon we went exploring in Praga to find some fantastic murals, cool graffiti and colourful art! Scroll down for a FREE map of where you can find these pieces of art.

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Dziura (Mackiewicza 1)

street art warsaw poland praga

“To me holes are synonymous with childhood,” says German muralist 1010 in explanation of his signature 3D hole-in-the-wall. “They speak of trying to discover something that’s out-of-reach, something that will always remain unknown…”.

This is a really cool mural. It tricks you by playing with spacial dimensions. It is best seen from across the road but it was great to see up close as well.

Castle (Mińska 12)

castle street art warsaw poland praga

An artist from Sheffield created what is seen as one of Warsaw’s citizens’ favourite mural in Warsaw. I love this Kafkaesque creation of combing the windows within the castle structure. Pigeons perching on the window sills really made this piece of art come to life. Again there seems to be the theme of lost childhood with the castle motive. Yet it is floating and thus unattainable and not grounded in reality.

Update: as of November 2017 Castle is no more, it is now gone, together with the building it was painted on.

Bird & Snake (Bliska 23)

castle street art warsaw poland praga

To continue the international theme, our next mural was painted by a Chinese artist. Some see this as unsettling due to the imagery and its composition consisting of several thousand tangled strands. The city reported that it has had an unexpected result of slowing traffic as motorists slow down to view this mural. Originally this dark piece of art was intended to instil respect towards wildlife. It is very close to the Dworzec Wschodni bus station.

Goose (Brzeska 14A)

duck street art warsaw poland praga

Our final mural is the Goose. Originally started by an Italian artist he was joined by dozens of school children who helped create and design ‘the goose’. It is a colourful piece of art and seen as one of the most upbeat murals. The artist strove to provide school children with a hobby rather than to inspire political debate. I liked this mural.

street art warsaw poland praga

Make sure you leave some time to visit Praga during your city break in Warsaw. There are so many amazing places to visit in Poland but see if you can make time to hunt down these murals and see if you can spy any other pieces of graffiti.

We ran out of time to visit some of the other famous murals such as ‘the playground’ and ‘fight club’ (the locations of both of these murals are on the map) so I am sure we will come back someday!

Have I missed any important murals in Warsaw? Would you like to go street art hunting in Praga, Warsaw, Poland?

street art warsaw poland praga
The Ultimate Guide to Street Art in the Praga District of Warsaw, Poland. Click here to see where to find epic murals, cool graffiti and incredible street art in the Polish capital. There is a free map to help you plan your street art exploration! #streetart #warsaw #freemapThe Ultimate Guide to Street Art in the Praga District of Warsaw, Poland. Click here to see where to find epic murals, cool graffiti and incredible street art in the Polish capital. There is a free map to help you plan your street art exploration! #streetart #warsaw #freemap

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  1. I have experienced some really beautiful street art in some of the places i have visited. Will now add this to the list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Bhavi, yes do add Warsaw to your list as it has some fantastic street art.

  2. Oh wow! Absolutely stunning. Street art is one of my favourite things to see in a new place, I will definitely be following this around when I manage to get to Warsaw!

    1. Same, I love discovering street art in new places. Hope the map helps you on your trip to Warsaw!

  3. these are incredible what talent just in the streets of Warsaw, the locals must be so disappointed when they leave and find out this is not the ‘norm’

  4. Very cool! I grew up in Poland but never really had a chance to explore Warsaw.

    1. Thanks Paulina, where did you live in Poland?

  5. Poland is top of my bucketlist! Love all the street art! A highly underrated destination.

    1. Poland is an amazing country and I agree it is a highly underrated destination.

  6. I always try and find street art when I’m travelling to a city – just love it! I always thought of Warsaw as pretty coloured buildings rebuilt after the war, but I guess there must be some communist era concrete just begging for murals outside the main city! It’s a shame Castle isn’t there anymore as that was my favourite of the examples you posted, made me giggle that it was by a street artist from Sheffield!

    1. I know Castle was my favourite too! Yes the centre of Warsaw is full of pretty coloured buildings as you said but across the river in Praga the city has a very different feel.

  7. Gorgeous, I wish all cities would embrace street art, it makes dull places alive. My favourite one from above is definitely The castle, so detailed 🙂

    1. I know I think street art is a fantastic way to brighten up cities and tackle important political and social issues. Yes castle was my favourite too!

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