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yoga travel poses

Yoga is great for strength, flexibility and mental well-being. It can also be a great tool to take your imagination elsewhere. When you are stressed, yoga can take you to a calming place. During times when you cannot travel, yoga can be a great way to remind you of travel! There are quite a few yoga travel poses from obvious ones like tree pose taking yogis into a peaceful forest to more abstract ones such as Compass. Perhaps you did a yoga pose at a particular destination which transports you back there when you do it in your living room? We asked 8 travel bloggers about a yoga pose which reminds them of a particular destination. Here is a list of travel yoga poses to remind you of travel whilst you are at home.

Luxembourg-inspired yoga travel pose

Tree Pose

Recommended by Paulina from Paulina on the Road

One of my favourite yoga poses is the tree pose. It helps me to find inner balance and inner peace. I practice it every morning and also when I am surrounded by nature. Like here in the Upper Sure Lakes in Northern Luxembourg.

Many are surprised when I tell them that Luxembourg boasts lush nature, plenty of hiking trails and romantic castles. Now, when I see this picture, it reminds me of the Luxembourg I know from my childhood and how I love it most: pristine, untouched and safe. 

If you are going to visit and wondering where to stay in Luxembourg, I recommend staying at a small family hotel in the northern part which is famous for its hiking trails.

Thailand-inspired yoga travel pose

King Dancer

Explored by Lee from The Travel Scribes

There’s nothing like watching the waves dance before your eyes; the perfect balance of the raw power of nature and the controlled tides of the large, looming moon. And what better place to watch the sea glittering in front of you than island-hopping in Thailand? From the languid lolling breakers of Koh Lipe, to the Andaman sea stretched out before you in Phuket, Thailand is jam-packed with some of the world’s most breath-taking islands.  

And the yoga pose inspired by the utopian outposts of these islands? It has to be the King Dancer (Natarajasana).

A fusion of balance and movement, this intermediate pose will transport you to Thailand as you invoke the calm nature of the sea while dancing across the foamy waves as they break onto the pristine white shores. Pair your strong balance with an outward stretch as you take in the beauty of Thailand, and just breathe…  

For more Thailand inspiration check out this post about Thailand’s most beautiful waterfall or visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary.

Portugal-inspired yoga travel pose

Compass Pose

Recommended by Jade from the Migrant Yogi

This pose always brings me back to Peneda-Gerês National Park, just outside of Porto, Portugal.  Commonly known as Compass Pose, this is a wonderful asana that requires a lot of flexibility both body and mind. It is a great pose for opening up the groin, hamstrings, and side body.  But it requires practice, and forcing it will undoubtedly result in injury.

When I first began practicing Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana, my body lacked the fluidity it required.  I believe this day in Peneda-Gerês was my first full expression of the pose.  When I practice it now, I can almost feel the sun and sweat still on my skin.  I can still evoke the feeling of the water after an arduous hike in the mountains.  It reminds me that no matter the obstacles or rigidity of your situation, particularly during travel, you cannot force things.  You have to let life unfold naturally before you.

Swan Pose

Recommended by Under Flowery Sky

Swan pose is one of those yoga poses that everybody wants to start to do in nature. So was I when visited the gardens of Quinta da Regaleira in fairy-tale Portuguese town Sintra. Visiting this fabulous park is like appearing into one of the fantasy books, secret passages and tunnels are more than amazing. One of those places was a lake with the stepping stones in the water, a perfect place to do Swan Pose. Swan pose trains the flexibility and balance, specially at the spine. Concentration is thus developed. Also in Sintra, you can find the Swan Room in the Sintra national palace. The ceiling is decorated with several panels of swans.

Next time you are doing the swan pose imagine you are in the magical town of Sintra.

USA-inspired yoga travel poses!

Hawaii-inspired yoga travel pose

Crow Pose

Contributed by Keri from Bon Voyage with Kids

Whenever I visit Hawaii, I am always reminded of yoga. Just being there feels like a calming meditation.  

I also appreciate how much the locals respect nature. They very much understand that the sea, land, and especially the volcanoes have the power to destroy and to create and provide. So they very much are connected with the earth and I always feel very grounded when I am there. Not to mention the breath-taking scenery is quite calming in itself. 

But when I am in yoga class, two poses often remind me of the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Dolphin pose, because of the many dolphins I have seen while visiting, and crow pose. 

Two years ago, I connected yoga and the ocean when taking a yoga paddleboard class in the Big Island. Practicing yoga while balancing on a paddleboard was quite a challenge, but quite rewarding. Being able to balance in crow on the paddleboard really required a lot of yoga breathing and strength while being on something so wobbly.  The same is true in life, which is what yoga is all about. We have to call on our strength and breath when life gets wobbly. 

So, now when I am in crow pose, I am immediately transported back to that yoga class on the Big Island of Hawaii.

New York-inspired yoga travel pose

Bridge pose

Recommended by Zach & Julie Ruhl from Ruhls of the Road

The yoga bridge pose is a great pose that everyone from experts to beginners can try. The pose itself is excellent for building strength, flexibility, and for staying centered, making it one of our favorite yoga poses.

Bridge pose reminds us personally of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most famous and most photographed bridges in the world. Why does it remind us of Brooklyn Bridge? Well, because the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful,. Also, the bridge connects two sides to become effectively one. Finally, the bridge is located in the heart of one of the world’s largest, busiest, and most prosperous cities.

The centrality, beauty, and function of the Brooklyn Bridge make us think that the yoga bridge pose is a great comparison to this structure. The pose keeps us centered, is beautiful, and helps build strength and flexibility!

Florida-inspired yoga travel pose

Dolphin pose

Recommended by Coleman Concierge

When times are uncertain, I turn to two things – travel and yoga. If I can’t get out, I still have yoga that reminds me of travel. One of my favourite poses is dolphin pose, which provides all the benefits of Downward Dog while relieving the pressure on my wrists.  Dolphin Pose brings flexibility to the spine, hamstrings, calves, and arches while it strengthens and stretches the shoulders, arms, upper back, and legs. It’s like a downward-facing dog on your forearms instead of your hands.

Dolphin pose and dolphins remind me of Panama City Beach, Florida, home of the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in the world. I love the snow-white sugar sand beaches and warm blue water of PCB. I miss diving Panama City Beach where I can see loads of fish, interesting wrecks, and maybe a dolphin or two if I’m lucky. Jaques Cousteau once said, “The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man, it is to know that and to wonder at it.”

Italy-inspired Yoga Travel Pose

Pigeon Pose

Recommended by Annalisa Fran from Travel Connect Experience Blog

Pigeons are the absolute leaders of Rome’s monuments and piazzas. A constant feature of any tour of the city’s historical center, they nest on walls ancient buildings and patrol every inch of the cobbled squares in search of crumbs. They are the delight of children and the horror of everyone’s walking below a line of trees… 

Pigeons are very common to spot, but the yoga pose known as the “Pigeon” or “Dove” is one of those advanced asanas that are quite complicated to perform in full pose, as it requires great flexibility in the hips, thighs, and back.

Australia-inspired travel yoga pose

Cobra Pose

Recommended by Camille at Everything Yoga Retreat

Cobra pose has many benefits such as opening the heart and lungs or relieving stress and fatigue. Also called Bhujangasana, this pose stretches and strengthens the spine, chest and shoulders. It is an easy yoga pose for beginners.

This yoga pose reminds me of the many bushwalks I did in Australia.
This country is home to many types of snakes, some are even the most dangerous in the world. I had the opportunity to do many hikes Down Under, and had the chance to meet several different species of snakes including brown snakes and pythons. Nothing to worry about though, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.
If you get the chance to visit beautiful Australia, I definitely recommend going on bush walks to admire the natural beauty of this country, and maybe, meet wild animals.

Have you been inspired to try one of these travel-inspired yoga poses?

Image by Jack Affleck

Have you been inspired to try one of these travel-inspired yoga poses? Some of these yoga poses such as tree pose and cobra are perfect for beginners! Or if you are a seasoned yogi you will have no problem with King Dancer or Compass pose.

Do you have a yoga pose that reminds you of a destination? Let us know in the comments below!

Travel yoga poses to remind you of destinations! Yoga can take us to a calmer place, it can also help to take us to travel destinations! We asked travel bloggers to tell us about a yoga pose that reminds them of a destination. From Tree Pose in Luxembourg to King Dancer in Thailand - here are several beautiful yoga poses that are suitable for beginners to help you travel from your living room! Which yoga pose will transport you on a journey? #yoga #travelTravel yoga poses to remind you of destinations! Yoga can take us to a calmer place, it can also help to take us to travel destinations! We asked travel bloggers to tell us about a yoga pose that reminds them of a destination. From Tree Pose in Luxembourg to King Dancer in Thailand - here are several beautiful yoga poses that are suitable for beginners to help you travel from your living room! Which yoga pose will transport you on a journey? #yoga #travel

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