50 of the Best Waterfalls in Yorkshire!

best waterfalls in yorkshire

There are some many incredible waterfalls in Yorkshire! Thanks to the abundance of rain in the north of England, there are a ton of epic Yorkshire waterfalls to discover! From the mighty Hadraw Force and Cautley Spout waterfalls to the lesser-known waterfalls such as Scaleber Force this is the ultimate Yorkshire waterfall bucket list! So, if you like a walk with a waterfall check out this useful list of waterfalls in Yorkshire, as well as the map of waterfalls in Yorkshire to help you plan your waterfall hunt!

This list of waterfalls covers waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales, waterfalls in the North Yorkshire Moors, as well as other waterfalls in Yorkshire. The article will cover cascade waterfalls as well as single-drop falls. Hopefully the map of waterfalls in Yorkshire will inspire you to visit waterfalls in Yorkshire!

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Yorkshire Waterfall Definitions

First of all, what is the difference between a foss, force or fall?

There is no difference between the three and all derive from the old Norse word “foss” which means waterfall. This list of Yorkshire waterfalls will include several with the word force and foss in them.

Map of Waterfalls in Yorkshire

Wondering where all of these waterfalls are? Click on the map to plan your Yorkshire waterfall visit!

List of Waterfalls in Yorkshire

In no particular order, here are 50 incredible waterfalls in Yorkshire. There are a few Yorkshire waterfalls which are very accessible and others which will require a hike to reach!

1, Catrigg Force

Stainforth, Yorkshire Dales National park

Catrigg Force Yorkshire Dales waterfall

Catrigg Force is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Yorkshire!

After walking over fields and moorland with wonderful views of Pen-Y-Ghent, you come across a group of trees. Enter into this secluded woodland to find a secret Yorkshire waterfall!

The stream, Catrigg Beck, suddenly plummets into this woodland oasis creating this roaring waterfall. There are two large drops which are framed in a dark gorge. This spot is particularly impressive in autumn with the gorgeous orange foliage.

It is said that the composer Edward Elgar liked this spectacular Yorkshire Dales spot.

Make sure you add Catrigg Force to your Yorkshire waterfalls bucket list!

2, Pecca Falls

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales

Pecca Falls are one of the waterfalls on the picturesque Ingleton Waterfall walk.

Pecca Falls are a collection of 5 waterfalls. They tumble down the hillside and are the first waterfalls visitors see on the Ingleton Waterfall walk.

3. Thomason Foss

Goathland, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Thomason Foss with Eller Beck in full flow.
Image taken by Alan aka Tall Guy

Thomason Foss is situated just to the north of Goathland in the North Yorkshire Moors national park.

The falls are in Eller Beck just before it reaches the River Esk.

You could combine your visit to Thomason Foss with some of the other waterfalls in the area such as Mallyan Spout.

4, Stainforth Force

Stainforth, Yorkshire Dales

Stainforth force Yorkshire Dales
Image by Glenn Birks

While Stainforth Force is not the most impressive waterfall in Yorkshire, they are still a very picturesque and accessible series of cascades.

Stainforth Force is just a five-minute walk from Stainforth, although some decide to park directly next to the bridge. There is also a caravan site next to Stainforth Force meaning this is a very popular Yorkshire waterfall to cool off in in summertime. Well, holidaymakers tend to play in the deep pool immediately before the cascades.

If you like pretty cascades, add Stainforth Force to your Yorkshire waterfalls list!

5, Hull Pot Waterfall

Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Hull Pot waterfall is a spectacular waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales! Yet this waterfall is elusive and does not appear year-round.

Hull Pot is essentially a huge hole. Said to be England’s largest hole at 18 meters wide, 90 meters long and 18m deep it’s a collapsed cavern.

A little stream called Hull Pot Beck flows sometimes flows into the giant hole. In dry weather, the beck flows underground, yet in wet weather, the water table is much higher which results in a spectacular waterfall.

Many people make a short detour from the main route to the summit of Pen-Y-Ghent to try and see the elusive Yorkshire waterfall. It is particularly picturesque in winter when snow covers the ground. Just be careful around the edge of the pot as you do not want the ground to crumble beneath you!

6, Janet’s Foss

Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Janet’s Foss is a particularly magical waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. It is almost fairly-tale-like, particularly due to the folklore associated with this Yorkshire waterfall.

Janet’s Foss is nestled in woodland not far from Malham village. You can park in Malham and walk from there or park near the start of the trail to Gordale Scar. Either route will take you through the woods. See if you can smell wild garlic in the woods in summertime.

Once you reach the pretty waterfall stop for a while to admire the pretty scene. It is said to be the home of Jennet who is the queen of the fairies. She apparently lives in a cave behind the waterfall. Will you spot fairies during your visit?

Even if you don’t spot fairies you can admire the lovely scene.

7. Currack Force

Keld, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Currack Force,  West Stonesdale.
Image by Alan aka. the Tall Guy

Currack Force is another wonderful Swaledale Waterfall. Located in Keld you can add it to your waterfalls to see in Swaledale list!

8, Holly Bush Spout

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Hollybush Spout waterfall, Ingleton Waterfalls
Image by James Matthews

Holly Bush Spout is a Yorkshire waterfall that is situated on the River Twiss. You will be able to see this waterfall on the Ingleton Waterfall Walk.

9, Mallyan Spout Waterfall

Goathland, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Mallyan Spout Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Yorkshire as it is the highest waterfall in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Mallyan Spout boasts an impressive drop of 60 feet. Make sure you visit after heavy rainfall as this waterfall can become a little trickle in dry spells.

There is a good path which passes right by the waterfall meaning you can get up close to this wonderful Yorkshire waterfall.

10, Buckden Gill Falls

Buckden, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Buckden Gill Falls are a set of incredible Yorkshire waterfalls which hardly anyone else knows about!

Start your walk in Buckden and head into the narrow dale for a truly wonderful waterfall walk. Follow the gill to admire dozens of waterfalls including two larger waterfalls. You almost forget you are hiking uphill as you are constantly treated to wonderful waterfalls as you go. The first larger waterfall is not far from the bottom. After this point, you must tackle a short but manageable scramble to reach the next. Your efforts will be rewarded as the second large waterfall is even more impressive. After those two the path becomes a little muddier but you can head on up to the summit of Buckden Pike.

You can combine your walk up Buckden Gill by walking back down into the village of Cray where there are more waterfalls! Enjoy a day of exploring some of the lesser-known waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales.

11, Folly Dolly Falls

Meltham, West Yorkshire

Folly Dolly Falls is a great waterfall in West Yorkshire.

First of all, who was Dolly? Dolly, apparently, was a woman who lived in a cottage above the Yorkshire waterfall. She apparently got into financial difficulties but no one knows what happened to her?

You can walk to the falls from Meltham along the Meltham Greenway. To get to the waterfall you will need to bring your wellies! Descend down steep steps and follow the stream. Whilst the land on which the Folly Dolly Falls is situated are privately owned the owners do not mind well-behaved visitors.

12, Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Aysgarth Falls
Image by Tony Emery

Aysgarth Falls are a set of mystical cascades in the north of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This Yorkshire Waterfall is actually comprised of 3 different waterfalls which are then collectively known as Aysgarth Falls. These are some of the best waterfalls in Yorkshire as they are spectacular, accessible and include a nice woodland walk.

The River Ure makes its way through Wensleydale before meeting up with Bishopdale. As Bishopdale is lower than Wensleydale, the water has to drop which creates the lovely Aysgarth falls.

You can park up at the visitor centre to see all three of the Aysgarth Falls. Head left towards Upper Falls before venturing through the woods to see the lower falls. These Yorkshire waterfalls were also included in the Robin Hood film with Kevin Costner.

Aysgarth Falls are one of the most spectacular spots in the Yorkshire Dales and must be on your Yorkshire waterfall list!

13. Bronte waterfall

Haworth, West Yorkshire

Bronte Waterfalls
Image by Steve Riley

The Bronte waterfall is not the most spectacular waterfall in Yorkshire. Indeed, if it were not for their literary association this waterfall would not probably not have made the top 50 waterfalls in Yorkshire list. Yet most visitors visit the Bronte waterfall not for their size but to feel closer to three sisters who used to come here.

You can reach the Bronte waterfall by walking from Haworth. All around the waterfall is moody moorland and it is a popular spot on the way up to Top Withins. You can stop here for lunch and imagine the Bronte sisters being inspired by the surrounded area. Let your inner creativity flow and enjoy the Bronte waterfall in West Yorkshire. 

14. Hawdraw Force

Hadraw, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Image by Paul Gregory

Hadraw Force makes the list as one of the best waterfalls in Yorkshire as it is the largest single-drop waterfall and it is in a pub?!

Well, the waterfall is not in the pub itself but it is set in the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn pub. To reach Hawdraw Force you must go to the left of the inn and pay a waterfall access fee. It is £3 per person (£1.50 for children) and you need to have the right change to see this huge Yorkshire waterfall. This Yorkshire waterfall even has opening times! In summer you can visit between 10am to 6pm. In winter the opening times for Hawdraw Force are 10am to 4pm. The notice states that well-behaved dogs are allowed in too.

Hawdraw Force is a waterfall on the Hardraw Beck in Hawdraw. The Pennine Way passes close to this waterfall. It claims to be England’s highest unbroken waterfall above ground. The underground waterfall in Gaping Gill has an unbroken waterfall of over 91m!

Make sure you visit this Yorkshire waterfall after a good amount of rain as it is much more spectacular.

15. Goit Stock Waterfall

Cullingworth, West Yorkshire

bam bamboo top

Goit Stock waterfall is a great waterfall in West Yorkshire. To reach this Yorkshire waterfall you will need to follow a muddy woodland path and clamber over tree roots. Yet your efforts will be worth it in the end.

Park on Hallas Lane and follow the track to the bridge in the woods. After you have crossed the bridge turn left. Follow the muddy path for about a quarter of a mile and you will reach this wonderful waterfall.

There are technically two waterfalls. The first one is nice but the second one is the one you have come to see. Said to be very spectacular in winter when the water freezes over this is one of the best waterfalls in West Yorkshire.

16. Black Force

Low Gill, Howgills

Black Force is an impressive cascade waterfall in the Howgill Fells. Whilst it is not as long as Cautley Spout, the Black Force waterfall tumbles down the hillside just as dramatically.

17. Kisdon Force

Keld, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Kisdon Force Is located in Swaledale close to the village of Keld. There are a few waterfalls near Keld. The water races and falls along the River Swale.

Kisdon Force is comprised of both upper and lower Kisdon Force. It is said that both can be tackled by skilled canoeists! Yet you do not need to bring your canoe to enjoy this Yorkshire waterfall. Kisdon falls drops 10 meters over both cascades in the lovely woodland. You can reach the falls by wondering along a riverside path. Just be careful as the stones can sometimes be wet.

This is a popular Yorkshire waterfall as the Pennine Way passes this waterfall.

18. Nidd Falls

Lofthouse, Nidderdale

Located in gorgeous Nidderdale are the pretty Nidd Falls. The Nidd Falls are close to Lofthouse.

19. Pecca Twin Falls

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Pecca Twin falls is another very popular Yorkshire waterfall. They are situated on the Ingelton Waterfall trail.

20. East Gill Force

Keld, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

5261b The Upper Falls
Image by Graham Fox

Pennine Way walkers pass East Gill Force close to the village of Keld in Swaledale. This is a pretty waterfall which is just below Easty Gill Bridge.

21. Blakethwaite Force

Gunnerside, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Blakenthwaite Force is a little-known waterfall in Swaledale. Situated on Gunnerside Gill close to ruins of mills and mines. To reach Blakenthwaite Force you will need to go past Blakethwaite Smelt mill along a narrow path.

22. Cautley Spout

Sedbergh, Howgills

Cautley Spout Hike

Cautley Spout makes it onto our best waterfalls in Yorkshire list as England’s tallest above ground waterfall!

Cautley Spout is a gorgeous waterfall in the Howgill Fells. The cascades fall almost 200m down the cliff face. There is an excellent walk to the summit of The Calf where you walk all along this great Yorkshire waterfall. Also, at the end of your walk make sure you stop off at the Cross Keys Inn pub for a well-deserved drink.

You must add England’s tallest waterfall to your ultimate Yorkshire waterfall bucket list!

23. Scaleber Force

Settle, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Scaleber Force is a wonderfully picturesque waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. It must be one of the most underrated Yorkshire waterfalls as almost no one knows about this waterfall?

Scaleber Force is located just outside of Settle and you can park next to the waterfall. Situated in a woodland gorge the water plunges into a pool creating a very atmospheric waterfall setting.

To reach the waterfall, park on the roadside and head into Scaleber Woods. You will be able to see this Yorkshire waterfall from above before clambering down to the base of the falls. The path down to the bottom of Scaleber Force can be a bit muddy so be careful. Yet your climb down will be worth it as you stand in this deep woodland gorge next to a gorgeous waterfall!

Scaleber Force is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

24. Fell Beck Waterfall

Clapham, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Whilst you may never have heard it called that, this waterfall plunges into Yorkshire’s most famous pothole Gaping Gill!

Fell Beck Waterfall pours into the cavern of Gaping Gill creating an incredibly atmospheric site! This Yorkshire waterfall is the tallest single-drop waterfall in the UK! It drops over 320 feet which is twice as high as Niagra falls!

To reach the base of this Yorkshire waterfall you will have to time your visit wisely. There are guided tours twice a year on the May and August bank holidays. Will you dare to enter the depth of Gaping Gill to see this impressive waterfall?

25. Harmby Falls

Harmby, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Harmby Falls is a pretty Yorkshire waterfall in Harmby. You can reach the waterfall by strolling along a short path into the woods of Harmby Gill.

26. Lumb Falls

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Lumb Falls are close to the artistic town of Hebden Bridge.

Located to the north of Hebden Bridge you can drive to these waterfalls in West Yorkshire. There is a steep cobbled path down to the waterfall. Be careful when it is wet as these cobbles can be slippery!

At the bottom of the falls is a quiet circular pool. It is said to almost resemble a Japanese garden with mossy cliffs of ferns and ivy overhanging the little pool. The water is cool but this is a very atmospheric place to have a quick dip!

27. Thornton Force

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Thornton Force is arguably the grandest waterfall on the Ingleton Waterfall trail.

This large waterfall impressive visitors as the water falls 46 feet over a limestone cliff into a vast pool below. Surrounding cliffs envelope waterfall hunters focusing their attention on the main attraction. Daring hikers may choose to try and walk behind the giant falls.

Thorton Force is understandable a very popular spot.

28. Cauldron Falls

West Burton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Cauldron Falls is a wonderful waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales! Its lovely secluded spot with a pretty stone bridge makes this a favourite for many walkers.

You can drive to Cauldron Falls by parking in West Burton. The falls are sometimes known as West Burton Falls, yet the cauldron-shaped pool makes for a much more romantic name.

You can admire the falls and walk right up to them on the left-hand side.

Cauldron Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales.

29. Wain Wath Force

Keld, Yorkshire Dales National Park

The river Swale below Wain Wath Force.
Image taken by Alan aka Tall Guy

Wain Wath Force can be found in Swaledale on the River Swale. These falls are in the far north of the Yorkshire Dales national park.

Whilst these Yorkshire falls may not be the largest in the best waterfalls in Yorkshire list, they are still very popular as Coast to Coast walkers pass by.

There are plenty of lovely waterfalls in Swaledale and you can add the Wain Wath Force to your ultimate Yorkshire waterfall list.

30. Gordale Scar Waterfall

Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Gordale Scar Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the whole of Yorkshire.

The falls tumble over the limestone gorge and only reveal themselves one your turn into the scar.

Gordale Scar is a collapsed cavern which was created in the last Ice Age. If rainfall has not been too heavy it is possible to climb up the side of this waterfall towards Malham tarn. Yet if it has been wet, the Gordale Scar waterfall is even more impressive!

There are two main waterfalls and the upper fall is arguably more impressive. Gordale Beck has carved a little tunnel into the limestone. The water pours through this hole and in dry weather you can climb through the hole!

To reach Gordale Scar waterfalls you can follow a well-kept footpath through the Gordale campsite.

Gordale Scar waterfall is one of the most incredible spots in the Yorkshire Dales national park.

31. Cow Close Falls

Cray, Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Cray Waterfall
Image by John Middleton

Cow Close Falls are a series of wonderful waterfalls in the village of Cray.

Cow Close Falls are in Upper Wharfedale and can be seen from the road or appreciated even more from the bridal path. These Yorkshire Dales waterfalls fall over four tiers before flowing into Cray Gill.

32. Nelly Ayre Foss

Goatland, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Nelly Ayre Foss
Image by Moose Malloy

Nelly Ayre Foss is a Yorkshire waterfall just outside of Goathland. It is two kilometres from the taller Mallyan Spout waterfall.

If you are looking for waterfalls in the North Yorkshire moors, add a visit to Nelly Ayre Foss to your Yorkshire waterfall bucket list.

33, Redmire Force

Aysgarth, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Redmire Force, Wensleydale
Image by James West

Redmire Force is often overlooked for its more famous falls further upstream. If you are looking to escape the crowds of Aysgarth Falls, consider hiking a few miles downstream to see Redmire Force.

Similar to Aysgarth, the River Ure drops over little tiers creating Redmire Force. You can reach this Yorkshire Dales waterfall from Swinithwait.

34, Snow Falls

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Snow Falls, Ingleton Waterfall Trail, Yorkshire, GB
Image by Matthew Wells

Snow Falls is on a popular Yorkshire waterfall walk, yet many walkers miss this pretty waterfall.

There are many wonderful waterfalls to see on the Ingleton Waterfall walk. The last waterfall on this popular path is Snow Falls. Walkers need to remember to look back to see this waterfall! So, whilst you may be tired at the end of your walk, don’t forget to turn around and admire Snow Falls.

35, Catrake Force

Keld, Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Catrake Force.
Image by Mick Illing

Catrake Force is another great Swaledale waterfall. This waterfall is very close to the Yorkshire village of Keld.

36, Falling Foss

Midge Hall, Whitby, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Falling Foss #2
Image by Dave Capplemann

Falling Foss is a popular Yorkshire waterfall for walkers. Coast to Coast walkers pass this 30-foot-tall waterfall in Little Beck Wood.

37, Coal Force

Cotterdale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Image by Paul Gregory

Coal Force is a little-visited waterfall on Cotterdale beck.

Few visitors to the Yorkshire Dales make it to Cotterdale. Even if you make it there, reaching Coal Force will require a four-mile hike. You can see other waterfalls along the way and will have to jump across the beck a few times.

Coal Force drops over two dark tiers into the cold waters below. The unusual colour of the rocks over which the water falls means this Yorkshire waterfall made our list of the best waterfalls in Yorkshire.

Coal Force itself is a two-tier waterfall and is arguably the best of the waterfalls of West Gill. The water drops down over two dark, almost black ledges, and this is perhaps what inspired the name.

38, Hawes Falls

Hawes, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Image by Alan Harrison

Hawes Falls is another small cascade waterfall in the centre of a town.

Gayle Beck runs through the pretty town of Hawes. You can stand on a bridge and admire the running water making this a very accessible waterfall in Yorkshire.

39, Old Meggisson

Kildale, North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Kildale Force, also Known as  Old Meggison.
Image by Alan aka Tall Guy

Another wonderful Yorkshire Moors waterfall is Old Meggison. Sometimes known as Kildale waterfall, the waterfall can be found on the River Leven just outside of Kildale. This waterfall is also very close to the famous Roseberry Topping walk.

40, Wensley Falls

Wensley, Yorkshire Dales National Park

The Wensley Falls are another little-known waterfall in Yorkshire. These fairly secretive falls are very close to the White Rose Candle Workshop. In fact, the White Rose Candle Workshop has a sign informing waterfall hunters were to go. From the sign it is just a short walk to the waterfall. Photographers may enjoy capturing the falls with the tunnel at the top. 

41, Aysgill Force

Hawes, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Aysgill Force
Image by The Grizz

Aysgill Force can only be enjoyed if you are prepared to do a four-mile round hike to reach it.

If you are happy to hike to reach this waterfall, you will be treated to a beautiful 40-foot-high drop. It is unlikely anyone else will be around making this a wonderful secluded and secretive spot to enjoy.

42, Scale Haw Force

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Scale Haw Force
Image by Stephen Dutch

Scale Haw Force can be found between the pretty village of Hebden and the small hamlet Hole Bottom.

The waterfall is just a ten-minute walk north of Hebden.

43, Clapham Falls

Clapham Falls.
Image by Mick Illing

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Clapham Falls was created in 1837 as part of the remodelling of Ingleborough Hall. The falls are man-made and fall in three tiers into the lake below.

44, Cray Gill Falls

Cray, Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Cray is blessed with several waterfalls. Just a quick look on a map and you will see multiple listed. The largest is by the road at Cray High Bridge. Yet futher down these Yorkshire waterfalls are just as picturesque with the old barn behind them.

45, Cotter Force

Hawes, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Cotter Force - Wensleydale
Image by Mister Oy

Cotter Force is a wonderfully accessible waterfall in Yorkshire. Wheelchair users can now use the path after the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust upgraded the footpath.

The artist J M W Turner sketched here during his visit to the Yorkshire Dales. He must have also been captivated by the six-tiered waterfall.

46, Gastack Beck Falls

Dent, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Image by Matt Walker

Gastack Beck Falls are located in Deepdale in the Yorkshire Dales. You can park right next to the upper waterfall making this a very accessible waterfall. There are around six waterfalls on this section of Gastack Beck, some of tall, some are wider and some require a little scramble to reach.

47, Gayle Falls

Gayle, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Hawes waterfall
Image by Blue Pelican

Gayle Falls are located in the village of Gayle. Gayle is a village in Wensleydale and you can see the Gayle Falls from the roadside. This Yorkshire waterfall consists of a few cascades and is very accessible.

48, Mill Gill Force

Askigg, Gastack Beck Falls

Mill Gill, Askrigg
Image by Andy Nelson

If you don’t fancy the crowds of Hadraw Force, head up to Mill Gill Force. You can walk here from Askrigg and this Yorkshire waterfall is well signposted. The walk to Mill Gill falls from the church in Askrigg is less than three quarters of a mile and only a 150 feet elevation gain. Whilst this Yorkshire waterfall is not as tall as Hadraw, it is a little bit quieter and you don’t have to pay.

49, Posforth Gill Falls

Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Posforth Gill Waterfall
Image by Jason Gabriel

Bolton Abbey already boast many wonderful features for visitors but did you know that there are also a few waterfalls on the Bolton Abbey estate?

Posforth Gill Falls are a pair of waterfalls close to the Cavendish Pavillion. There is an upper and a lower fall. The lower fall is the more impressive Yorkshire waterfall.

50. Baxenghyll Gorge Falls

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales National Park

Image by Niall Forrester

This gorge contains a number of pretty waterfalls. You can admire them as part of the Ingleton Waterfall Walk.

You can look down into Baxenghyll gorge from a bridge high above the River Doe.

When is the best time of year to see waterfalls in Yorkshire?

In terms of when the best time of year to see waterfalls in Yorkshire is, the answer is year-round! There is plenty of rain in Yorkshire meaning you can enjoy the Yorkshire waterfalls whatever time of year you come to Yorkshire!

Of course, if there has been a dry spell, certain waterfalls may dry up. For example, you will only be able to see Hull Pot after heavy rainfall and Mallyan Spout can sometimes become just a trickle in summertime.

Tips for taking photos of waterfalls in Yorkshire


You can take some wonderful photos of these epic waterfalls in Yorkshire!

In order to get wispy waterfall photos, make sure you bring a tripod. Some of these waterfalls are also located in dark gorges. This means that you may want to time your visit around midday to maximise the available light.

In autumn the waterfalls are particularly wonderful surrounded by orange fauna which can make for very pretty photos.

Where should I stay in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is huge! It would take a while to see all 50 of these Yorkshire waterfalls. If you would like to see the waterfalls in the North Yorkshire moors, consider staying in Goathland. If you would prefer to see waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales consider choosing Settle, Ingleton, Grassington or Keld as your base. If you prefer cities, make sure you check out this luxury apartment in York!

Use the booking.com tool below to see current availability. Also, if you do choose to book through our link, we receive a very small commission which helps pay for hosting costs.


What else can I do in Yorkshire?

fountains abbey

There is so much to do in Yorkshire! Besides hunting for waterfalls, you can check out this list of 50 things to do in Yorkshire. There are also plenty of other spectacular spots in the Yorkshire Dales, as well as crowd-free hikes, sleepy coastal villages, quirky hill walks and industrial heritage to discover such as the beautiful village of Saltaire.

Have you been inspired to hunt waterfalls in Yorkshire?

Have you been inspired to put your waterproof boots on and see the best waterfalls in Yorkshire? Please let us know in the comments below which one you would love to visit! Also let us know if we have missed any!

Beautiful waterfalls in Yorkshire! There are many wonderful Yorkshire waterfalls to discover on your next Yorkshire visit! From famous waterfalls such as Ingleton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales and Old Meggisson in the North Yorkshire Moors to lesser known ones such as Folly Dolly Falls in West Yorkshire! There are so many wonderful waterfalls in Yorkshire to see. #waterfalls #yorkshire #yorkshirewaterfalls

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