Welcome to MyTravelScrapbook

Welcome to MyTravelScrapbook!!!

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at our blog. I thought it would be fitting that our first blog post should be about why we decided to make a travel blog in the first place!

Why I decided to start a travel blog

I love travelling and have been fairly obsessed with discovering new places since I can remember. I grew up in the Alps in Austria and was forever trying to find new secret paths and seek out view points no-one else knew about.

As soon as I had a part-time job I spent my money on travels rather than driving lessons. Luckily I met Alex who was equally as passionate as me to go hiking in the great outdoors, fly away travelling and eventually follow me out to China where we both taught as English teachers.

Here are four reasons why we decided to start a travel blog!

I have travelled through 35 countries. During this time I have seen some incredible places, met some wonderful people and had many adventures as well as mishaps! This blog started as a way to document these stories. Also many family members as well as friends were curious as to what I’ve been up to in the last couple of years. Therefore the main reason for starting this blog was to create a digital diary.

I love photography and imagining an audience for my photos allows me to strive to take better images and edit them professionally. Similarly, I quite like writing and would like to improve my writing style as well as my appalling spelling.  During my year abroad in Germany I used to write very detailed letters to my Grandma full of funny stories. My grandma is not here anymore but I like to write and imagine entertaining her with my writing. Blogging is a wonderful world to delve into a journey again and think of interesting ways of documenting it. I can spend hours writing and researching without taking a break for a drink. It’s safe to say I am fairly addicted to my blog and enjoy working on it immensely.

Many dreary, wet days living in a freezing student house were made bearable by escaping to other places through travel blogs. I admire travel bloggers and always aspired to be able to create my own travel blog one day.

So many times on our travels I have struggled to find logistical information. Many bloggers tell you how amazing a place is and briefly mention how to get there but not really. The most extreme example was when we wanted to visit a bear sanctuary. The official website was confusing as to when you could visit. It said maybe 10am, definitely 11am but it could be fully booked and maybe 12. I didn’t want that uncertainty! Therefore after our trip I wrote a detailed Q&A blog post containing all the questions I wanted answers to before we visited! Similarly, we went on a hike and thought we followed the route the bloggers took. We did not and ended up going on the steepest hike of our lives. Therefore we have now written a blog post about this hike which includes a FREE map which we would have greatly appreciated! In summary, I want to provide travellers and tourists with helpful advice for their travels.

To conclude we simply really enjoy blogging and are quite proud of what we have created.

Hope you enjoy reading mytravelscrapbook.com!

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